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Child rapist pleads guilty in abuse of 4.

Byline: Bill Bishop The Register-Guard

A Eugene man pleaded guilty Tuesday to raping, sodomizing and sexually abusing four girls, ages 4, 8 and 9, and taking sexually explicit photographs of one of them.

Jeffery David Andrews, 36, pleaded guilty to 14 charges in a deal that will bring him a 32 1/2 -year prison term when he is sentenced Thursday.

Andrews befriended parents of three of the victims, two of whom are sisters. A fourth victim is a friend of the sisters, Eugene Police Detective Tony Veach said.

Police suspected Andrews in the abuse of the two sisters, ages 4 and 8, but had not gathered enough evidence to arrest him when another 4-year-old disclosed abuse by him in a separate case, Veach said. The fourth victim, age 9, then also disclosed abuse by Andrews, Veach said.

According to Veach's search warrant affidavit, Andrews befriended a couple he met through his work in the motor home industry. He volunteered to baby-sit their 4-year-old daughter after the couple's regular sitter cancelled at the last minute, just before the pair were to attend a concert,

During a period of at least the next month, Andrews continued offering to watch the child. On one occasion he planned an outing to a local swimming pool with the child so that it would be more convenient for her parents to leave the child in his care overnight, according to Veach's affidavit.

The girl disclosed the abuse to her parents and indicated that Andrews took photographs of her. Police used the search warrant to confiscate his computer, which contained a sexually explicit image of the girl, Veach said.

Although Andrews had an Internet connection to his computer, there was no evidence that he had transmitted the image, Veach said. Andrews pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree encouraging child sexual abuse by possessing child pornography, according to court records.

Andrews had been charged with 47 crimes, including 14 counts of first-degree sodomy, eight counts of first-degree rape and seven counts of using a child in the display of sexual conduct - all Measure 11 crimes with mandatory sentences.

Under the plea deal, most of Andrews' sentence falls under Measure 11, with no reduction for any reason. If he earns the maximum sentence reduction on the rest of the term, he will serve a total of 31 years in prison.
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Title Annotation:Crime; The Eugene man will get at least 30 years for assaulting girls as young as 4 years old
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Aug 3, 2005
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