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Childhood memories; Poet's corner By Mrs Vera Ewers of Kirkheaton.

Oh, to be young again having lots of fun Back to the good old days Not much money, but lots of love Would always come, our way. Twopence to the movies, only once a week Greatest films of all were shown there Penny for an ice-cream, penny for the bus You got a great day out for fourpence, anywhere. We all went potato picking on the local farms I even took a turn picking coal, with my dad The kids of today would be lost without their lap tops Can you wonder why they think "we are mad".

I used to love the evening times Having to take turns in the tin bath by the fire Listening to the music on the wireless before bedtime Made you feel comfy, cosy and tired They don't have fun like that any more Life is all study and nightlife Not enough simple fun times Far too much stress and strife.

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Nov 14, 2009
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