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Chemical Dynamics in Condensed Phases: Relaxation, Transfer, and Reactions in Condensed Molecular Systems.


Chemical dynamics in condensed phases; relaxation, transfer, and reactions in condensed molecular systems.

Nitzan, Abraham.

Oxford U. Press


719 pages




Nitzan (chemistry, Tel Aviv U.) provides graduate-level students background in diversified problems encountered in the dynamical processes in condensed phase molecular systems. He focuses on methodologies and analysis of key applications that underlie physical, chemical and biological phenomena in complex systems, reviewing the relevant mathematics, then covering quantum dyanics using the time-dependent Schrodinger equation, quantum electrodynamics and matter-radiation field interaction, solids and their interfaces, liquids, and methods including time correlation functions, stochastic processes and equations of motion, quantum relocation processes, the quantum mechanical density operator, linear response theory, and the Spin-Boson model. Applications include vibrational energy relaxation, chemical reactions to condensed phases, solvation dynamics, electron transfer processes, and spectroscopy.

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Date:Sep 1, 2006
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