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Chemicals & Additives.

Lots of new additive and color concentrates will be displayed at NPE 2000. There will also be new pigments, including some for laser marking. Several new processing aids and modifiers for thermoplastics and thermosets are slated to debut. Also look for new mold releases and a purging agent for optical disc resins. Interesting new fillers include a new electroconductive wollastonite and high-impact wollastonite grades for automotive applications.

Concentrates for all needs

A variety of specialty additive concentrates will be on display in Chicago. For example, Dyvex Industries is introducing animal-repellant additive concentrates for use in underground HDPE pipe.

Or get a whiff of green apples, lemon, vanilla, leather, and lavender from new fragrance masterbatches for PE from Clariant.

The Sanitized line of antimicrobial masterbatches in PP, EVA, PE, and PS will also be highlighted by Clariant. The active ingredient is a bacteriostat said to be compatible with antistats, fillers, pigments, optical brighteners, and uv absorbers.

A neutralized amine phosphate is the active ingredient in the new the PolySept line of antimicrobial concentrates from Poly Chem Alloy. They are aimed at PE, PP, PS,ABS, PC, and nylon.

Poly Chem Alloy is also showcasing Polyguard 75707N, a special flame-retardant concentrate for nylon that utilizes a proprietary wetting agent to achieve up a 75% loading of DBDPO.

Slip, antistat, and antifog color concentrates have been developed specifically for use in metallocene LLDPE by Polyvel Inc. The company says it can incorporate unusually high loadings of liquid and low-melting additives into mLLDPE carriers. New RE25M slip additive, VF150NB antifog, and VS-E10 antistat contain 25% active ingredient versus the standard 3-5%, so that typical concentrate use levels are 2% instead of 10%. While they cost about two and half times more than higher than standard concentrates, Polyvel's entries have five times higher activity levels.

Four types of blowing-agent chemistries are now included in the expanded line of foam concentrates from Ampacet. The line offers azodicarbonamide products for PE and PP sheet and profile extrusion, injection molding, and low-voltage cable. A sodium borohydride concentrate is available for injection molding of PPO alloys, PS, and ABS. A 5-phenyltetrazole product is designed for injection molding polycarbonate, ABS, and nylon. There are also two endothennic sodium carbonate/acid products for injection molding, profiles, and sheet of PE, PP, and PS.

New colorants abound

Ampacet is launching a full line of color concentrates for HDPE communication conduit. Colors are said to be both lightfast for above-ground storage and chemical-resistant (e.g., to ammonium sulfide) when buried underground. The color range includes yellow, orange, red, blue, green, buff, brown, gray, and white. An identical color line is available with extra uv inhibitor for coextrusion of a 25-mil colored skin layer to provide long-term outdoor stability.

Also new from Ampacet is the first of a new generation of black master-batches for pressure-rated HDPE pipe. for which the standard has been a 35% loading of N-550 carbon black in LDPE or LLDPE. Black concentrate 190478 has a 45% loading of a special carbon black in LLDPE. Nine-month testing of pipe made with the new concentrate at pressures exceeding 1250 psi at 73 F for water pipe and 140 F for gas reportedly show that the 45% concentrate performs as well as the standard 35% formulation on the market. But the higher loading allows users to reduce raw material costs.

EM Industries is featuring its new Lazer Flair LS mica-based additives, which are specifically designed to make thermoplastics receptive to laser marking.

Silberline Manufacturing Co. will introduce Geometric Pigments, which are holographically embossed, vacuum metallized, die-cut particles that produce different spectral colors when viewed at different angles in clear polymers.

Teknor Color is highlighting a new series of pearlescent color concentrates that impart iridescent effects when parts are observed from different angles. These TekPearLite FlipFlop concentrates are designed for PP, PE, clear PS, and flexible PVC. Applications include toys, housewares, office accessories and personalcare packaging. Teknor is also unveiling a new special-effect colorant for rotomolders.

New pearlescent pigments will be launched by two companies. Eckart America is showing its Flonac series, an assortment of pearlescent pigments of different particle sizes that range in shade from whitish to iridescent. EM Industries is featuring its new line of "gigantic"-par tide pearlescents that are said to exhibit a unique sparkle effect.

Two other suppliers will emphasize ultramarine pigments. Holliday Pigments of the U.K. (represented here by Whittaker, Clark & Daniels) has two new ultramarine violets. Blueshade Premier VX and Premier VB are said to have up to 25% higher tinting strength than conventional ultra-marines. They are said be heat stable to 540 F and exceptionally lightfast.

Nubiola Pigmentos of Spain is showcasing a new high-performance ultramarine blue for use in PET film and fibers. Nubiflow pigment boasts very fine particles in an extremely narrow size range. All particles are below 10 microns.

Two new series of aluminum pigments in pellet or paste form will be shown by Eckart America. The larger particle size of these pigments is said to virtually eliminate flow lines in injection molded parts. The new Mastercolor gold, green, and blue color-coated aluminum pigments are also said to have excellent heat stability and outdoor durability.

A new series of "hyper-disperesed" daylight fluorescent colorants in prill form is geared to makers of color concentrates for polyolefin injection and blow molding. Day-Glo Color Corp. says its Gloprill series virtually eliminate plate-out on blow pins and molds. Users can custom blend the four shades of yellow, pink, magenta, and clear. They are heat stable to 550 F.

Color Matrix Corp. will feature its latest developments in liquid colors for thermoplastics, including specialized liquid systems for PET.

Process aids help out

Dyneon is introducing a second-generation, high-temperature series of its Dynamar fluoropolymer-based processing additives for polyolefins and other thermoplastics. The new series is aimed at uses beyond blown and cast films to include wire and cable insulation and jacketing, HDPE pipe and conduit, and blow molded bottles, drums, and tanks. Dynamar PPA additives are said to eliminate or significantly reduce melt fracture, die wear, and die build-up.

Dow Corning is featuring its expanded line of UHMW siloxane additive masterbatches for SAN, HIPS, acetal, PBT, and nylon. The newest 300 Series of masterbatches can also serve as process aids in extruded polyolefins to reduce die build-up and prevent melt fracture. New commercial automotive applications use these products for mar and scratch resistance in molded-in-color PP interior parts such as instrument panels, as well as exterior parts such as bumper fascias.

Modern Dispersions is introducing a cost-effective processing aid concentrate for blown film and sheet/profile extrusion.

Give properties a boost

GE Plastics is featuring its new, ultra-low-MW PPO designed for use as a property modifier in styrenic block copolymer TPEs, epoxy composites, polyurethanes, unsaturated polyesters, phenolics, cyanate esters, and acrylic polymers. PP SA 120 is said to boost heat and chemical resistance, fracture toughness, and electrical properties. It has 90% lower molecular weight than typical PPO (the key ingredient in GE's Noryl), thus making it much easier to compound, while maintaining a glass-transition temperature of about 165 C.

LG Chemical of Korea is introducing a transparent SBS to its Luprene line of styrenic-based TPEs for polymer modification. Until now, LG's products have been marketed in the U.S. only for asphalt modification. When added to clear PS, Luprene is said to improve impact performance while maintaining transparency.

Marubeni America is showcasing three new Tuftec SEBS modifiers from Asahi Chemical of Japan. H1043, a 72 Shore D material, was developed for use as a PP/PS compatibilizer in food trays. A sample of HIPS/PP with H1043 modifier has an MI of 13 and elongation of 170%, versus only 3% without the modifier. Notched Izod impact is 63% higher with the modifier, while other properties are not greatly affected.

Marubeni is also showing Asahi's new H1062 impact modifier for PP, and L515 transparent SEBS modifier for PP film. L515 is said to give excellent transparency and flexibility, and to prevent stress whitening. PP film with L515 reportedly substitutes for PVC film.

Dynasol Elastomeros, a U.S. joint venture of Spain's Repsol Quimica and Mexico's GIRSA Group, is introducing Calprene H, the newest addition to its family of SEBS block copolymers for modifying polyolefins. It is said to offer higher resistance to degradation from heat, oxygen, ozone, and uv.

Goodyear Chemical is unveiling the Sunigum G series, a new acrylate elastomer modifier for blending with PP, PE, EVA, TPO, TPV, and metallocene polyolefin elastomers. This pelletized elastomeric terpolymer can also be blended with polar plastics like ABS and TPU. For example, Sunigum G7687 can be used as an elastomeric component in soft TPEs for automotive interior skins, artificial leather, and profiles, hose, tubing, wire, and cable. The modifier is said to provide excellent color retention and weatherability, plus a matte appearance, leather-like softness and a dry feel.

Mold releases, cleaners

Axel Plastics Research Labs is launching several new mold releases. One is MoldWiz F-57L/NC spray release, which is said to provide a dry, durable, and non-transferable release film on molds. It is used on molds processing PP, ABS, acrylic, TPEs, PES, PEEK, PPO, and phenolics. Xtend 19W is another new semi-permanent external release. It is designed for thermosets processed on heated and aluminum tooling and reportedly eliminates residue or scumming.

Camie-Campbell is introducing three competitively priced releases for injection molding of all thermoplastics. They include 1680 silicone, 1780 proprietary paintable release, and 1880 lecithin type.

New from Slide Products is water-based Slide Plastic Cleaner, said to be safe for removing mold releases, oil, and grease from all plastics surfaces.

Still more new additives

Wollastonite or TiO2 particles covered with a thin electroconductive layer is a new additive for electrostatic dissipation in electronics packaging, rolls, belts, and computer housings. Produced by Japan's Otsuka Chemical, it is sold here by Calsak Corp. Called Dentall, it is offered in black, white, and transparent versions.

Wollastonite filler tailored for high impact enhancement will be introduced by Nyco. Nyglos 8 10972 and M 15 Wollastocoat 10042 are surface-treated, high-aspect-ratio products that reportedly increase notched Izod impact of filled PP by 20-30% compared with untreated wollastonite or other mineral reinforcements. These grades have been engineered specifically for auto instrument panels and thin-wall fascias. Both grades are also said to provide improved mar and scratch resistance.

Shuman Plastics is introducing the Dyna-Purge "O" grade for purging optical-disc grades of polycarhonate and acrylic, as well as high-cleanliness crystal PS.


* Slip, antistat, and antifog concentrates tailored for metallocene LLDPE.

* Antimicrobial additive masterbatches for PP, EVA, PE, and PS.

* Ultra-low-MW PPO is a property enhancer for thermoplastics and thermosets.

* Fluoropolymer-based processing aids move into pipe, wire, bottles, and drums.

* SEBS modifier compatibilizes PP and PS.
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