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Chia Seed & power food powders.

Navitas Naturals, Novato, CA, has introduced Chia Seed, offered in whole seed and sprouted whole seed powder varieties. It can be blended and applied to smoothies, granola, oatmeal and yogurt. The Sprouted Chia Seed Powder can be used as a flour substitute for bread, muffin, cookie and pie recipes.

Navitas has also launched five new power food powders: Mesquite Power, Goji Power, Yacon Power, Lucuma Power, and Camu Power. Mesquite is a "good source" of lysine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. Goji harnesses the antioxidant power of goji berries, which are rich in beta-carotene, polysac charides, riboflavin and carotenoids. Goji Power Powder comes in Exotic Cherry Flavor, useful for numerous applications. Yacon is an "excellent source of fiber" and nutrients, including bio-available protein, potassium, vitamins A and C, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Lucuma is low glycemic, high in iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B3, and it is a "great source of beta carotene, fiber and bio-available protein." Camu Power is an "excellent source of vitamin C," and a "great source of potassium, calcium, protein and beta-carotene, as well as serine, thiamin, leucine and valine."

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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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