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Chief of Signal: Regimental Team.

We are pleased to share with you another edition of the Army Communicator. On June 21, the Signal Corps celebrated its 159th birthday. Here at Fort Gordon, Ga., the home of the Signal Corps, we held our Signal Corps Anniversary Ball and the Distinguished Members of the Regiment Ceremony.

Here is the link to the US Army Signal Corps Facebook page. Go like us and watch the video we shared at the Signal Corps Ball. It displays some of the great work our Soldiers across the globe are doing!

This is the best time to be a part of the Signal Regiment. With changes being made to creating multi-disciplined Signal Soldiers through Signal Enlisted MOS Convergence and Signal Foundational Training in AIT we are staying ahead of the Army's transition toward multi-domain operations in large scale ground combat operation environments. As we propel the Regiment forward, it is important we acknowledge those who have gotten us this far. We recently had the honor of inducting five new members into the Distinguished Members of the Regiment Program. Together the five new members have nearly 160 years of service!

The Signal Corps is the best branch of the Army. With this career, you can work in any formation within the Army. There is not a single organization that does not have a Signal Soldier or civilian included. The Signal Corps also provides opportunities, such as the Military Personnel Exchange Program where select Signal Officers can participate in an exchange program in places like Germany, the United Kingdom, or Australia. Regardless of where you want to go, the Army Signal Corps can take you there.

Enjoy this month's issue, and if you want to submit an article or would like the editorial staff to assist you in writing one, or if you have any outstanding photos that captures Signal Regiment in action please contact us. Be passionate about what you do!

BG Christopher Eubank

Chief of Signal

CSM Richard Knott

Regimental CSM

CW5 Garth Hahn

Regimental CWO

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Author:Eubank, Christopher; Knott, Richard; Hahn, Garth
Publication:Army Communicator
Date:Jul 1, 2019
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