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"There was a lot of cherry-picking going on, and the reports that were
given to them were pretty darn selective."
(NBC's Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC's "Hardball")

"I've been the non-hysterical person in any organization I've been in,
and yet I find when I look at the facts--and I rely on the leading
experts--and by the way, I don't use neoconservative experts; I use
French Islamic scholars, 'cause I didn't want to be accused of cherry-
picking my experts."
(The Washington Times' Tony Blankley on CNBC's "Tim Russert")

"About a quarter of his customers have had problems getting insurance
because of their weight, through companies 'cherry-picking' the lowrisk
(London's Daily Mail)

"By cherry-picking his dictionaries and definitions, [Assistant Attorney
General Jay] Bybee managed to come up with a definition of torture that
ruled out any practice that doesn't cause lasting impairment or inflict
pain that rises to the level of death or organ damage."
(Linguist Geoff Nunberg on NPR's "Fresh Air")

"Builders spent 2005 cherry-picking skilled employees from one another
to make up for a shallow labor pool."
(Tampa Tribune)

"With Sergei Fedorov cherry-picking at the Flyers' blue line for
breakaway passes and David Vyborny harassing [Robert] Esche down low at
every opportunity, the Flyers goalie looked very composed."
(Philadelphia Inquirer)

"If his records often fall just slightly short anyway--the best of his
mature period, Sweet Tea, cashes in the repertoire trick of cherry-
picking the underexploited Fat Possum songbook--it's because his vocal
signature is more about the genre than the artist...."
(Village Voice)

From 472 references, some pertaining to picking actual cherries, between November 29 and January 2, according to LexisNexis
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Date:Feb 1, 2006
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