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Apprenticeship was just the job for Stephanie. Mar 1, 2021 429
Chores, childcare, Covid and work: remote working has not been a great liberator for women. Edwina Dunn Mar 1, 2021 580
Escape bid teen attacked worker; Teen hit worker with phone. Feb 26, 2021 507
CM approves five mother and childcare hospitals. Feb 26, 2021 296
Preparing At-risk Youth for Employment: Identifying and Reducing Behaviors that Deter Job Readiness and Employment Success. Feb 24, 2021 4301
Pupils get back to learning in school; P1-3s - and some senior students - return to classroom. SHARON LIPTROTT Feb 23, 2021 640
Plan to turn little-used swimming pool into childcare base. Feb 23, 2021 372
Nursery firm boss angered by 'inconsistency' 'LACK OF RESPECT' COMPARED TO OTHERS. KATIE TIMMS @katietimms94 Feb 22, 2021 458
Children will begin returning to school in Scotland today; All children under school age in early learning and childcare are also returning. By, Neil Shaw Feb 22, 2021 235
Lockdown behaviour has magnified the differences between warring parents - Shona Smith and Lynne Mulcahy; When relationships break down and there are children involved, the arrangements for shared care can be challenging. Shona Smith and Lynne Mulcahy Feb 22, 2021 733
Schools & childcare to open next month. Feb 20, 2021 242
Coronavirus in Scotland: John Swinney vows to test childcare staff as pupils return to Scottish schools; Childcare staff at Scotland's schools will be tested for coronavirus, the Deputy First Minister has announced, as some pupils prepare to return to in-person classes. Conor Marlborough Feb 19, 2021 325
'Epe maternal and child care centre ready in two months'. Feb 18, 2021 495
Camp Jorn offers Wisconsin adventures with flexible financing. Advertiser generated content Submitted by Camp Jorn Feb 18, 2021 174
MADNESS; PROBE INTO WHY CARER WAS ALLOWED TO LOOK AFTER KIDS Cops find woman passed out on couch with baby - just months old - lying distressed on floor Monster tries to sell boy for PS1m in street then abandons him in draughty close She kept hungry and filthy toddler trapped in makeshift cage a. RORY CASSIDY Feb 18, 2021 666
Probe into why evil woman who kept toddler in cage was allowed to look after kids; Evil Claire Boyle, 34, was convicted of child neglect after she trapped the little boy in the modified cot at her home after she was found guilty of trying to sell a baby for [pounds sterling]1million. By, Rory Cassidy & Lorraine King Feb 18, 2021 701
Childcare boost as plan gets go-ahead. Feb 18, 2021 172
Grant of up to PS9k for self-employed; TAXI DRIVERS, MARKET TRADERS AND CHILDCARE PROVIDERS CAN BENEFIT. TONY EARNSHAW Local Democracy Reporting Service Feb 18, 2021 445
Could you play a part in changing a child's life? KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Feb 17, 2021 292
Campaign to get jab for teachers. Feb 17, 2021 414
Nursery workers denied jab despite booking online; childcare staff turned away from home park amid 'postcode lottery'. KATIE TIMMS @katietimms94 Feb 17, 2021 560
PUPILS SET FOR CLASS REUNION; FIRST MINISTER TO GIVE FINAL GO-AHEAD 'Back to school'plan to be announced Back to school plans to be announced by First Minister. SHARON LIPTROTT Feb 16, 2021 633
HDB survey: Neighbours aren't greeting each other, talking as much, as interactions shift online in Singapore. Feb 14, 2021 603
Why Moms Have It So Much Harder Than Dads During COVID Time. Feb 12, 2021 1005
Parents and childcare staff deserve better investment. BECKY SHEAVES Feb 11, 2021 804
Nursery deadline. Feb 10, 2021 155
Politicians in Llanelli not impressed by their MS's actions. Feb 8, 2021 488
Politicians in Llanelli not impressed by their MS's actions. Feb 8, 2021 501
Single parents most at risk of rising debt. Feb 8, 2021 184
Single parents most at risk of rising debt. Feb 8, 2021 184
Single parents forced to borrow cash to cover childcare costs amid debt crisis; Research found more than four out of five did not have enough cash coming in to meet living costs and had to use credit to pay bills. By, Brett Gibbons Feb 8, 2021 483
Au pairs warn new UK visa rules will lead to huge shortages. Feb 7, 2021 199
Foster carers help give kids a positive future; Plea as pandemic puts pressure on vulnerable families. STUART GILLESPIE Feb 5, 2021 366
Ehsaas approves standards for private sector orphanages. Feb 5, 2021 487
Working parents fear the 'return to normal'. Feb 4, 2021 154
Working parents fear the 'return to normal'. Feb 4, 2021 154
BACK T CK TO SCHOOL; WAY OUT OF COVID MAZE BECOMES CLEARER Some pupils will start a slow, phased return to classes this month but national lockdown remains until March at earliest. VIVIENNE AITKEN Education Editor Feb 3, 2021 1054
Charity appeals for foster carers. Feb 2, 2021 303
How you can get PS250 for babysitting over the phone; Caring for family can top up state pension. LINDA HOWARD Feb 2, 2021 216
Coronavirus in Scotland: Phased return to schools planned for end of February though all other lockdown restrictions continue; First Minister Nicola Sturgeon updated the Scottish Parliament with the latest decision on the reopening of Scottish schools. Rachel Mackie Feb 2, 2021 456
Charity Kibble lodges plans to open a new nursery. Feb 1, 2021 382
Fears of surge in children in care. Feb 1, 2021 185
EXPANDED HOURLY CHILD CARE SERVICE: To help meet the growing and diverse needs of military parents, the Department of Defense is proud to offer an expanded child care service for members and their families. Feb 1, 2021 514
Couple arrested in Kota Baru on suspicion of abusing 15-month-old baby girl. Feb 1, 2021 212
FOOD ALLERGIES: Poor and minority kids often face 'invisible' dangerous disease. West, Sandy Feb 1, 2021 1259
Annual WCC visits significantly limit asthma attacks. Pivovarov, Jill Feb 1, 2021 860
Actress Kim Hye-ri praised as past good deeds come to light. Jan 31, 2021 662
Can you help a child? Jan 31, 2021 343
Families with cash worries can use CAB service. Jan 29, 2021 213
MCO 1.0 vs MCO 2.0: A look at how single mothers are coping and if anything has changed. Jan 29, 2021 1536
Sheriff starts free job board in Kane. Submitted by office of Kane County Sheriff Jan 28, 2021 219
Swinney hint over return for schools. Jan 26, 2021 201
Childcare places at a premium; More than 2000 key workers apply for help. SHARON LIPTROTT Jan 26, 2021 399
Zimbabwe sees new record high daily COVID-19 deaths. Jan 26, 2021 500
Funding boost for childcare workers. Jan 25, 2021 264
A simmering mental health crisis for U.S. schoolchildren. Donna St. George and Valerie Strauss The Washington Post Jan 24, 2021 1477
QNL lecture to hone parents' childcare skills on January 30. Jan 24, 2021 262
Kiddie Academy [R] of Glenview Now Open - Educational Child Care Provider Offering Comprehensive Programs for Local Parents Seeking Daycare Opens New Location in Glenview, IL. Kiddie Academy of Glenvieww Jan 23, 2021 379
DWP Universal Credit childcare rules declared unlawful in single mum's High Court victory; Layers believe tens of thousands of people could benefit after a top judge declared the rules discriminate against women -in a legal challenge brought by 49-year-old mum Nichola Salvato. By, Dan Bloom Jan 22, 2021 684
Covid fallout fears for women's pensions. Trevor Law Jan 21, 2021 644
Has the pandemic shifted traditional gender roles in childcare? Jan 21, 2021 425
Melania: 'Reluctant' First Lady Americans are happy to let go. Jan 21, 2021 1272
Parents must be given options about childcare. Beth Farhat Jan 18, 2021 391
Lockdown help needed, claims childcare group. Jan 18, 2021 155
Covid lockdown: If anything good comes out of crisis, let's make it a better environment for women in the workplace - Nathalie Agnew; Research from University College London found many women have put their career on hold to focus on childcare responsibilities, with women spending twice as much time as men on childcare duties in earlier lockdowns. Nathalie Agnew Jan 16, 2021 626
Review to look at care for children; NEWS WIRE. Jan 16, 2021 191
Job Sector Index Reveals: The HAPPIEST Workers by Industry. Jan 15, 2021 734
Women shoulder biggest burdens. EMILY RETTER Senior Feature Writer Jan 14, 2021 904
NEWS IN BRIEF. Jan 14, 2021 693
Glenview Chamber of Commerce 2020 Business Person of the Year Wesley Child Care and its director pivoted during pandemic to make a difference for kids. Dave Oberhelman Jan 14, 2021 435
Brutal 11 ways Covid pandemic is hitting women harder -from childcare to abuse; Women are shouldering the biggest burdens of the economic and social fallout from the pandemic with UN Women fearing gender equality could be put back as much as 25 years. By, Emily Retter Jan 14, 2021 1157
Fears over parents 'abusing' key worker status for school places... Jan 13, 2021 157
Pupils 'let down' by change to transport. STUART MCFARLANE Jan 13, 2021 884
Looking after children when tensions rise at home in lockdown; KEEPING KIDS S FE JAMIE MURRAY, ABERDEEN CHILDLINE SUPERVISOR. Jan 13, 2021 381
Gethin defends keeping child care venues open. Jan 12, 2021 307
Rules behind the lockdown. Jan 11, 2021 208
We're losing our most precious ...stay vigilant; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: PLEA FROM GRIEVING NHS FAMILY Five medic children of Covid-19 victim reveal pandemic struggle. EXCLUSIVE BY VIKKI WHITE Jan 9, 2021 1599
Kids Club offers new option for e-learners. Daily Herald report Jan 8, 2021 174
Kids Club program offers new option for e-learners in U-46. Rick West Jan 8, 2021 346
Elgin Kids Club program offers new option for e-learners. Rick West Jan 8, 2021 356
Martin Lewis explains how parents can now be furloughed to help with childcare; With schools closed, Martin Lewis has explained that you could be entitled to furlough pay while you look after your children. By, James Andrews & Kieran Murray Jan 8, 2021 450
JLR workers 'forced to rely on foodbanks' dilemma over unpaid childcare leave. TOM HOUGHTON Business Editor @tomashoughton Jan 7, 2021 522
Children in care more likely to turn to crime; Problem caused by 'instability' of young life in state system. Staff Reporter Jan 7, 2021 378
Can I ask to be furloughed? Rules for the government scheme explained - and who is eligible to claim in 2021; If you have a vulnerable person or children at home, you may be able to request furlough from your employer. Sarah Wilson Jan 7, 2021 706
Make teachers a priority. Jan 6, 2021 218
Couple encourage others to be carers. Jan 6, 2021 175
Childcare for key workers. Jan 6, 2021 201
Early years settings remain open as exams disruption is continued. RORY SMITH Jan 6, 2021 521
Face masks would protect teachers. Jan 6, 2021 212
Penang allocates RM500,000 to subsidise childcare centres for B40 group. Jan 5, 2021 344
Are nurseries open in Scotland? When early learning and childcare settings could reopen, and the children who can go to school; Schools will be closed to most pupils until at least 1 February - how does that affect nurseries, early learning and childcare settings? Alex Nelson Jan 5, 2021 701
Union calls for employers to offer furlough to parents while schools closed; A union is calling on employers to offer furlough to all parents affected by school closures. Jane Bradley Jan 4, 2021 602
North East nursery snapped up. COREENA FORD Business writer @Scoopford Jan 4, 2021 314
News Kids in care 6 times more likely to get caught up in crime. TOM BOKROS News Reporter Jan 4, 2021 398
Employers told to furlough parents who face childcare emergencies due to school closures; A huge number of schools in 49 areas will stay shut for at least two weeks due to spiralling coronavirus cases. So what are your rights if you're a working parent? By, Emma Munbodh Jan 4, 2021 1292
Family care: During a child care crisis, Catholics have an opportunity to improve family life in America. Denker, Angela Jan 1, 2021 2825
Good work: It's time for a renewed theology of work and family. He, Simeiqi Jan 1, 2021 1217
Va. Church-Run Day Care Ignoring Pandemic Rules, Parents Charge. Jan 1, 2021 285
How childhood diseases awareness contributes to minimize the risk of disease severity in children under five age: An evolutionary study. Ponum, Mahvish; Hasan, Osman; Khan, Saadia Report Dec 31, 2020 2668
What is permitted now that we've been put in Tier 4? Dec 31, 2020 630
Storybook tribute to childcare pioneer. Dec 30, 2020 181
Why Korean couples do not have children. Dec 29, 2020 861
Deadline approaching for key worker childcare. Dec 28, 2020 162
Coco Martin's latest post with baby bottle in the background sparks rumored child with Julia Montes anew. Dec 25, 2020 223
How school staff put themselves at risk to enable healthcare workers to carry out their duties; They answered the call to look after children of key workers when schools were forced to shut. By, Chris Peregrine Dec 23, 2020 396
Crime gangs use gaps in care system to exploit youngsters; REPORT SAYS VULNERABLE KIDS FAILED BY 'SYSTEMIC' ISSUES. STEVE BAGNALL and TOM DUFFY ECHO Reporters Dec 22, 2020 446
Drug lords targeting children in care; MERSEYSIDE 'SOURCE OF MOST COUNTY LINES ACTIVITY'. STEVE BAGNALL Daily Post Reporter Dec 22, 2020 357
Improving Educational Experiences for Children in Our Care: An Ethic of Hospitality. Janzen, Melanie; Levine, Kathryn; Sutherland, Dawn Dec 22, 2020 8040
BHU Dhama Syeda to be functional next month. Dec 21, 2020 203
Mother of SOS Village bringing life to orphans. Dec 21, 2020 729
BHU Dhama Syeda to be functional next month. Dec 21, 2020 165
Coronavirus in Scotland: New rules for nurseries and childminders; The Scottish Government has announced changes to how nurseries and childminders will be able to operate under new Covid restrictions. Gina Davidson Dec 20, 2020 432
5,500 kids dreaming of a Blue Christmas! city give gift to every primary school child in east of city. DAMON WILKINSON Dec 19, 2020 415
Your Views. Dec 17, 2020 364
Response fund grants additional $50K to local agencies. Rick West Dec 17, 2020 226
Fewer District 225 staff to be allowed to teach from home. Dave Oberhelman Dec 17, 2020 497
Fewer Dist. 225 staff to be allowed to teach from home. Dave Oberhelman Dec 17, 2020 497
Tell leaders to make child care a priority. Dec 17, 2020 280
Elgin COVID Response Fund grants additional $50,000 to local agencies. Rick West Dec 17, 2020 237
Kiddie Academy of Itasca offers programs for local parents seeking daycare options. Submitted by Kiddie Academy Dec 16, 2020 580
Flagship Scots childcare policy to return next year; Flagship plans to introduce an effective system of full-time state childcare in Scotland will be introduced next August after being shelved as a result of Coronavirus. Scott Macnab Dec 14, 2020 417
Double-income families' woes deepen again as schools shut down again. Dec 14, 2020 397
Decision on online classes hits double-income families. Dec 14, 2020 632
Morwaeng applauds Limkokwing for contribution. Dec 13, 2020 295
Expansion plan for nursery at school taking a step forward. EMMA MORRICE Dec 11, 2020 627
A career in residential childcare really could be the one for you - Scott McCulloch; In the midst of a pandemic with many people finding themselves forced to change jobs and career paths, the UK Government published its retraining agenda accompanied by an online career quiz. Scott McCulloch Dec 10, 2020 614
Scottish Government to relaunch childcare expansion rollout in August; The Scottish Government's "transformational" expansion of childcare is likely to come into effect from August, MSPs have been told. Craig Paton Dec 9, 2020 410
Incheon holds online childcare event. Dec 8, 2020 268
Coronavirus takes toll on Black, Latino child care providers. CHRISTINE FERNANDO Associated Press Dec 8, 2020 1278
Mastercard report: COVID-19 crisis may set back a generation of women in business. Dec 7, 2020 1606
Al-Khidmat hospital offers Covid-19 tests for Rs.1600 only. Dec 6, 2020 162
Only PS100 will be left after benefits clawback; NHS BONUS QUESTIONED BY LOWEST P T PAID AND HIGHEST EARNERS. Janet Boyle Dec 6, 2020 633
UK childcare costs forcing women out of workplace. TRICIA PHILLIPS Personal Finance Editor Dec 2, 2020 169
UK childcare costs force women out of working. TRICIA PHILLIPS Dec 2, 2020 160
Employment and Safety Net Survey, Wave I: PAID LEAVE AND CHILDCARE DURING THE PANDEMIC. Rachidi, Angela Dec 1, 2020 15031
Seven-figure funding boost for Glasgow-based residential childcare group; A Glasgow-based residential childcare group has been supported with a seven-figure refinancing and growth package. Scott Reid Nov 30, 2020 332
Congressman's support for child care valuable. Nov 30, 2020 1685
New report shows truth of motherhood in Cyprus. Alix Norman Nov 28, 2020 954
Salmond was against child abuse inquiry, Swinney tells judge. Nov 28, 2020 255
New plan for kids in care will 'save cash' 'significant' work needed. ALEX METCALFE Local democracy reporter @Mecs_LDR Nov 28, 2020 481
Nursery is a Little Gem. LORNA THOMSON Nov 27, 2020 186
CDC Guidance. Nov 27, 2020 221
Christmas rules mean some 'bubbles' don't count towards 3 house limit -but not all of them; The rules for support bubbles mean that they won't count towards your three household limit over the festive period -but childcare bubbles are being treated differently. By, Oliver Milne Nov 25, 2020 637
Dreama fetes foster mothers for taking part in childcare licensing programme. Nov 23, 2020 437
Dreama honours foster mothers. Nov 22, 2020 407
Bidyanondo Mother and Child Care Hospital: Normal delivery without surgery main goal. Nov 21, 2020 682
Covid forcing a change in rules on care funding. Nov 20, 2020 234
County lines drugs gangs 'recruiting kids in care' POLICE BOSS REVEALS HIS FEAR. KELLY WILLIAMS Daily Post Chief Reporter Nov 19, 2020 435
HOW WE CARE: COVID-19 initiatives from Arkansas' Best Places to Work. Nov 16, 2020 921
Lockdown fuels rise in Scottish family law disputes; Family lawyers have seen a significant increase in the number of disputes over childcare arrangements for separated parents since the pandemic began, with Christmas set to be a touchpaper for increased family conflict. Jane Bradley Nov 15, 2020 1084
Raped in Cyprus then ignored by the police. I simply want justice; CHILDCARE WORKER'S SHOCK OVER FORCE'S CLAIMS Teenager says cops failed to take action. Gordon Blackstock Nov 15, 2020 502
90% women say childcare costs barrier to having job. Nov 14, 2020 200
Children's home plan for property. Nov 13, 2020 154
DC visits mother and child healthcare centre. Nov 13, 2020 161
DC visits mother and child healthcare centre. Nov 13, 2020 161
More room for kids at revamped nurseries. CHRIS MACLENNAN Nov 13, 2020 417
Nurseries, childcare centres can operate under CMCO, says minister. Nov 12, 2020 220
Out of this world! Kids Planet raise PS20k for Zoo. SAMANTHA SMITH Nov 12, 2020 441
Struck by Covid-19 fallout, childcare providers seek meeting with govt for two-year action plan. Nov 10, 2020 631
Building work is back on track for new nursery centres. EDEL KENEALY Nov 10, 2020 515
Single mum fighting DWP's Universal Credit childcare rules gets her day in court today; Nichola Salvato will wage a two-day legal fight in the High Court in a case that could have implications for hundreds of thousands of parents if she wins. By, Dan Bloom Nov 10, 2020 507
Working parents' woes deepen over school workers' strike. Nov 8, 2020 586
Over 6,000 after-school childcare workers strike. Nov 6, 2020 392
Amid MCO childcare woes, RM50m allocated to improve daycare centres in govt, private offices. Nov 6, 2020 317
As more areas put under CMCO, Ismail Sabri says NSC still undecided on reopening childcare centres. Nov 5, 2020 415
'If I can get over my fear of horses, I can do anything' Roisin Moran is just one of many children whose lives have been turned around at the National Lottery-funded Equine Enrichment Centre. Nov 4, 2020 585
Economic strengthening can curb exploitation. Nov 3, 2020 570
Staggering cost of care is revealed. JEZ HEMMING Nov 2, 2020 544
PS186k cost of caring for complex needs child. Nov 2, 2020 303
Weddings, child birth and moving house -experts answer your lockdown questions; From what it means for weddings and childcare to whether the Test and Trace system can be fixed in a month, here are your questions answered. By, Katie Dickinson Nov 2, 2020 1740
Ismail Sabri: Govt to discuss how to help parents who can't work from home amid closed childcare centres during CMCO. Nov 1, 2020 857
Everything that will close in second England national lockdown; Under the terms of the new lockdown, you can only leave your home for specific reasons. By, Lorna Hughes Nov 1, 2020 393
Missed Opportunities, Partial Solutions: Why America doesn't have a system of family care. Morgan, Kimberly J. Nov 1, 2020 2201
Running on Empty. Covert, Bryce Nov 1, 2020 3228
Care Workers Organizing for Dignity: Faced with low wages and uncertain financial futures, workers are raising their voices. Brown, Marcia Nov 1, 2020 2556
An Interview With Ai-jen Poo: The head of the National Domestic Workers Alliance talks about her vision for a unified, integrated family care infrastructure. Dayen, David Interview Nov 1, 2020 2416
How to Finance Universal Family Care: Considering the options for building a new social-insurance program. Kuttner, Robert Nov 1, 2020 3174
Building Movements Around the Care Economy: The case study of child care politics over the past five years offers lessons for how to build a movement around Universal Family Care. Warren, Dorian T.; Borgos, Seth Nov 1, 2020 2687
What new restrictions mean for parents, grandparents and childcare. Oct 31, 2020 906
Association of breastfeeding cessation with health-related quality of life in working multiparous women of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Rahat, Hafiza; Qazi, Wardah Ajaz; Bokhari, Nadia Ahmed; Jahan, Saira; Begum, Ruqia; Rasheed, Haroon Report Oct 31, 2020 3015
Keep the dream alive, and support a female-led business during lockdown. Nicola Mendelsohn Oct 29, 2020 855
Cops to launch app to curb crimes against women. Oct 29, 2020 267
COVID-19 Pandemic Has Hurt Everyone. But It Hurts Women More. Oct 28, 2020 732
Football club's PS200k boost for kids in care. CONNOR TEALE Oct 28, 2020 466
1140 hours mum strikes chord. MICHAEL PRINGLE Oct 28, 2020 679
Care leavers always in need of our support and protection; MP FOR SELLY OAK. STEVE MCCABE Oct 28, 2020 354
We harness healing power of nature... Oct 28, 2020 359
Christmas toy appeal is launched by Co-op stores. ADRIAN TROUGHTON News Reporter Oct 28, 2020 499
4,300 teenage pregnancies reported in 4 months. Oct 26, 2020 533
Keep [pounds sterling]20 a week rise in Universal Credit, says study aimed at tackling poverty; EXCLUSIVE: The Trades Union Congress and Institute for Public Policy Research outline a plan to ease poverty among hard-up families. By, Ben Glaze Oct 26, 2020 838
Lekki Killings: Foundation Demands Justice, Calls For Citizens' Welfare. Oct 26, 2020 223
PS2.7bn for a care system that fails too many? We can't afford not to keep The Promise - Fiona Duncan; Chairwoman vows to overhaul Scotland's broken care service. Marion Scott CHIEF REPORTER Oct 25, 2020 1117
Lekki Killings: Foundation Demands Justice, Calls For Citizens' Welfare. Oct 25, 2020 492
Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh says Covid-19 frontliners struggling with childcare, alleges budget for nurseries channelled to Penjana. Oct 23, 2020 387
What do the new lockdown tiers mean for Scottish schools, universities and childcare? Nicola Sturgeon has announced a new five level 'framework' for the type of restrictions which will be in place for different parts of Scotland over the winter. Conor Matchett Oct 23, 2020 602
Civil society hails launching of Zainab Alert app. Oct 20, 2020 239
Our kids will end up paying for Budget Why were they overlooked? COMMENT. JANE WHITMORE TD, Social Democrats children's spokesperson Oct 18, 2020 624
Leader hits out at 'negative' letter over children in care. Oct 17, 2020 452
Working remotely a blessing as women juggle lives; Embracing flexible and agile working is a strong step in realising gender equality, says Sabiha Azad. Oct 16, 2020 788
From holidays to children seeing friends -your three tier lockdown questions answered; The new lockdown system has prompted a wave of confusion -an expert has answered frequently asked questions from childcare to visits to McDonald's. By, Matt Roper & Will Metcalfe Oct 16, 2020 2019
Construction work starts on PS1.8m nursery school. EMMA MORRICE Oct 15, 2020 471
Mum forced to make her daughter redundant as furlough scheme comes to an end; Alison Platt has had to let her daughter go from her childcare business Mother's Little Helper after the coronavirus pandemic ravaged business and with the furlough scheme coming to an end. By, Milo Boyd Oct 15, 2020 410
What do Tier 2 restrictions mean? Oct 14, 2020 184
'Children felt fear and shame' over care abuse, Lord Janner inquiry told. RYAN HOOPER Oct 13, 2020 763
'Children felt fear and shame' over care abuse, Lord Janner inquiry told. RYAN HOOPER Oct 13, 2020 764
How to Manage a Hybrid Team. Oct 12, 2020 1204
Praise for childcare plan. Oct 10, 2020 211
Letters - Cash wasted on shamed politicians; In 2017, Mark MacDonald MSP resigned as the SNP's Childcare Minister following allegations of his inappropriate behaviour against several women.He remains an MSP and is paid [pounds sterling]64,000 a year. When he quits Holyrood next year, he will receive a [pounds sterling]52,500 "golden handshake". Letter to the editor Oct 10, 2020 1480
Nursery hours boost for new programme. ROSS THOMSON Oct 7, 2020 387
Giving Hope fundraiser offers financial support for suburban families. Submitted by Kris Mainellis Oct 7, 2020 345
It takes a village to raise a child. Sara Al-Mulla Oct 7, 2020 1008
Michael Duthie - Perth College UHI Student of the Year. Oct 2, 2020 516
Govt to look after children's health by ensuring implementation on SOPs: Shafqat. Oct 1, 2020 255
Children's home shut down after inspection. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE Oct 1, 2020 281
How have lost market hours from the partial economic shutdown affected Americans? Huynh, Lisa N. Oct 1, 2020 411
Returning to Learning: Solutions for Apartment Operators: Balancing the duties of work and childcare have traditionally presented challenges for working parents, long before a global pandemic further exacerbated these fears and anxieties. Oct 1, 2020 1570
Childcare providers net PS125k for Covid costs. Sep 30, 2020 203
Forestry nursery celebrates second anniversary of fun in the outdoors. Sep 30, 2020 344
Labour blasts [pounds sterling]1.7billion underspend on tax-free childcare as families struggle; EXCLUSIVE: Shadow Children's Minister Tulip Siddiq said it 'beggars belief' that the Government were failing to ensure parents were getting the support they are entitled to. By, Lizzy Buchan Sep 27, 2020 473
NGO sensitises Taraba business women on child care, donates materials to them. Sep 26, 2020 275
We depend on elderly. Sep 25, 2020 410
Grandparents play a key role in childcare. Sep 25, 2020 398
Employers now required to keep staffs masked up Masked. Geoff Ritter Sep 25, 2020 334
House parents in Malabon's child-care shelters spread the love during the pandemic. Sep 24, 2020 546
Lifeline childcare move praised by families struggling to cope. THOMAS PARKES Sep 23, 2020 310
Looking for childcare? 6 reasons to choose Holly Hill Nursery; Teacher-led nursery has wraparound care, family-style dining and even its own Forest School. By, Anne Southby Sep 23, 2020 998
Lockdown U-turn targets childcare. Sep 22, 2020 409
Childcare U-turn is welcomed by parents. daniel holland Local Democracy Reporter Sep 22, 2020 627
Families welcome U-turn on childcare. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter Sep 22, 2020 562
CHILD CARE GAP IS COSTING MONTANA MILLIONS: The Impact of Inadequate Child Care on Families, Employers and the State. Sonora, Robert; Dillon, Thale; Baldridge, John Sep 22, 2020 1523
Provide better childcare. Sep 20, 2020 364
Leaders urge Hancock to amend childcare rules; parents left with nightmare choice. KATIE DICKINSON Reporter @KATIEJDICKINSON Sep 19, 2020 604
'IMPOSSIBLE DECISIONS'. Sep 19, 2020 272
Hancock urged to allow relatives to look after children. katie dickinson Reporter Sep 19, 2020 512
Parents facing 'hard' choices over childcare; 'IMPOSSIBLE DECISIONS' FOR FAMILIES, WARNS MP. HANNAH GRAHAM Reporter Sep 19, 2020 462
MPs' concerns over measures put to Hancock. JONATHAN WALKER Political Reporter Sep 18, 2020 543
Japan Consumer Prices Fall For First Time In Three Months In August. Sep 18, 2020 201
Grounded by layoffs, iconic traffic reporter says 'sky's the limit'. Marni Pyke Sep 17, 2020 785
Building work goes on for city nursery upgrades. JAMIE HALL Sep 17, 2020 504
Boy, 4, strangled on playground slide and classmate told teacher he was 'sleeping'; An inquest has been held into the death of Aldrich Viju who died following a tragic accident at a playground in Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand. By, Neil Murphy Sep 17, 2020 276
Sturgeon's apology over NLC's early years. NEIL MCGRORY Sep 16, 2020 433
FM apologises for child care stats error; She admits she got it wrong in North Lanarkshire. JUDITH TONNER Sep 16, 2020 601
Child welfare officials are coping during pandemic Virtual visits, phone calls replace in-person visits to children in care Welfare: Reporting and call volume is picking up again. PETER HANCOCK Capitol News Illinois Sep 16, 2020 747
VIP visit for nursery after key worker help. KRISTY DAWSON @kristy_dawson07 Sep 16, 2020 428
Revealed: Ministers raised concerns amid fury from parents and businesses over decision to pause flagship SNP 1,140 hour free childcare policy; Letters sent to the Scottish Government and ministers show the extent of the anger around the decision. Conor Matchett Sep 16, 2020 1047
The sky's the limit for iconic traffic reporter's next move. Sep 14, 2020 818
The sky's the limit for iconic traffic reporter's next move Transit: Habermehl started flying as a teenager in Glenview area. Sep 14, 2020 818
Grounded by layoffs, iconic traffic reporter says 'sky's the limit' for next mov. Marni Pyke Sep 14, 2020 837
Hoffman Estates Park District offers events, child care, golf. Advertiser generated content Submitted by Hoffman Estates Park District Sep 13, 2020 275
Covid-19 to undo remarkable progress in reducing child deaths - UN. Sep 11, 2020 574
Lack of access to child care, a top barrier to refugee empowerment- IRC. Sep 11, 2020 785
Adjusting to life with a load of under-5s again; BECKY SHEAVES. Sep 10, 2020 758
Childcare funding available. Sep 8, 2020 224
Ease Of COVID-19 Lockdown: Ogun Begins Gradual Opening Of Schools. Sep 8, 2020 465
How to troubleshoot home repairs via video chat. Michele Lerner The Washington Post Sep 6, 2020 508
Nursery slams 'disgusting humans' who dumped waste. KATE LALLY Sep 5, 2020 361
Childcare services face meltdown. Sep 4, 2020 192
New fund to help childcare providers. Sep 4, 2020 191
Parents hit by a lack of childcare on return to work. ANNIE GOUK News Reporter Sep 4, 2020 476
Deal reached on Kids Korner Deal. Geoff Ritter Sep 4, 2020 362
Brilliant pioneering childcare with a big difference; Despite the recent challenges, Co-op Childcare has remained committed to the wellbeing and safety of its colleagues, children and their families in the wider community. By, Sarah Brazendale Sep 3, 2020 519
Coping with COVID-19, racism, and other stressors. Heward, Brady J. Sep 1, 2020 1093
Childcare support key to keeping factories ticking over: experts. Aug 30, 2020 1193
Need to 'change narrative' over food issues; INEQUALITY. KIRSTEN ROBERTSON Aug 28, 2020 177
Childcare providers: Covid clarity is needed. LIZ FARSACI Aug 28, 2020 173
Pakistani-Saudi telehealth to launch maternity, childcare services in Yemen. Khurshid Ahmed Aug 28, 2020 524
Parents can get childcare tax help. Aug 28, 2020 309
Limited Secondary Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in Child Care Programs--Rhode Island, June 1-July 31, 2020. Link-Gelles, Ruth; DellaGrotta, Amanda L.; Molina, Caitlin; Clyne, Ailis; Campagna, Kristine; Lanzie Aug 28, 2020 1597
Working parents' woes deepen as schools shut down again. Aug 27, 2020 509
Parents are given childcare funding reminder. Aug 26, 2020 236
Green light for proposed nursery in town; CHILDCARE. REBEKAH MCVEY Aug 26, 2020 208
Dedicated nursery staff work 100 consecutive days. Aug 26, 2020 271
SCHOOLS TO GET SOCIAL WORKERS. HARRIET EVANS Community News Reporter Aug 24, 2020 238
Mundelein Park District offers e-learning hub for kids. Submitted by Christa Lawrence Aug 21, 2020 311
lockdown brought out his lazy side; THE STRAIGHT-TALKING PROBLEM PAGE email life. 32 DAILY RECORD 20.08.2020 Dear Coleen.. Dear Coleen Aug 20, 2020 304
LOCKDOWN BROUGHT OUT HIS LAZY SIDE. Coleen Nolan Aug 20, 2020 304
lockdown brought out his lazy side; THURSDAY 20.08.2020 DAILY MIRROR 41 DM1ST DEAR COLEEN THU your problems solved. Coleen Nolan Aug 20, 2020 304
lockdown brought out his lazy side; THURSDAY 20.08.2020 DAILY MIRROR 39 DMUULS DEAR COLEEN THU your problems solved. Coleen Nolan Aug 20, 2020 304
COMMUNITYNEWS. Aug 20, 2020 2558
Why teens in south Wales need new foster carers more than ever; Calon Cymru Fostering is looking to challenge the stereotype around fostered teens. By, Dylan Wiggan Aug 20, 2020 423
Nursery place row on funding; Tories hit out at local authority move. NEIL MCGRORY Aug 19, 2020 475
Child care services offered to Dist. 203 elementary students. Lauren Rohr Aug 19, 2020 284
PS568k cost of private care places for children. alex seabrook Aug 18, 2020 525
Special needs pupils '6 times more likely to face expulsion'. ANNIE GOUK @examiner Aug 18, 2020 547
Single mothers facing pension worth one-third of the average. KEITH FINDLAY Aug 17, 2020 557
Kiddie Academy of Hawthorn Woods Now Open. Kiddie Academy Aug 15, 2020 335
Toddler in coma after hours in hot van. Aug 15, 2020 514
Six additional benefits you can get if you claim Universal Credit; There is everything from money of transport and travel to help with childcare and savings. By, Neil Shaw Aug 15, 2020 529
Parents can get childcare tax help. Aug 14, 2020 309
First Ehsaas Nash-o-Numa Centre set up at Upper Dir: Dr Nishtar. Aug 12, 2020 201
AashoNuma Centre set up at Upper Dir. Aug 12, 2020 195
From public health crisis to childcare crisis; The lack of childcare provision is making gender inequality worse. JULETT PINEDA Aug 11, 2020 404

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