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Chemical Concepts unveils TrimGrip line of bonding adhesives.

Set to replace the discontinued Duofast Trimbonder line of adhesives in Chemical Concepts' comprehensive line of adhesives products is TrimGrip, an advanced Cellular PVC adhesive now associated with the Chem-Set brand. The structural adhesive designed to fill nail holes, laminate boards and bond seams is 100 percent reactive and holds a very tough and resilient acrylic makeup, according to the company. TrimGrip works ideally with PVC trimboard, metals, fiberglass and rigid plastics, among other surfaces and materials.

The fairly multi-purposed line can also be used to laminate PVC board and is formulated with non-sag properties, an important feature while working overhead or on vertical surfaces. TrimGrip, formerly known as TrimBonder from adhesives mainstay ITW/Plexus, will maintain its original formula but change hands by way of a private label agreement between ITW/Plexus and Chemical Concepts. The structural adhesive will continue to be made by ITW/Plexus but packed, labeled and distributed by Chemical Concepts, Inc.

"It's a pleasure to make this product line available to those individuals and businesses looking for a tough and multi-faceted structural bond," said Chemical Concepts sales manager, Craig Zelle. "After thoughtful research and thorough testing, we're confident that TrimGrip is a product that's hard to match in the realm of PVC trim and synthetic wood. We invite our customers to take advantage of this convenient and capable structural adhesive."

TrimGrip requires minimal surface preparation, and is available in convenient dual-component cartridges making it easy to mix and dispense. Once applied to fill a joint or hole, TrimGrip can also be easily sanded to shape, which makes it especially useful with windows, door trim molding, pergolas and more.

Contractors and builders will find that TrimGrip forms durable bond which will outlast the trimboard itself, the company said. TrimGrip comes in white and is available in 50ml, 400ml and 1500 ML cartridges, as well as in five gallon buckets.

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Title Annotation:New Products
Publication:Coatings World
Date:Jan 1, 2015
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