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Cheshire police launch campaign to urge people to report cybercrime; Online crime now accounts for 48% of all recorded offences.

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Cheshire Constabularyis supporting the Get Safe Online cyber campaign encouraging people to Do The Right Thing and report cybercrime.

The campaign, which is running throughout May, will inform why it is important to report any online fraud, identity theft or abuse and how reporting online crime could help protect others from victimisation. It will also explain how and who to report to, depending on the type of online crime experienced.

Detective Sergeant Chris Maddocks who heads up the Cheshire police cybercrime unit, said: "Reporting online crime means the perpetrator could be tracked down, other people protected and more sinister crimes such as people trafficking and terrorism could be disrupted.

"It doesn't matter how insignificant you may think an online crime you've suffered is -- even if you've lost [pounds sterling]10, think of all the thousands of [pounds sterling]10s that the fraudster has gained from other victims."

Cheshire police target courier fraudsters who scam vulnerable people

Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK and can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, job or location. It now accounts for 48 per cent of all recorded crime.

Police and crime commissioner forCheshireDavid Keane said: "Cybercrime has both an emotional and financial impact on its victims. It can not only wipe a victim's bank account, it could also have a profound effect on their mental health or wellbeing.

"We know that crime is increasingly moving online and we need your support to help catch cyber criminals.

"Any piece of information you have could be significant in tracking down a perpetrator of cybercrime and bringing them to justice."

Cybercrime (online crime) can be reported in the following ways:

More police officers for Cheshire promised by county commissioner

DS Maddocks concluded: "Whether it be financial fraud, identity fraud or abuse, reporting online crime is essential for many reasons, not least because it helps police and other law enforcement agencies build a picture of threats and trends.

"However, we also encourage people to follow our 5Cs guide to online safety which could go a long way to helping prevent them becoming a victim of cybercrime."

Cheshire police trains school children to be computer hackers

Do The Right Thing is a Get Safe Online campaign, supported by many UK police forces, and runs from May 1-30.

Further information can be found

Find out more about the 5Cs guide to online safety


The 5Cs Guide to Online Safety

Do The Right Thing and report cybercrime poster

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Publication:Chester Chronicle (Chester, England)
Date:May 3, 2019
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