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Childhood in the Middle Ages.

Ed. by Judith Lieu, John North and Tessa Rajak. (London; New York: Routledge, 1992). xvii + 198 pp. ISBN 0-415-4972-5. 30.00[pounds]. Contents: Tessa Rajak, |The Jewish community and its boundaries'; Martin Hengel, |The pre-Christian Paul'; Martin Goodman, |Jewish proselytizing in the first century'; Judith Lieu, |History and theology in Christian views of Judaism'; Fergus Millar, |The Jews of the Graeco-Roman Diaspora between paganism and Christianity, AD 312-438'; Han Drijvers, |Syrian Christianity and Judaism'; Michael Weitzman, |From Judaism to Christianity: the Syriac version of the Hebrew Bible'; John North, the development of religious pluralism'. These published papers grew out of a seminar held in London at the Institute of Classical Studies. The underlying aim of the volume, as the editors explain in a very useful introduction, is to overturn a view of the religious history of later antiquity as a simple clash between paganism and Christianity (with |late Judaism' a mere passive spectator); and to replace it with a |market-place' model, with different religions (including Judaism) competing for custom and often influencing and imitating each other in the process. The highly distinguished contributors do largely achieve this aim; and, if they fad, die fault lies less with them than with the scantiness of the available internal evidence for Roman-period Judaism (which we are so often forced to view through sceptical pagan eyes or through downright hostile Christian ones).
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Author:Lesnik-Oberstein, Karin
Publication:Medium Aevum
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 1993
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