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Children Map the World: Selections from the Barbara Petchenik Children's World Map Competition.

CHILDREN MAP THE WORLD: Selections From the Barbara Petchenik Children's World Map Competition. Anderson, J., Atwal, J., Wiegard, P., & Wood, A., Editors. Redlands, CA: ESRI Press, 2005. ISBN 1-58948-125-9. This beautiful book contains 100 maps drawn by children, ages 5 to 16, from around the world. The colors are vivid and the representations are creative, such as one from a 12-year-old from Hungary who drew a panda bear head with a black and white map on the face, and a 7-year-old from Australia whose map depicts doves holding the world in a fish net. The maps are organized according to the young artists' ages. The maps were selected from the winners, runners-up, and personal favorites of the Barbara Petchenik Children's World Map Competitions, held between 1993-2003. The bi-annual competition is sponsored by the International Cartographic Association and named for the first woman to hold the position of vice-president of the organization. The purpose of the contest is to increase the number of children who draw maps of the world, to promote children's awareness of map-making, and to raise the level of consciousness about the environment.
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Date:Dec 22, 2005
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