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Derived cetane number, distillation and ignition delay properties of diesel and jet fuels containing blended synthetic paraffinic mixtures. Yildirim, Ulas; Webster, Renee; Evans, David; Rawson, Paul Report Nov 1, 2016 6005
Vapour space flammability considerations for gasoline compression ignition vehicles operating on "dieseline" blends. Cracknell, Roger; Bardon, Michael; Gardiner, David; Pucher, Greg; Hamje, Heather; Rickeard, David; A Report Nov 1, 2016 6485
Biodegradation of diesel and isomerate by pseudomonas aeruginosa and Brevibacillus laterosporus isolated from hydrocarbons contaminated soil. Amina, Benchouk; Abdelwaheb, Chibani Report Jul 1, 2016 3804
Compatibility of dimethyl ether (DME) and diesel blends with fuel system polymers: a Hansen solubility analysis approach. Kass, Michael D.; Daw, Charles Report Apr 1, 2016 5760
Biodegradation of spilled diesel fuel in agricultural soil: effect of humates, zeolite, and bioaugmentation. Kuran, Pavel; Trogl, Josef; Novakova, Jana; Pilarova, Vera; Danova, Petra; Pavlorkova, Jana; Kozler, Report Jan 1, 2014 5458
Determinacao do numero de cetano de blendas de biodiesel/Diesel utilizando espectroscopia no infravermelho medio e regressao multivariada. Ruschel, Carla Felippi Chiella; Huang, Chun Te; Samios, Dimitrios; Ferrao, Marco Flores; Yamamoto, C Report Jan 1, 2014 3919
Preparation and research on properties of castor oil as a diesel fuel additive. Imankulov, Nurbakhit Mar 1, 2012 3038
Seed germination and seedling growth of wheat, barley, alfalfa and clover as affected by gasoline and diesel fuel mixture. Houshmandfar, Alireza; Asli, Davood Eradatmand Report May 1, 2011 2660
Stability of diesohol using biodiesel as additive and its performance and emission characteristics in a compression ignition engine under various compression ratios. Selvan, V. Arul Mozhi; Anand, R.B.; Udayakumar, M. Report Sep 1, 2009 4858
A semi-empirical approach in predicting oxides of nitrogen from C.I. engine using diesel--biodiesel blends. Pawar, Abhay. A.; Kulkarni, Ratnakar. R. Report Jul 1, 2009 2107
Performance and emission characteristics of a CI engine operating on diesel-POME (palm oil methyl ester) blends. Deepanraj, B.; Lawrence, P.; Mathews, P. Koshy; Suneetha, V. Report Apr 1, 2009 1300
The production and the features of water-residual fuel emulsion. Moroianu, Corneliu; Samoilescu, Gheorghe; Patrichi, Ilie; Tulei, Filis Report Jan 1, 2009 1503
Comparative study of thevetia peruviana seed oil with other biofuels and diesel as fuel for CI engine. Balusamy, T.; Marappan, R. Report Dec 1, 2008 3110
A comparative analysis of combustion, performance and emission characteristics of blends of methyl ester of jatropha oil and diesel in di diesel engine. Sundaresan, M.; Chandarasekaran, S.; Saravanakumar, L. Report Mar 1, 2008 1867
Performance enhancement of diesel engine using on-board generated [H.sub.2]/[O.sub.2] mixture. Mohammad Esmaeil, Masoud; Rahaman, Mohammad; Bari, Saiful; Fahimnia, Behnam Report Jan 1, 2007 1504

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