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Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP Alpha Olefins/Polyalphaolefins/Acetylene Black.

1301 McKinney St., Houston, TX 77010 U.S.A.
Tel: 979-548-0466; Fax: 713-289-4925
Toll free: 800-231-3260

FOUNDED: July 1, 200o
Dave Smith, General Manager -- NAO/PAO/AB
Jim Becker, NAO Business Manager
Jim Johnson, Global Sales Manager -- NAO/PAO/AB
Pete Erickson, Business Development Manager


Chevron Phillps Chemical Company LP (CPChem) produces a complete line of ultra-pure, linear alpha olefins in 11 distinct carbon-length fractions. C4 through C18 are even-numbered carbon cuts, while fractions C20-24 and above are olefinic waxes. We can blend our products to fit the unique market applications of our customers.

As the pioneers in alpha olefins development, Chevron Phillips is passionate about satisfying customer's needs. We are backed by a company-wide commitment to supply consistent products in every shipment.

We also produce 8 grades of polyalphaolefins (PAO) for the lubricant and specialty markets, many of which enjoy H1 classification. Our acetylene black has unique, high purity, ultra fine and consistent quality that enhances the color, thermal and electric conductivity of other products.


* Surfactants

* Synthetic Motor Oils

* Polyethylene Comonomers

* Specialty Applications


* Normal Alpha Olefins

* Shawinigan[R] Acetylene Black

* Synfluid[R] Polyalphaolefins


* Americas contact: Amy King E-mail:

* European contact: Paul Donovan E-mail:

* Pacific Rim contact: Winston Chin E-mail:
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Date:Feb 1, 2002
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