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Chief, Military Police Corps Regiment, and Commandant, United States Army Military Police School.

As we enter this new year, the sounds of the battle against terrorism continue unabated. Our Military Police Corps Regiment remains strong and ready to face any and all challenges that battle will bring. Our outstanding MP Soldiers and units have led the way by continuously developing unique and innovative capabilities and applying those capabilities to the fight--all the while consistently providing incontrovertible proof of their worth as combat multipliers to maneuver commanders against an ever-adapting adversary. Our Regiment is clearly at the tip of the spear and admirably answering our nation's call to duty.

The Army has come to understand the incredibly high operational tempo of our Regiment due to the increasing demand for our unique skills and talents in this Global War on Terrorism. The Regiment has just finished an intensive reclassification training program for ten new provisional National Guard military police companies that have been mobilized and trained and are deploying to installations around the world. They will no doubt add a significant boost to the team efforts of the MP Corps. With these newly trained and much-needed military police companies, the Regiment will be able to provide the Army with more combat support companies to support Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. The 1,200 former combat arms National Guard Soldiers who have answered the call to duty are now proud members of our Regiment and will most certainly provide a significant service to the nation and the MP Corps. I encourage all of you to seek out these great volunteers, congratulate them on the successful completion of their training, and assist them in every way possible to maintain the high standards of this Regiment as they attack their new and important mission.

Later this year, the MP Corps will add six more National Guard provisional military police companies, two permanent National Guard combat support military police companies, two new National Guard Criminal Investigation Division (CID) detachments, and five new Army Reserve CID detachments to the force structure to meet the high demand for MP units. Additionally, we will add six active military police guard companies and one active internment/resettlement battalion headquarters and headquarters detachment to the active MP force structure to enhance our long-term detention mission capability into the future. We look forward to the contribution, outstanding service, and dedication of all these new MP units to this great Regiment.

To the Soldiers across the Regiment, keep up the great work; you have always made us proud, and you continue to earn the trust and respect of everyone you work with. As Soldiers, we train endlessly, anticipating the honor of serving in combat. Most of us will get an opportunity to show our skills and contribute to the nation's defense in the Global War on Terrorism. But, in addition to our fellow MP men and women currently in contact with the enemy, many of us are serving in vastly different ways. Rest assured, however, that every duty position in the MP Corps--at home or abroad--plays a critical role in our success. Every drill sergeant, operations officer, civilian, and Soldier working in the training base--or desk sergeant, patrolman, or criminal investigator conducting law enforcement operations on our Army installations around the world--also makes a significant contribution to our victory in the Global War on Terrorism. You are all continuing to uphold the reputation of the Military Police Corps Regiment. Don't take your duties lightly!

To those Soldiers returning from yearlong deployments for Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, you have performed magnificently and earned the heartfelt thanks of the entire Regiment for your sacrifice and dedication. This thanks also extends beyond the returning men and women in uniform; it goes to every family member that stands behind and supports the Soldiers of the Regiment during these difficult times. As many of our Soldiers and units go through the all-too-familiar task of rotating in and out of combat and contingency zones, our families continue to support us in ways only Soldiers understand and appreciate. Whether you are preparing for the departure of your Soldiers, eagerly awaiting their return, or celebrating their homecoming from distant battlefields, remember that your dedication and devotion to our Military Police Corps Regiment has not gone unnoticed. Thank you!

And, finally, we continue to remember and honor our fallen comrades, those who gave all or part of themselves in the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Our hearts reach out to the dedicated and patriotic American families who gave their sons and daughters to the higher purpose of freedom and for whom we share our most sincere sympathies. To those Soldiers who have passed on to a greater life--we know the road was challenging, replete with hazards and dangers that would cause weaker men and women to falter and shrink from their duty. But we, your MP family, know you courageously stayed the course--ASSISTED those with whose safety you were charged, PROTECTED your fellow soldiers in combat, and DEFENDED the sacred honor of your family, your Regiment, and your nation. Rest now, secure in the knowledge that we cherish your heroism and sacrifice and will remember forever all that you gave and all that you have done!

Of the Troops! For the Troops!
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Publication:Military Police
Date:Apr 1, 2004
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