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Cheng Fluid Systems, Inc.

The proprietary Cheng Rotation Vane (CRV)[R] developed by Cheng Fluid Systems has been found to satisfactorily solve these flow induced piping problems when an elbow is above a valve. The CRV[R] consists of a specially designed set of stationary vanes welded to the inside of a cylindrical body. The completed body assembly is then welded or flanged directly to the upstream side of an elbow. Under gas or liquid flow conditions the incoming fluid is pre-rotated by the stationary CRV[R] vanes. The rotating fluid exiting the CRV[R] has a gyroscopic motion which counteracts the elbow induced gyroscopic motion.

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Title Annotation:Innovations In Tools, Equipment & Services
Publication:Pipeline & Gas Journal
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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