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Chicksands: A Millenium of History.

This book is interesting to both history buffs and security professionals who appreciate the value of communications security (COMSEC) and operations security (OPSEC). Two chapters are devoted exclusively to those subjects.

Chicksands was an English estate used as a listening station during World War II. In 1950 it became a U.S. Air Force (USAF) base and listening station targeting the Soviet Union. Personnel stationed at Chicksands during World War II were tasked with gathering the necessary information for code breakers.

It was much to the credit of the work done at Chicksands and other interception stations that Operation Sea Lion--the German's code name for the planned invasion of England--was cancelled by Adolph Hitler. Through the interception of Luftwaffe (the Nazi air force) signals, the Royal Air Force (RAF) managed to wreak havoc on the German bombers, so much so that the Luftwaffe was relegated exclusively to night bombing, which negated its strategic purpose.

The author's description of OPSEC activities is limited because of the critical nature of the subject matter, plus the restrictive editing of the manuscript by several U.S. government agencies. Still, the discussion of OPSEC by both German and British agents is enlightening to the reader.

The development of Chicksands from a monastery to a noble estate to a super-secret RAF/USAF listening post shows the installation's unique history, one well worth reading.

Reviewer: Howard Keough, CPP, is a security consultant in Rockville, Maryland, and a member of the ASIS Standing Committee on Computer Security.

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Author:Keough, Howard
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Date:Feb 1, 1993
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