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Chemicals in the Human Food Chain.


by Carl K Winter, James N Seiber and Carole F Nuckton. 276 pages with index. (UK: Chapman and Hall)

There is a question that many people ask - How safe is our food? It is more than a little unlucky that when the Western World is so well fed and science and technology has played so great a part in this state of wellbeing that certain pressure groups should create a sense of insecurity amongst large sections of the public. Many aspects of food chemicals are not well understood and the public does not seem to understand, or may be does not want to understand, that certain chemicals of natural origin are very harmful to the human being. The aim of this book is to present a balanced view on this whole topic of food safety.

The information contained in the text results from a study conducted at the University of California Agricultural Issues Center a couple of years back, although it has all been updated. The study was interdisciplinary in scope with more that sixty specialists making their contributions. Basically, it brings together information on pesticide use, animal production, food additives, industrial and environmental contaminants, organic and inorganic chemicals and plant and microbial toxins. The five chapters carry titles: Pesticides in our foods - assessing the risks; Sources of chemicals in animal products; Food additives in the human food chain; Industrial and environmental chemicals in the human food chain-Part 1 inorganic chemicals Part 2 organic chemicals; and Natural toxins in the human food chain Part 1 toxins of plant origin Part 2 microbial toxins.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Oct 1, 1990
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