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Chichester Clark, Emma: Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

A CHICHESTER CLARK, Emma Goldilocks and the Three Bears Walker, 2009 unpaged $27.95 ISBN 9781406314847 SCIS 1439918

One can tell by the expression on Goldilock's face on the front cover that she is a lively little girl who is not easily scared by the shadows of the bears through the window. As tradition demands she has crept uninvited into the bears' little house and is proceeding to explore it. She finds the three bowls of porridge; she finds three chairs; then she finds three beds ... She also peruses the bears' library and borrows a copy of Little Red Riding Hood to read. What a shock she gets when the bears return home--her hair responds in an interesting way! The three bears also respond in interesting ways.

The three bears live in a delightful house beautifully decorated and cared for by Mother Bear, with the house itself surrounded by lovely gardens. Chichester Clark has created a special world for children who have loved this story for many generations--this version will become a great favourite with young children who will delight in the gentle quirky humour in the text and illustrations. Highly recommended.

A An outstanding book of its kind as recommended by the reviewer

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Author:Hanzl, Anne
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Date:May 1, 2010
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