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Mutations in putative mutator genes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains of the W-Beijing family. (Research). Gicquel, Brigitte Jul 1, 2003 5918
The molecular tangled bank: not seeing the phylogenies for the trees. Margulis, Lynn; Dolan, Michael; Guerrero, Ricardo Jun 1, 1999 1322
Planetary environments and the origin of life. Chang, Sherwood Jun 1, 1999 1519
Evolutionary origins of fish antifreeze. Mlot, Christine Apr 19, 1997 596
Early life: in the soup or on the rocks? Lipkin, Richard Brief Article May 4, 1996 370
Origin and recent endemic divergence of a Caspian Mysis species flock with affinities to the "glacial relict" crustaceans in boreal lakes. Vainola, Risto Dec 1, 1995 6917
Artificial RNA enzymes: big and fast. Travis, John Jul 22, 1995 564
A larger role for RNA in life's emergence? Lipkin, Richard Brief Article May 6, 1995 453
Ruminations on how enzymes evolved. Kaiser, Jocelyn Brief Article Mar 4, 1995 494
Origins of life: keys to an early chemical. Liplin, Richard Brief Article Mar 4, 1995 470
Exchangeable models from population genetics. Gillespie, John H. Aug 1, 1994 8367
From proteins to protolife: was life's emergence random or guided by determined chemical steps. Lipkin, Richard Jul 23, 1994 1463
Tricks to make DNA beget DNA. May 28, 1994 574
Evolving RNA with enzyme-like action. Brief Article Aug 14, 1993 345
Evolution in a test tube: harnessing Darwin's theory to design new molecules. Schmidt, Karen F. Aug 7, 1993 2216
The molecular clock and the relationship between population size and generation time. Lin Chao; Carr, David E. Apr 1, 1993 2265
Algae containing chlorophylls a + c are paraphyletic: molecular evolutionaryanalysis of the Chromophyta. Bhattacharya, Debashish; Medlin, Linda; Wainright, Patricia O.; Ariztia, Edgardo V.; Bibeau, Claude; Dec 1, 1992 5699
Recreating prehistoric enzymes. Raloff, Janet May 5, 1990 186
Taking proteins for a walk: mathematical mountains offer sweeping views of evolution. Amato, Ivan Jan 13, 1990 2114
Tics in the tocks of molecular clocks; comparing the DNA, RNA and proteins of different species may reveal the entire tree of life, but obstacles are emerging. Amato, Ivan Jan 31, 1987 1207
Clue to life's cellular origins. Raloff, Janet Aug 2, 1986 386

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