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Chemical Changes During Food Processing.

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CHEMICAL CHANGES DURING FOOD PROCESSING. Edited by Jiri Davidek, Jan Velisek and Jan Pokorny. 448 pages with index. Price: 136.00 [pounds] (Holland: Elsevier Science Publishers BV).

This text is No. 21 in the publishers series Developments in Food Science. In this instance the ten contributors, who include the editors, all come from Czechoslovakia and their aim is to describe in detail the various changes that take place during the processing and storage of food. Only fairly recently have big efforts been made to understand the problems involved and the requirements of processing have also changed dramatically. Now, it is all about getting processed foods to look and taste as natural as possible. The changes that take place when food is heated or processed in some way are being found to be fairly complex.

This present text is based on earlier publications. In 1975 the authors prepared a book on food chemistry that was published in Polish and this dealt with the changes occurring in foodstuffs or rather their constituent parts. A further book was published in the Czech language in 1980 and now this new text tackles a slightly wider topic and, as such, it assumes some previous knowledge of food chemistry. The authors concern themselves with the changes in the different constituents that have an effect on the nutritional, sensory, hygiene and technological aspect of the industry. In fact, they only consider natural constituents here so that food additives and adventitious contaminants are not considered.

The chapters are entitled: Proteins, peptides and amino acids; Saccharides; Fats, oils and other lipids; Vitamins; Sensorically active compounds; and Natural and antinutritive and toxic compounds. As the authors say, here is food chemistry looked at in a rather different way. There is less descriptive matter because they want to focus on the actual changes that occur during processing and storage. Numerous equations have been included in the text to ensure a proper understanding of all that is being discussed and each chapter carries several hundred references to further reading!
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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