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Cherry pearl serum.

Lipo Chemcials, Inc.

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Phase A

Deionized water 92.60

Disodium EDTA (Ruger Chemical) 0.10

Phase B

Carbopol 980 (Lubrizol) 0.40

Phase C

NaOH 18% Sol. (Ruger Chemical) (Sodium hydroxide) 0.80

Phase D

Liponic EG-1 (Lipo/Hylamed) (Lipo Chemcials, Inc.) 3.00


Hylasome EG10 (Sodium hyaluronate crosspolyer) 3.00

Phase E

Reflecks Mutlidimensions Changing cherry G480D 0.10

(BASF Corp.) (Calcium sodium borosilicate

(and) silica (and) titanium dioxide (CI 77891))

Phase F

Preservative q.s.

PROCEDURE: In main vessel mix phase A with high speed propeller stirring. Slowly sprinkle in phase B. Mix until fully dispersed at ambient room temperature. Once fully hydrated, the mixing speed can be lowered to medium. Add phase C to main vessel, batch will thicken, continue mixing. Add phase D ingredients with medium mixing. Add phase E ingredient to main vessel with medium mixing. Add phase F and mix until homogeneous. PROPERTIES: pH-6.8-7.0;Viscosity--LV4@3 rpm: 72,200 cps: Stability-1 month at 50[degrees]C.
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Date:Nov 1, 2012
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