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Chemical treatment in mechanical pulping, Part 5: sulfite pretreatment.

Application: For sulfite treatment in mechanical pulping systems, this study shows that process conditions and equipment use are important in pulp property development and process efficiency.

This investigation looked at the following three methods of applying sulfite for chip pretreatment in refiner mechanical pulping:

1. Atmospheric impregnation followed by rotary valve or plug screw feeding into a pressurized cooking vessel

2. Chemical application directly into the pressurized cooking

3. Altered chemical liquor temperatures (25 [degrees] C and 160 [degrees] C) before application onto the chips.

The investigation used a large pilot scale operation (12-20 o.d. metric ton/day, 36 inch diameter refiners). The results demonstrated that the three methods of chemical application had differing effects on process efficiency or pulp property development. It is, therefore, important to select proper equipment and designing in CTMP pulping.

Xu is with the Andritz Inc. R&D Lab, Springfield, Ohio. Email Xu at
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Title Annotation:Pulping
Author:Xu, Eric Chao
Publication:Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper
Date:Aug 1, 2003
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