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Chicago toddled for NCEW.

The Wyndham Chicago Hotel was the scene September 28 through October 3 for one of the larger NCEW conventions in recent years.

More than two hundred fifty members, spouses, exhibitors, and guests registered the meeting, which featured appearances by Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, U.S. Senate candidate (now Senator-elect) Barack Obama, and, through the miracles of time travel (or perhaps historical impersonation and the Chautauqua movement) John Adams, the second president of the United States.

Members socialized, conducted the traditional NCEW critiques, and took time out for a waterborne architectural tour of downtown Chicago and dinner at Navy Pier. A few slipped away to Wrigley Field. The opening reception took place in grand quarters--the editorial suites of the host newspaper, the Chicago Tribune. Spouses toured the Chicago Art Institute.

Why letters are rejected

Letters editors have a variety of guidelines on why a letter might be rejected. This list, presented during a workshop at the NCEW convention by Chicago Tribune letters editor Dodie Hofstetter, struck the Masthead editors as unusually comprehensive.

1. Volume of mail

2. Duplication in topics

3. Lack of timeliness

4. Vagueness (It is not the letters editor's job to conduct research for letter writers.)

5. Open letters

6. Failure to stick to topic

7. Reality preferred over predictions

8. Unsupported statements

9. Blatant self-serving

10. Newspaper is not a court of law

11. Too esoteric

12. Immature

13. Name calling; inappropriate language

14. Unsigned
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