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DSWD calls on public, private sectors to actively promote children's rights. Nov 22, 2021 533
Groups press Congress on 3 bills to address teenage pregnancy. Feb 24, 2021 647
DepEd creates 2 child protection units. Jan 22, 2021 594
Gov't urged to address gaps to ensure welfare of Filipino children. Nov 27, 2020 701
Recommendations: putting an end to child labour in Pakistan! Iqbal, Meesha; Fatmi, Zafar; Khan, Kausar Saeed; Nafees, Asaad Ahmed; Amjad, Neelma Report Jul 14, 2020 1543
Implementation of Child Right to Participation under UN Convention: Myth and Reality. Rafique, Haroon Report Jun 30, 2019 6555
National Commission for Protection of Child Rights seeks 'action report' on PUBG Mobile ban from IT Ministry: Report. Mar 18, 2019 619
The Role of African Culture in the Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: The Kenyan Experience. Otieno, David Ngira Report Dec 1, 2018 12318
Rights, power and agency in early childhood research design: Developing a Rights-Based Research Ethics and Participation Planning Framework. Mayne, Fiona; Howitt, Christine; Rennie, Leonie Report Sep 1, 2018 6203
Termination of pregnancy: Cultural practices, the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act and the constitutional rights of children. McQuoid-Mason, D.J. Report Sep 1, 2018 2605
The Woodcraft Folk: Our approach to STEM and environmental learning. McCahon, Deborah; Fleming, Margaret; Todd, Bob; Fleming, Paul; MacGarry, Ann Mar 22, 2018 1759
How the Golden Rule helps us recognize the dignity of unborn children. Stark, Paul Jul 1, 2017 710
Cultural practices and children's rights: the case of male initiation in south Africa. Morei, Neo Report Apr 1, 2017 7821
Important new UK decision upholds children's rights. Brief article Dec 22, 2016 179
Using a child rights approach to strengthen prevention of violence against children. Lake, L.; Jamieson, L. Report Dec 1, 2016 4422
Exploring stakeholders and activists' perspectives on interventions for combating girl child marriage in Sudan. Bedri, Nafisa; Elhussein, Tibyan; Elsamani, Leena; Mahmoud, Yussra; Babiker, Khadiga Report Jun 1, 2016 4097
Rethinking the legal comparative study on children's rights: rights protection and institutional capacities in Romania and Kuwait. Al-Temimi, Fisal Report Dec 1, 2015 5842
Protection of children by substitute consent: a universal principle and right. Rheeder, R. Report Nov 1, 2015 3095
Berkeley BirthKeeper summit. Brief article Sep 22, 2015 295
ARC's palm springs booth raises awareness. Brief article Sep 22, 2015 144
UN Convention of the Rights of the Child evidence hearing. Brief article Jun 22, 2015 260
A flea against injustice: the social Christianity of Marian Wright Edelman. Faught, Jerry L., II Jun 22, 2015 4889
IDF, Hamas removed from UN children's rights blacklist. Brief article Jun 9, 2015 283
Enabling change through education for children and their families experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage: the understandings of early childhood professionals. Roberts, Wendy Report May 1, 2015 6680
Seeing children's suffering: feminist legal methods, sentencing decisions and incarcerating mothers who offend. Larsen, Ann-Claire Report May 1, 2015 6880
Signalling child trafficking and exploitation by begging in Romania: on public traits, victims traffic and societal reaction. Gheorghija, Veronica; Vadastreanu, Cristina Ileana Report Apr 1, 2015 5120
Investigating the new legal concepts on the real protection for the child at risk: shifts in family relations and caregiving. Dobre, Raducu Razvan Report Apr 1, 2015 5548
Introduction: reflections on adherence to child rights in the Caribbean. Henry-Lee, Aldrie Mar 1, 2015 3189
Child participation in Jamaica: cultural reality versus idealism. Gordon, Leonie Natalie Report Mar 1, 2015 8838
A child's right to health in the Caribbean. Henry-Lee, Aldrie Mar 1, 2015 9289
Honouring the rights of children. Nuku, Kaiwhakahaere Kerri; Manson, Maori Leanne Mar 1, 2015 1041
To eradicate or to legalize? Child labor debates and ILO Convention 182 in Bolivia. Fontana, Lorenza B.; Grugel, Jean Report Jan 1, 2015 8549
A call for a shift in thinking: viewing children as rights-holders in early childhood curriculum frameworks. Di Santo, Aurelia; Kenneally, Noah Essay Nov 1, 2014 6670
Charter for early childhood published. Nov 1, 2014 383
6 Packin' pastry. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 132
Aspects regarding children and family juridical protection after the entry into force of the new criminal code. Magureanu, Alexandru Florin Report Jan 1, 2014 2661
Children as witnesses at Senate committees. Jaffer, Mobina S.B.; Ataullahjan, Salma Dec 22, 2013 2936
Libya's implosion and its impacts on children. Amusan, Lere Report Dec 15, 2013 7177
Majlis passes family law allowing fathers to marry adopted daughters at 13. Oct 18, 2013 580
Secular Medical Forum report on United Nations work. Lempert, Antony Organization overview Sep 22, 2013 2141
WBAI "Walden's Pond" appearance by Steven Svoboda overviews state of intactivism, ARC. Sep 22, 2013 414
Steven Svoboda discusses Charleston and Keele conferences, European good news on Maria Sanchez Show. Sep 22, 2013 519
Baltimore demonstration. Osel, Devon Sep 22, 2013 578
How positive childhood experiences promote children's development of democratic skills: a reflection from Denmark. Ringsmose, Charlotte; Kragh-Muller, Grethe Jul 1, 2013 6451
Juvenile justice in Namibia: a country and system in transition. Winterdyk, John May 1, 2013 1777
Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2013. Friedman, Jonathan Mar 22, 2013 1171
Steven's paper on genital autonomy published, praised by anti-FGC scholar. Brief article Mar 22, 2013 195
Minors in Israeli jails not appropriated rights says the UN. Brief article Mar 10, 2013 167
Children's Commissioner reform in England: human rights concerns. Report Jan 1, 2013 329
Genital autonomy 2012: the twelfth international symposium on law, genital autonomy, and children's rights. Svoboda, J. Steven Dec 22, 2012 2788
AAP demonstration. Terron, Aubrey Dec 22, 2012 539
Steven's paper on genital autonomy published by two journals. Svoboda, J. Steven Brief article Dec 22, 2012 307
The convention on the rights of the child: suggestions for educator action. Ransom, Marilee Essay Nov 1, 2012 2796
Alberta. Massolin, Philip Sep 22, 2012 1808
True Israeli confessions of torturing Palestinian children. Sep 6, 2012 324
Respecting children and changing the world. Priesnitz, Wendy Sep 1, 2012 764
2012 Genital Autonomy Conference. Conference news Jun 22, 2012 374
Steven Svoboda to present at the NOCIRC Symposium in Helsinki, Finland on October 2, 2012 Abstract of Presentation. Svoboda, J. Steven Brief article Jun 22, 2012 206
Children's rights, family values, and federal constraints. van der Vyver, Johan D. Essay Mar 22, 2012 10776
Reporting child abuse and neglects: who is responsible? Brown, Rashida Report Feb 1, 2012 2138
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as policy and strategy for social work action in child welfare in the United States. Scherrer, James L. Report Jan 1, 2012 7765
Unaccompanied Migrant Children in the Americas: the Invisible Journey. Essay Jan 1, 2012 1003
Intercountry adoption, children's rights and the politics of rescue. Davies, Miranda Report Dec 22, 2011 7425
Riots in England, lessons for Africa: the recent riots in England provide useful lessons for Africa. The state must not take away parental control over children! Djanie, Akua Column Oct 1, 2011 1514
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: children can wait no longer for their rights. Libal, Kathryn; Mapp, Susan C.; Ihrig, Eileen; Ron, Aviva Essay Oct 1, 2011 2708
10 Supreme Court cases every teen should know: part 2: more of the Court's most important rulings--from drug testing at school to teen rights at home. Jacobs, Tom Sep 19, 2011 2076
Child participation in the early years: challenges for education. Theobald, Maryanne; Danby, Susan; Ailwood, Jo Essay Sep 1, 2011 6164
Child report nearly finished. Brief article Jul 8, 2011 196
Children's perceptions of violence: the nature, extent and impact of their experiences. Carroll-Lind, Janis; Chapman, James; Raskauskas, Juliana Report Jun 1, 2011 6832
Caveat in relying on limitations in cases involving minor patients. May 1, 2011 821
The ethical rights of children: yesterday and today. Sousa, Custodia; Araujo, Carina Report May 1, 2011 3421
Child-Headed Households: A Feasible Way Forward, or an Infringement of Children's Right to Alternative Care? Phillips, Charlotte Abstract Jan 1, 2011 174
Reproductive health issues emanating from the Children's Act No. 38 of 2005 as amended in 2008: A pilot study of the rights of parents versus rights of children. Ncube, Mpumelelo Ennocent; Ross, Eleanor Report Dec 1, 2010 8064
Sexual "rights" for kids at the U.N. Dec 1, 2010 374
5. Current Bills. Brief article Sep 22, 2010 243
Article 50 of the Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995: significant harm; onus on Trust to establish, on the balance of probability, its case that an account of non-accidental injury was not correct. Case overview Sep 22, 2010 1929
Pervasive porn a threat to healthy child development? Editorial Sep 1, 2010 199
Quality Education through Child-Friendly Schools: Resource Allocation for the Protection of Children's Rights. Orkodashvili, Mariam Report Jun 25, 2010 247
Child consent in South African law: implications for researchers, service providers and policy-makers. Strode, Ann; Slack, Catherine; Essack, Zaynab Apr 1, 2010 2521
5. Current Bills and new Acts. Plumtree, Alexandra Brief article Mar 22, 2010 108
"Please, sir, I want some more.... Please, sir ... I want some more": unhooding Richler's Fang to find justice for Oliver Twist and Jacob Two-Two. Gibson, Brian Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 8886
UNCRC 20th anniversary: children's rights toolkit. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 166
Waiving children's rights. Mitchell, Teresa Brief article Jan 1, 2010 128
Notes in brief. Plumtree, Alexandra Dec 22, 2009 681
Archard David and Skivenes Marit: 'Hearing the child'. Davies, Miranda Dec 22, 2009 137
'By listening hard' developing a service-user feedback system for adopted and fostered children in receipt of mental health services. Davies, Julie; Wright, John; Drake, Susan; Bunting, Jennifer Report Dec 22, 2009 7821
Human rights abuse in aspects of child protection practice? Hansen, Patricia; Ainsworth, Frank Report Dec 22, 2009 4030
What can data on educational outcomes reveal regarding Australian children's right to develop 'to their fullest potential'? Redmond, Gerry Dec 1, 2009 9719
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: background and policy issues. Blanchfield, Luisa Report Dec 1, 2009 11333
Child Rights Head: 'Yesha Children Suffer from Building Freeze'. Brief article Nov 10, 2009 83
N.H. gets a 'D' in protecting rights of abused children. Kibbe, Cindy Nov 6, 2009 817
Social marginalization and children's rights: HIV-affected children in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Jones, Adele Report Nov 1, 2009 5268
Fortin Jane: 'Children's rights to know their origins--too far, too fast?'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Sep 22, 2009 155
Public affairs committee update. Levin, Sheri Conference notes Sep 22, 2009 464
Boldt case update. Geisheker, John Sep 22, 2009 733
MGM bill press release: health group calls for a change in circumcision policy. Sep 22, 2009 642
The 'cruellest cut' may also be illegal. Darby, Andrew Sep 22, 2009 401
Parents in court over circumcision. Huisman, Bienne Sep 22, 2009 660
New world playpen: the United Nations' parental power grab. Farris, Michael P. Sep 1, 2009 1423
Children's rights and the media. Sep 1, 2009 1098
Rethinking and refraining media effects in the context of children's rights: a new paradigm. Rich, Michael Sep 1, 2009 3962
A rationale for positive online content for children. Livingstone, Sonia Report Sep 1, 2009 3296
Octuplet births raise ethical dilemmas in IVF. Bates, Betsy Jul 1, 2009 1076
Consulting the public on the new Child Care and Protection Act. Coomer, Rachel Jul 1, 2009 592
Children's commissioners. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 172
Did "The Beaver" question my authority? Helping children learn about respect. Meidl, Christopher; Meidl, Tynisha Jun 22, 2009 984
Child rights and the elite sport. Stefan, Maroti; Mihaela, Goina Report Jun 1, 2009 2717
UNICEF: Grave Violations of Children's Rights during Armed Conflicts Must End. Report Apr 30, 2009 395
The sounds of silence. Friedman, Jerry W. Apr 1, 2009 963
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: background and policy issues. Blanchfield, Luisa Report Apr 1, 2009 10257
The rise and demise of children's international human rights. Hodgson, Douglas Report Mar 22, 2009 9556
Convention on the rights of the child. Whitehead, Diane Mar 22, 2009 1139
Inextricably linked: an international human rights perspective on child health and education. Todres, Jonathan Report Jan 1, 2009 3614
Growing up fast. Wolfson, Dorothea Israel Critical essay Dec 22, 2008 1881
Welbourne Penelope: 'Safeguarding children on the edge of care: policy for keeping children safe after the Review of the Child Care Proceedings System, Care Matters and the Carter Review of Legal Aid'. Davies, Miranda Report Dec 22, 2008 222
A comparative study on children's perceptions of the child rights in the Turkish community of Turkey and Northern Cyprus. Akengin, Hamza Case study Dec 22, 2008 7386
The reality of fatherhood. Levy, David Dec 1, 2008 787
2. Children's hearing system. Plumtree, Alexandra Brief article Sep 22, 2008 123
Defending children's rights, "in defense of peace": children and Soviet cultural diplomacy. Kelly, Catriona Sep 22, 2008 17219
July/August NIB "Children are exploited and abused during Toronto (Lesbian) 'Dyke March'". Morris, Anthony Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2008 500
Children's rights 'worsening' in UK. Report Jul 1, 2008 187
Child rights and international adoption: a response to critics. Browne, Kevin; Chou, Shihning Jun 22, 2008 2924
Leifesen Esben: 'Child trafficking and formalisation: the case of international adoption from Ecuador'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Jun 22, 2008 106
Munro Emily R and Ward Harriet: 'Balancing parents' and very young children's rights in care proceedings: decision-making in the context of the Human Rights Act 1998'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Jun 22, 2008 103
Childhood obesity: bringing children's rights discourse to public health policy. Greenway, Julie May 1, 2008 4144
Latin Americans: Dignity Denied to Region's Youth; In just 7 of 25 countries do most people say children are treated with respect. Crabtree, Steve Survey Apr 15, 2008 648
Youth Development Challenges in Bulgaria, Romania; About one-third in each country say children lack chance to learn, grow. English, Cynthia Survey Feb 5, 2008 689
Using a rights--based approach. Jan 1, 2008 1119
Towards healthy mothers and children: a gender and rights approach to breastfeeding promotion. Menon, Lakshmi; Holla, Radha Jan 1, 2008 7420
NASCCA Annual Meeting held in Rhode Island. Brief article Dec 1, 2007 203
3. Report on Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Scotland. Brief article Sep 22, 2007 82
Kilkelly Ursula: 'Operationalising children's rights: lessons from research'. Davies, Miranda Report Jun 22, 2007 192
The politics of discipline: balancing school safety and rights of students with disabilities. McCarthy, Mary Rose; Soodak, Leslie C. Jun 22, 2007 11028
Democracy in the 21st century: children: the silenced citizens/ La democratie au XXIe siecle: les enfants: des citoyens sans voix. Andreychuk, Raynell Jun 22, 2007 3004
Protecting South Africa's children: what difference will the new Children's Bill make? (i) Children's rights have increasing prominence in many countries. Berry, Lizette Apr 1, 2007 3207
Claiming rights under global governance: children's rights in Argentina. Grugel, Jean; Peruzzotti, Enrique Case study Apr 1, 2007 8054
Child Abuse, a patriarchal policy. Giberti, Eva Jan 1, 2007 1371
Backlash, parental alienation syndrome and co-construction. Pauluzzi, Liliana Jan 1, 2007 4819
Child Care in Practice: 'Participation in decision-making: the experience of New Zealand children in care'. Atwool, Nicola Brief article Dec 22, 2006 140
Portland youth establish children's bill of rights. Karpman, Michael Nov 6, 2006 530
Nokia and Plan announce joint children's awareness effort in Africa. Brief article Oct 10, 2006 107
Summit for the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Mobilizing Communities for Ratification. Brown, Nancy Sep 22, 2006 1019
Talking with Amanda Woods. Pauldin, Jana Interview Sep 22, 2006 453
Child labour: just an international issue? McKay-Panos, Linda Sep 1, 2006 1030
Listen to the people on the Children's Status Bill. Frank, Liz May 1, 2006 496
Children's plight documented. Brief Article Feb 3, 2006 132
The number of victimizations by violent crimes on juveniles decreased during the 1993-2003 period , the Bureau of Justice Statistics reported.. Harris, Kevin Jan 1, 2006 510
A Child's Right to Be Entertained. Leidman, Mary Beth Report Jan 1, 2006 281
NANGOF calls for amendments to the Children's Status Bill. Frank, Liz Dec 1, 2005 395
The U.S. and the international children's rights crusade: leader or laggard? Mason, Mary Ann Jun 22, 2005 4256
"The U.S. and the international children's rights crusade: leader of laggard?". Brief Article Jun 22, 2005 96
Putting children on the political agenda. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 292
Manitoba Child Advocate want's scope of office expanded. Brief Article Apr 18, 2005 151
Children, families, and the law. Christopher, Michelle C. Apr 1, 2005 909
Peace-building for women and children in Asia. Antone, Hope S. Apr 1, 2005 2425
Sweden: BRIS sees increase in e-mails from children. Brief Article Aug 18, 2004 139
Finland likely to get ombudsman for children next year. Brief Article Apr 15, 2004 117
Minor corrective force of a transitory and trifling nature. Mitchell, Teresa Apr 1, 2004 943
District Composite Report: East Baton Rouge Parish. 2002-2003. Report Apr 1, 2004 198
Minor children and estates. Mah, Connie L. Feb 1, 2004 2112
Parenting plans and the 'best interests' of children. Christopher, Michelle Feb 1, 2004 2080
"The black lamb of the black sheep": illegitimacy in the English working class, 1850-1939. Frost, Ginger Dec 22, 2003 16294
Agenda for Children: 2003 Year in Review. Author abstract Dec 12, 2003 131
Protection of children and other vulnerable persons from harm. Mildon, Marsha Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 155
South Asian conference on education stresses rights of every girl and boy. Oct 1, 2003 1914
Education: The right of every girl and boy. Oct 1, 2003 1462
Winning a Magna Carta for children. Drinan, Robert F. Column Sep 26, 2003 719
Trust us, don't bust us. French, Michelle Sep 22, 2003 557
For these children, no magic carpets. (Perspectives). Morrison, Patricia Lynn Jul 18, 2003 900
Switzerland fails on children's rights. (News). Apr 1, 2003 418
Phoenix conference takes flight. (From The Executive Director). Odland, Jerry Jan 1, 2003 621
Special session on children: a response to the needs of children and adolescents worldwide? (Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights). Jan 1, 2003 3592
Tiger law devours children's rights. Kurukulasuriya, Lasanda Jan 1, 2003 468
Caritas trains military, police on children's rights. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Nov 29, 2002 179
Clergy Sexual Abuse: Out of the Shadows--a Shadow Report on the Holy See and the Rights of the Child. Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 136
NGO group critical of UN session on children. (Child And Family). Brief Article Jun 17, 2002 354
Soccer club defends women's and children's rights. Brief Article May 1, 2002 329
Advocacy in Action: An Update From the United Nations. Bayer, Eileen Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 462
Eight is too late: investment in early childhood development. Evans, Judith L. Sep 22, 2001 5850
Children's rights. LeBas, Adrienne Sep 22, 2001 1354
Issues Concerning the Rights of Children. Hill, Susan M. Aug 6, 2001 1500
CHILDREN'S RIGHTS. Brief Article Jun 22, 2001 115
High proportion of young Internet users say they have been solicited for sex online. Brief Article Jun 21, 2001 139
In Canada - The Right to Rights. Robertson, Heather-jane May 1, 2001 2078
Institute for Online Commerce. Comeau-Kirschner, Cheryl Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 82
Courtside - A Case of Hyperlexis? Zirkel, Perry A. May 1, 2000 2026
Advocates call for welcome for U.N. child rights document. MALCOLM, TERESA Brief Article Apr 14, 2000 1412
Commission continues identifying legal needs of children. Pudlow, Jan Mar 15, 2000 1607
Progress on children, but U.S. needs to act. Drinan, Robert F. Brief Article Feb 25, 2000 926
THE BOTTOM LINE. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 804
Heroes & Zeroes. Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 279
UNICEF's latest ploy. Toth, Kathleen Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 801
Banning Corporal Punishment of Children. Paintal, Sureshrani Sep 22, 1999 2634
1999 Pediatric Nursing Humanitarian Award Recipient: Craig Kielburger, Founder of Free the Children. Leyden, Christine G.; Schmitt, Brendon R. Sep 1, 1999 3864
NEW PUBLICATIONS. Apr 28, 1999 522
Letters. Letter to the Editor Jan 1, 1999 2420
Guarding children's rights: letting children have their say may help safeguard their rights. Wagner, Cynthia G. Nov 1, 1997 442
Health care decisionmaking by children - is it in their best interest? Ross, Lainie Friedman Nov 1, 1997 3151
Child labor: end the outrage: U.S. students unite with education unions to move kids worldwide out of sweatshops and into schoolhouses. Mar 1, 1997 447
Investing in our children. Feb 1, 1997 830
Big daddy. Doherty, Brian Jun 1, 1996 2305
Abortion and rights: Applying libertarian principles correctly. Gordon, Doris Mar 22, 1995 9896
ACEI presses for Convention on the Rights of the Child. Odland, Jerry Dec 22, 1994 768
More nations belatedly heed children's rights. Drinan, Robert F. Column Nov 4, 1994 681
ACEI joins UNICEF in fight for world's children. Odland, Jerry Jun 22, 1994 735
Children in court - the new crusade; the trials of Gregory K. Shapiro, Andrew L. Editorial Sep 27, 1993 2932
Children's rights: Vermont kids push on for kids worldwide. Power, Jane Feb 1, 1993 824
Family values? Pitts, Lewis Editorial Sep 21, 1992 700
A Parent's Guide to Special Education for Children Ages 5-21: Your Child's Right to an Education in New York State. Non-English Language Editions. Report Jul 1, 1992 292
In words, they trust. Power, Jane Apr 1, 1992 966
Introduction: The Conflict. Brief Article Jan 1, 1992 920
The Treatment of Minors Under the Law. Topic Overview Jan 1, 1992 2425
Is Mandatory Parental Involvement for Abortion Good Public Policy? Topic Overview Jan 1, 1992 2137
Kids, lies & videotape. Devine, Cynthia Dec 1, 1991 2305
All our children. editorial Dec 18, 1989 438
A small victory for Jamie Swartz. Pigg, R. Morgan, Jr. editorial Feb 1, 1989 634

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