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Chesapeake Bay Roost News.

The Chesapeake Bay Roost hosted its 19th Annual Scholar's Recognition Dinner in the Pioneer Hall of the Historical Electronics Museum in Linthicum, MD. The Roost scholarship chairman. Roger Chang, introduced the scholarship recipients and presented their awards. The recipients and their guests enjoyed a buffet dinner and heard an outstanding and motivating presentation by Dr. Samuel J. Seymour. business coordinator at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.


Dr. Seymour spoke about the need to "Super Charge the Mind" as a way to achieve excellence. He noted that there are 100 billion neurons and 0.2 quadrillion synapses between the ears, which is more computing power than the latest supercomputer. He summarized his remarks by stating that each scholar present had a computer in their head and what they chose to do with it was a choice they had to make.

Before and after the dinner, the scholars and their guests had the opportunity to tour the museum galleries and learn about the various facets of engineering and how they were applied in the past and also in today's world. Of course, the Countermeasures Gallery received special attention.

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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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