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Chemicals plague is killing young Scots.


DRUG workers fear Blue Plague fake Valium is killing hundreds of young Scots.

A Record investigation this week highlighted the scale of the problem and the devastating consequences.

On one day alone in Glasgow last month the pills were linked to five deaths.

They sometimes include Valium - but are mostly a potentially deadly combination of other drugs and chemicals.

Millions are coming in from places like Pakistan, India and China and being sold on the streets for as little as 10p each The dye used to make the fake pills turns users' lips a tell-tale blue.

Dave Barrie, who works with counselling group Addaction in Dundee, said the fake blues often contain substances which are slower-acting than real Valium.

So some users take large numbers quickly because they think they are not working, only to overdose when the pills kick in.

Barrie said: "The huge supply via the internet recently means we are seeing more deaths - up to 30 a year in a small city like this."

The fake blues are often taken with heroin and methadone and the mixing of drugs makes it impossible for official statistics to pinpoint the exact role bogus Valium plays in deaths.

The Scottish Government and NHS say they are aware of the threat from the fake blues.

Police Scotland say they work with partner agencies to identify drug trends and save lives.

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 29, 2016
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