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Christopher James was brushing his teeth, Having just eaten a big breakfast feast, When a bright red dot appeared on his nose, And then one on his car and four on his toes. Two sprouted up on his left, then right hip, And six quickly appeared just under his lip.

Christopher James just stood there in awe, Looking and gawking at the dots that he saw. He started to count--two, four, six, and then eight; The dots were still sprouting--at an alarming rate! And then with a TWANG and a wee little TWITCH, the dots, all at once, started to itch.

He yelled from the bathroom, "I'm getting dots!" Mom calmly told him, "They're just chickenpox. No school today, inside you must stay, And don't kiss the baby for a couple of days. Don't scratch your dots. They just might spread, And then you'll be covered from your toes to your head."

Christopher James sat and stared at his dots. He watched as they bubbled and started to pop, Wondering why they were called chickenpox. If they're meant for chickens, why did he get dots? Perhaps after dots, feathers would hatch? Was that why he wasn't allowed to scratch?

Was his nose slowly changing into a beak? When would it happen? In a day or a week? Would Christopher James start laying eggs? Grow chicken drumsticks instead of his legs? And what would he eat? What would he need? Worms, corn, and grubs, or just plain birdseed?

But after a week of watching the dots, They faded from red to just pale pink spots. No feathers appeared, no big yellow beak. He sprouted no drumsticks, no chicken feet. He and the baby could once again play, And he returned to school the very next day.

Christopher James found he wasn't in need Of corn off the cob or of plain birdseed. He was glad to know his spots all were gone And he wouldn't be pecking worms from the lawn. But he had to admit it would have been cool To be the only boy with feathers in school!
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Author:Katulka, Lynn
Publication:U.S. Kids
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 1, 1996
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