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Cheng, Christopher (text) Mark Jackson (illus.) Python.

** CHENG, Christopher (text) Mark Jackson (illus.) Python Walker (Nature Storybooks), 2012 29pp A$29.95 NZ$32.99 ISBN 9781921529603 SCIS 1565040

The realistic story focuses on a female python from the time she wakes up in the morning and sheds her tired old skin. She looks for breakfast but a blue wren avoids her jaws. At night she lurks and then quickly coils her body round a rat, her evening meal. Eventually she lays eggs, hatches them, and then leaves her young. With each page of the storyline more detailed information is given, in a different font, about the things described and illustrated there. The large illustrations evoke the colours and expanse of an Australian landscape strikingly well. Mark Jackson also depicts the essential qualities of the creatures in that environment very accurately but gives them the appeal of picture book characters. There is a further page of information at the back about Pythons around the world, an index, and information about the author and illustrator. Young readers will respond to a beautiful successful picture book story but gain lot of knowledge as well.

** Book by a Australian author or illustrator

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Author:Cameron, Elspeth
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Date:Feb 1, 2013
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