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Chem-Trend Incorporated has developed a series of water-based materials that are custom-formulated to assist manufacturers of all types of tires. The use of these products enables the tire manufacturer to save time and money because they:

* Promote tire uniformity

* Offer excellent air bleed assistance as required

* Are more cost efficient - less lube per tire

* Easy to apply

* Promote longer bladder life

* Are water-based - contain no solvents

Key products include MONO-LUBE[R] inside tire lubes, bladder coatings, outside tire lubes and MONO-COAT[R] semi-permanent products to assist release and keep molds cleaner longer in the tread and side-wall areas.

Formed in 1960, Chem-Trend first introduced a new product; a release agent for the emerging polyurethane molding industry. The company rapidly expanded during its 33-year existence, and today its facilities occupy over 150,000 square feet.

Chem-Trend is now the world's largest manufacturer of specialized release agents for the plastic and rubber molding industry and for the die casting industry.

MONO-COAT[R] semi-permanent release agents are widely used to demold all types of elastomers. Molding processes include injection, compression and transfer molding. MONO-COAT[R] is a non-transferring release agent that forms a clear, dry, micro-thin film on the mold surface. Because of its unique formulation, MONO-COAT[R] provides better rubber compound flow, easier release and it virtually eliminates knit-lines and blisters.

Molds coated with MONO-COAT[R] stay cleaner longer and release agent usage is dramatically reduced since application can be as infrequent as one touch-up coating per shift.

Chem-Trend is constantly developing MONO-LUBE[R], MONO-COAT[R] and other custom lubes and release agents for a multitude of applications. Tire manufacturers and rubber molders explain their problems to Chem-Trend field representatives, who relay the information to Chem-Trend's chemists. The Research and Development chemists and the field representatives work with the customer, developing the special lube/release that will solve the unique molding situation.

Research and development is a key element in Chem-Trend's growth. Research, a commitment to quality products and prompt in-depth customer service have helped make Chem-Trend a company with over 1,000 industrial products which services customers in every corner of the globe.

At Chem-Trend, this commitment to research, quality products and customer service is a continuing effort. For more information, contact: Jim Spencer, Marketing Manager, Plastics and Rubber Division, Chem-Trend Incorporated by calling 517-546-4520 or TOLL FREE: 1-800-727-7730.
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Title Annotation:Chemicals & Materials Corporate Profile '93: Special Advertising Section
Publication:Rubber World
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Date:Aug 1, 1993
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