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Childbirth Wisdom From the World's Oldest Societies.

--$10.95 plus $3 handling from East West Health Books, 17 Station St., Brookline, MA 02146.

Routine cesarean sections. High-tech monitors. Labor-inducing drugs. At a time when more and more questions are being raised about the modern, scientific method of childbirth, many women are turning to the wisdom of their foremothers for safer, more natural, and more rewarding birthing experiences. Judith Goldsmith's Childbirth Wisdom is now the single best resource for such information. Comprehensive in scope and thoroughly researched, it considers the childbirth customs, practices, and lore of over 500 traditional cultures from around the world, from the Maori of New Zealand to the Modoc of California, and demonstrates how modern women can apply this legacy to their own childbirths.

Author of Goldsmith, a longtime scholar of anthropology and the alternative birth movement, discusses such topics as diet and prenatal care, midwifery, massage during delivery, birthing position, breastfeeding, herbal medicines, and sex during pregnancy. She tells why, among the Tlinget of Alaska, labor lasts no longer than two or three hours; how some traditional Asian cultures start toilet training their infants as early as three months after birth; and how the Lepchas of Sikkim treat an ailing baby by adjusting the breast milk through the mother's diet. A mix of practical information and fascinating cultural insights, Childbirth Wisdom will appeal to both the layperson and the professional.
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Date:Sep 22, 1991
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