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Chemicals & additives.

New color concentrates are the big draw, but don't overlook interesting new developments in many other areas.

NPE '94 will present a slew of new pigments and color concentrates, most of which are free-flowing, dust-free, and heavy-metal-free. Several are also formulated for very high letdown ratios. The trend toward "environmentally friendly" alternatives can be seen in other categories of additives and chemicals as well, including new blowing agents, mold releases, and mold cleaners.

Look also for interesting developments in antiblocks, clarifiers, processing aids, heat stabilizers, impact modifiers, and fillers. You'll also find new purging compounds, some of which will be demonstrated in action.


A new use for mica-based pearlescent pigments will be demonstrated by EM Industries, Inc. of Hawthorne, N.Y. Laser coding of packaging materials such as polyolefins and PS is possible because the Afflair Lustre pigments act as a receptor for the laser energy, causing the resin to blacken and leaving a permanent high-contrast mark.

EM will also introduce four additions to the Afflair line. Afflair 303 and 323 are gold pigments in medium and fine particle sizes, respectively. They're said to have higher tinting strength and light stability than other gold lustre pigments on the market. Also new are two white pigments--Afflair 123, which is said to demonstrate lustre and brilliance not previously seen in a lustre pigment of its particle-size range (5-20 microns); and Afflair 119, which promises exceptional hiding power and improved whiteness--a combination previously not achievable in plastics, the company says.

Both Milliken Chemical Div., Spartanburg, S.C., and Ferro Corp.'s Liquid Coatings & Dispersions Div., Edison, N.J., will feature new liquid colorants for PET beverage bottles and food packaging. Milliken's product provides a bright-green, transparent tint that reportedly will not affect the PET resin's I.V. or the physical properties of the molded bottle. The product also will not settle during storage, the company notes. Ferro's Spectraflo 99 liquid colorant for PET is said to provide uniform color with letdown of 1000:1.

Also new from Ferro will be Spectraflo 96 liquid colorant for PEEK, acrylic, nylon, PPO, PPS, polycarbonate, and many other engineering resins.

Reckitt's Colours International of England (represented here by Whittaker, Clark and Daniels, South Plainfield, N.J.) will feature its expanded Premier line of ultramarine and manganese blue and violet pigments. Among them are Premier D, a new range of low-moisture ultra-marines designed to eliminate processing difficulties associated with absorbed moisture in the pigment, such as foaming and strand breakage during the production of color concentrates. Premier DGS, DRX, and DRM contain less than 0.05% moisture, versus a more typical 1.5% for ultramarine pigments.

A new line of heavy-metal-free pigment dispersions from Holland Colors America, Inc., Richmond, Ind., are said to significantly enhance the properties of glass-filled resins. Holland Colors will also feature a new line of heavy-metal-free color concentrates for polyolefins at letdown ratios of 200:1.

The current popularity of "stone-effect" textured colorants will be evident in at least three exhibits. The FM Group Inc., Sloatsburg, N.Y., will introduce the X-Tone line of color concentrates for stone effects--the latest addition to the company's SprinCol texturized colorants. Compatible with most thermoplastics, X-Tone products come in eight standard color shades and custom colors. They impart special effects to housewares, business machines and packaging.

Ferro's Plastic Colorants Div., Stryker, Ohio, will show its recently introduced granite-effect color concentrates for PE, PP, PS, and PC. They're offered in gray and other colors.

Safas Corp., Clifton, N.J., will show its recently introduced Granuplast line of granite additives and 50% concentrates for PE, PP, ABS, PS, PC, acrylic, and other resins (PT, July '93, p. 76). Its line of 64 non-mineral colored particulates ("Galaxy Granules") can be used to make compounds in food-contact and flame-retardant grades.

Granite-effect concentrates are part of the new ReedLite Special Effects Series from ReedSpectrum, Holden, Mass. These heavy-metal-free products also include four other standard lines--flecks, speckles, edge glows, and mottle pigments--with average letdown ratios of 25:1.

The new ReedLite heavy-metal-free colorants include two other product lines--the Pearlescent Series and High Performance Series. The 13-color standard line of pearlescent concentrates for polyolefins comes in letdown ratios of 33:1 and 25:1. Most of the standard colors offered in the Special Effects and Pearlescent Series can be formulated for FDA approval, and custom colors of any hue can also be provided.

The 12-color High Performance concentrates are designed specifically for Amodel PPA (polyphthalamide) resins from Amoco Performance Products Inc., Alpharetta, Ga. Said to be comparable to traditional cadmium-based colors, the concentrates in this series can also be made available for use with Amoco's Mindel and Udel polysulfone resins and Radel polyethersulfone and polyphenylsulfone.

Korlin Concentrates, Stratford, Ont., will introduce a new series of color concentrates aimed at high-speed, thin-wall injection molding. FDA-sanctioned for food contact, these concentrates are available in over 60 bright colors and are heat resistant to at least 590 F, the company says. The PE vehicle is reportedly compatible with the new generation of specialty high-flow packaging resins. As an example, product WH 11713 is an opaque white concentrate for use at 1-2% in dairy packaging.

Ferro's Plastic Colorants Div. will feature its new Snowball line of free-flowing, dustless PVC color concentrates in beaded form.

Ampacet Corp., Tarrytown, N.Y., will show "new-generation" Ti|O.sub.2^ concentrates that are said to produce brighter products with exceptional hiding power. Grade 110313 contains 50% pigment and grade 110181-A contains 80%. These high-opacity concentrates are said to be heat stable to 650 F, easily dispersible, and low in moisture pick-up. They also boast very blue undertones and low interaction with polymer rheology.


Ampacet will also unveil two new additive concentrates for PP fibers. Product 400365 is described as a "non-traditional uv-stabilizer concentrate" that functions with halogenated flame retardants and passes one of the most stringent uv tests, SAE J1885. Product 400373 is a melt-blendable flame-retardant concentrate that does not contain antimony, for use in fine-denier fibers that must pass NFBA 701, MVSS 302, or UL 94V-2 standards.

Ampacet's new infrared-barrier concentrate, Product 100218-U, is for PE greenhouse film. It's a 70%-loaded concentrate in a blend of LDPE and EVA. A 9% letdown concentration in a 200-micron film is said to inhibit the escape of i-r wavelengths from greenhouses, thus holding in heat. As a result, overnight temperatures remain 2-5 |degrees^ F above those in greenhouses covered with untreated PE film.

New FDA-compliant uv-blocking concentrates for plastic packaging will be shown by A. Schulman, Inc., Akron, Ohio. Polybloc H925 is aimed at HDPE milk jugs and other containers for light-sensitive foods and pharmaceuticals. Polybloc is said not to affect clarity or taste.

Korlin Concentrates will highlight its new capability to produce multi-component additive concentrates for films. The company stocks several combination products and will custom-formulate others. As examples, Korlin will feature at the show two new products: AB 9492, a 40% antiblock; and SLAB 12645, a combination of a controlled-bloom slip and FDA-sanctioned antiblock.


A new series of highly loaded, resin-encapsulated chemical blowing agents--both exothermic and endothermic--for PS, polyolefins, and engineering resins will be featured by Holland Colors. Applications include structural-foam molding, foam extrusion, and sink removal. These concentrates reportedly offer 45-60% active ingredients, maximum gas yield, fast cycle times, and dust-free handling. The dispersions are said to be made without exposing the additives to a melt-temperature heat history.

Reedy International Corp., Keyport, N.J., will introduce a low-temperature nucleating and blowing agent, RIC-25, the latest addition to its Safoam endothermic family. Although it's said to work well in many resins, RIC-25 is particularly recommended for flexible and rigid PVC. As a nucleating agent, it is recommended for LDPE sheet extrusion.

Reedy will also feature its recently introduced Safoam AFP-40 nucleating and blowing agent for engineering polymers such as PPE alloys and new ABS formulations. This concentrate is a blend of endothermic and exothermic agents, a nucleator, and a modified styrenic block-copolymer vehicle. AFP-40 reportedly creates a very fine cell structure that dramatically improves mechanical and physical properties of foams.


Struktol Co. of America, Stow, Ohio, will introduce the latest additions to its line of specialty processing and dispersion aids. Included is SA 9307, designed to provide better dispersion and mixing in color concentrates, ABS compounds, and filled polyolefins for outdoor furniture. Available in pellet or microbead form, the product is also said to enhance flow properties.

Two high-temperature products are will also be featured by Struktol. TR 044 is totally free of metal ions and thus cannot trigger degradation of sensitive polymer systems or blends, the company says. It has demonstrated utility in PC/ABS alloys as both a blending agent and process aid. TR 065, while not new, has found new applications as a compatibilizer for alloying different polymers and for processing recycled materials.

3M Co.'s Specialty Fluoropolymers Dept., St. Paul, Minn., will discuss new applications for its Dynamar PPA fluoroelastomer processing aids, originally developed for LLDPE film extrusion. Dynamar PPA FX-9613 and FX-5920 have more recently been shown to improve continuous-extrusion blow molding of HDPE, providing significant reductions in melt pressure and temperature. The additive is also said to considerably improve parison surface appearance by eliminating melt fracture, thus allowing production of high gloss articles.


Compounders will find a number of noteworthy developments at the show in a scattering of additive categories:

* Antiblocks: New non-clouding antiblocks for clear films--including polyolefins, PVC, PS, and PET--will be featured by International Resources, Inc., Columbia, Md. Silton JC are sodium/calcium aluminosilicates and Silton AMT grades are aluminosilicates. Both products have very narrow particle-size distribution (3.0 micron |+ or -^15%); particles are very uniform in shape--spheres in the JC grades and cubes in the AMT grades. These additives are said to be FDA-approved for food contact. They are typically used at about 0.002 phr and are priced in the mid-$3/lb range.

* Nucleants/clarifiers: Milliken Chemical will feature its latest advancement in clarifying agents for polyolefins. Compared with previous products, Millad 3988 for PP is said to offer superior clarity, gloss, and surface smoothness without temperature limitations or plate-out problems. Its nucleation capability is said to enhance physical properties and allow 5-20% faster extrusion and molding than current clarified-PP grades.

American Wood Fibers, Schofield, Wis., will introduce the latest additions to its line of hard- and softwood flours, ranging in size from -10 to -140 mesh.

* Heat stabilizers: A new heat stabilizer for PP and ABS will be featured by International Resources, an international distributor of specialty chemicals. Sanko HCA is a cyclic organophosphorus compound that prevents yellowing and has some degree of flame-retardant properties. Priced at around $20/lb, it is used at very low levels, typically 0.001 phr.

* Catalysts: Aztec Peroxides, Inc., Houston, will introduce new ketone peroxides and persulfate initiators for unsaturated polyesters and acrylic monomers, respectively.

* Impact modifiers: Nova Polymers, Evansville, Ind., will exhibit TPO snowmobile shrouds and air-conditioning fan blades produced with PP homopolymer and the company's new low-cost impact modifier, Novalene 7030. At a 30% modifier level, paintable TPO compounds reportedly have been produced with 10 ft-lb/in. Izod impact strength at room temperature and 5 ft-lb/in. at -20 F.

* Flame retardants: Albemarle Corp., Baton Rouge, La. (formerly the chemicals unit of Ethyl Corp.), will highlight the recent start-up of commercial-scale production of two of its brominated products that were formerly made in pilot plants. One is Saytex BT-93W, a whiter version of Saytex BT-93, used in various thermoplastics and thermosets. The other is Saytex 8010, designed to allow HIPS to function in ABS applications.


The trend to CFC-free products has now turned to zero-ozone-depleting (zero-ODP) products.

Stoner, Inc., Quarryville, Pa., will introduce E-Series mold-release sprays (including dry-film, paintable, urethane, and thermoset versions) that contain no HCFC-22 or Class-I ODP controlled substances.

Slide Products, Inc. (formerly Percy Harms Corp.), Wheeling, Ohio, will feature its line of mold releases and mold cleaners, which are now all zero-ODP. The company will also launch new Slide Econospray, a mold cleaner that is FDA approved for food contact and can also be used to clean molds processing medical equipment. It sells for about half the cost of regular mold cleaners. Also new is Slide Econospray rust preventative containing a blue die so molders can see whether any spots were missed.

Miller-Stephenson Chemical Co., Inc., Danbury, Conn., will feature new lines of CFC-free mold release agents and CFC/HCFC-free mold cleaners, as well as new Krytox general-purpose lubricant oils and greases.

Zip-Chem Products, San Jose, Calif., will introduce new zero-ODP mold cleaners as well as a new paintable mold release that offers "substantially" more releases between applications than previous products, the company claims.

Camie-Campbell, Inc., St. Louis, Mo., will also highlight recently introduced water-based mold releases. And Sprayon Products, Solon, Ohio, will show its line of CFC-free releases and mold cleaners.


At least six suppliers of purging compounds will feature their wares at the show, including some recent introductions. At least one exhibitor will give a live demonstration. Shuman Plastics, Inc., Depew, N.Y., will demonstrate the effectiveness of its recently introduced Dyna-Purge Excel polyolefin compound by purging highly pigmented resins from a 1-in. table-top extruder without changing temperature or screw speed from the previous operating settings.

Bellex, Inc., N.Y.C., which nationally distributes Asaclean modified-PS purging compounds from Japan's Asahi Chemicals, will introduce a new specialty grade that performs all of the functions of Asaclean EG and EX grades but contains no filler. New Asaclean SA is specifically designed for use in machinery that has areas with close tolerances (i.e., hot-runner injection, blow molding, and extrusion dies) and also for very difficult color changes and carbon-removal problems.

What To Look For

* Mica-based pigments aid laser marking.

* Stone-effect colorants are the fashion.

* Infrared-barrier concentrate keeps greenhouses warm.

* Process aid can compatibilize blends.

* Non-clouding antiblock makes clear films.

* New PS foam-sheet, technology for license.

New PS Foam Technology for License

Reedy International Corp. will unveil new PS foam-sheet extrusions technology that was jointly developed with a processor, Genpak Corp., Glen Falls, N.Y. Designed to eliminate use of CFCs and HCFCs, the new process is said to overcome disadvantages of current technology by achieving higher production rates while improving the foam's physical properties--all without major equipment changes.

The two companies have received patents on producing foam using Reedy's Safoam concentrates of endothermic and exothermic nucleating/blowing agents together with a combination of atmospheric and organic gases. They say they are developing a simplified licensing program to permit broad industry access to the technology.
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