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Chemical & biological defense division.

The Chemical & Biological Defense (CBD) Division is chartered to promote the exchange of technical and operational information related to the defense of U.S. forces and personnel/interests at home and abroad against the threat of weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) within the Defense Department and among other government agencies, industry and academia.

Areas of interest to the division include policy issues, program/budget matters, research and development, acquisition, production, logistical support, training, doctrine and organization. The scope of the division's mission includes traditional defensive measures, chemical weapons demilitarization, treaty compliance, industrial base issues and domestic preparedness.

The division's mission is carried out in three different focus areas. The first is the program/policy area where we work with OSD (the Deputy for Chemical/Biological Defense and Counter proliferation in DDR&E) and the Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of the Army for Chemical Demilitarization. This group sponsors periodic executive roundtable meetings which provide an update on major program areas. The Director of Chemical and Biological Defense at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the Joint Program Executive Officer for Chemical-Biological Defense are regular participants in this group.

The second focus area is directed toward the acquisition of goods and services related to chemical and biological defense, and includes technology development, research and engineering, procurement and logistical support. Our principal involvement here is with the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD). This office sponsors the annual Advanced Planning Briefing for Industry (APBI), as well as quarterly meetings of the Chemical and Biological Defense Acquisition Initiatives Forum (CBDAIF).

The third focus area addresses the specific needs of warfighters in the areas of operations, training, doctrine and readiness. The major activity in support of this effort is the annual Joint CBRN Conference. It is the preeminent chemical and biological defense conference conducted in the United States and includes attendees from many allied governments and domestic/ international industries.


Staff Director: Michael Dauth (703) 247-2593

Chair BG Dean Ertwine, USA (Ret.) Battelle
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