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Phytochemical, Crystal Structure, Spectroscopic, DFT Based Non Covalent Interactions and Non-Linear Optical Studies of Neurada procumbens. Report Aug 31, 2018 8174
Quality Assessment of Biodiesels Obtained from Pure Cooking Oils of Some Feedstocks and their Waste Oils. Report Dec 31, 2017 3385
Use of Highly Methoxyl-esterified Cross-linked Alcohol Insoluble Substance to Remove Pectinesterase for the Reduction of Methanol in Sweet Orange Wine. Wu, Chia-Feng; Cheng, Han; Chang, Wen-Chang; Wu, Ming-Chang; Lin, Jen-Shinn Report Sep 1, 2017 5381
Development of the Adipates as Bifunctional Additive in Methanol-Gasoline. Report Jun 30, 2017 2740
Evaluation of the Antioxidant Capacities and Cytotoxic Effects of Ten Parmeliaceae Lichen Species. Fernandez-Moriano, C.; Gonzalez-Burgos, E.; Divakar, P.K.; Crespo, A.; Gomez- Serranillos, M.P. Report Jan 1, 2017 7382
Suppression of Thermal and Chemical Nociception in Rats by Methanol Extract and its Sub-Fractions from Lantana camara. Simjee, Shabana Usman; Perveen, Humera; Zehra, Syeda Qamar; Ayub, Anjum; Siddiqui, Bina Shaheen; Beg Report Aug 31, 2016 5007
Methods for Extraction and Characterization of Tannins from Some Acacia Species of Sudan. Jun 30, 2016 3777
Electrochemical Properties of Barium Cerate Doped with Zinc for Methanol Oxidation. Report Oct 31, 2015 4767
Experimental and Simulation Analysis of Hydrogen Production by Partial Oxidation of Methanol. Report Oct 31, 2014 2541
Investigation of Bifunctional Ester Additives for Methanol-Gasoline System. Report Aug 31, 2014 1886
Synthesis and characterization of electrodeposited C-PANI-Pd-Ni composite electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation. Mahapatra, S.S.; Shekhar, S.; Thakur, B.K.; Priyadarshi, H. Report Jan 1, 2014 4172
Efficient rapid microwave-assisted route to synthesize monodispersive Pt nanoparticles and their electrocatalytic activity for methanol oxidation. Wang, Libin; Xu, Wenjun; Wu, Xiao; Li, Qian; Wang, Zhiming; Zheng, Xiuwen Jan 1, 2014 2640
Facile and rapid synthesis of ultrafine PtPd bimetallic nanoparticles and their high performance toward methanol electrooxidation. Xia, Tiantian; Shen, Hanrui; Chang, Gang; Zhang, Yuting; Shu, Honghui; Oyama, Munetaka; He, Yunbin Jan 1, 2014 4099
Methanol adsorption on graphene. Schroder, Elsebeth Jan 1, 2014 4417
Methanol extract of euchelus asper prevents bone resorption in ovariectomised mice model. Balakrishnan, Babita; Chiplunkar, Shubhada Vivek; Indap, Madhavi Manohar Report Jan 1, 2014 5268
Dynamic hydrogen production from methanol/water photo-splitting using core@shell-structured CuS@Ti[O.sub.2] catalyst wrapped by high concentrated Ti[O.sub.2] particles. Im, Younghwan; Kang, Sora; Kim, Kang Min; Ju, Taeil; Han, Gi Bo; Park, No-Kuk; Lee, Tae Jin; Kang, M Report Jan 1, 2013 5800
Methanol adsorption on graphene. Schroder, Elsebeth Jan 1, 2013 4442
Theoretical Studies on the Reaction Mechanism of Vapor-Phase methanol Photocatalytic Degradation. Huimin Bi; Fuying You; Yan Liu; Xingquan Chai; Lingpeng Meng Report Dec 31, 2012 1899
Effect of external electric field upon lower alkanols. Mazurkiewicz, Jozef; Tomasik, Piotr Report Dec 31, 2012 6326
Phase Equilibrium of Binary System Carbon Dioxide - Methanol at High Pressure Using Artificial Neural Network. Nasri, Fariborz; Daraei, Hiua; Hatami, Tahmasb; Maleki, Afshin Report Oct 31, 2012 3830
Absorption studies of binary mixtures. Reddy, Sathi; Jyothi, Shanmukhi; Reddy, Linga Report Sep 1, 2012 3791
Toxicity and Repellency Activities of the Crude Methanol Extract of Duabanga grandiflora (Lythraceae) Against Sitophilus oryzae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Report Feb 29, 2012 3954
Methanol extracts of St. John's-Wort (Hypericum Perforatum L.), Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense L.) and their comparison of antioxidant efficacy. Labun, P.; Salamon, I. Report Jan 1, 2011 1071
Screening for in vitro phototoxic activity of methanol extracts of Croton campestris A., Ocimum gravissimum L. & Cordia verbenaceae DC. Matias, Edinardo F.F.; Santos, Karla K.A.; Costa, Jose Galberto M.; Coutinho, Henrique D.M. Report Nov 1, 2010 1764
Electrochemical reduction of p-nitrophenol in aqueous methanol medium at various electrodes. Gupta, Sangita; Gupta, Manish; Verma, P.S. Report Sep 1, 2009 1773
In vivo antimalarial activity and toxicological studies of some quinoline methanol metal complexes. Obaleye, J.A.; Tella, A.C.; Arise, R.O. Report Jan 1, 2009 4135
HPLC-atmospheric pressure chemical ionization MS/MS for quantification of 15-[F.sub.2t]-Isoprostane in human urine and plasma. Haschke, Manuel; Zhang, Yan Ling; Kahle, Christine; Klawitter, Jelena; Korecka, Magdalena; Shaw, Les Mar 1, 2007 5846
Adsorption of mycophenolic acid and its phenolic glucuronide to glass, polystyrene, and polypropylene containers. Cussonneau, Xavier; Bolon-Larger, Magali; Boulieu, Roselyne Letter to the editor May 1, 2006 1465
Validated gas chromatographic--negative ion chemical ionization mass spectrometric method for [[DELTA].sup.9]-tetrahydrocannabinol in sweat patches. Saito, Takeshi; Wtsadik, Abraham; Scheidweiler, Karl B.; Fortner, Neil; Takeichi, Sanae; Huestis, Ma Nov 1, 2004 6072

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