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Cheers to my dream come true.

Byline: LORD HENRY View from Slane Castle

Iarrived back from Boston on Wednesday morning for the launch of the new Distillery and Visitor Centre at Slane which opens its doors to the public on September 2.

This is the realisation of a dream. We started on the whiskey road in 2009 by launching our original brand at the Oasis concert but in truth the birth of the idea was in 1981 when Thin Lizzy headlined.

When we had a nightclub in the castle I would end the night with our alternative national anthem Whiskey In The Jar.

In the intervening years it has been a long and winding road.

Now with our new American partners Brown-Forman we hope to conquer the world.

It is hard to describe the kick we get walking into bars and restaurants in the States and seeing a bottle of SLANE behind the bar.

The States has played an important part in my life. I had the great privilege to go to university at Harvard and it widened my horizons. When I was there Nixon was in the White Nixon left in disgrace .. will the House. He left in disgrace. The leading question now is whether the same will happen to Trump. Some leading same now happen to Trump pundits now see this as a firm possibility as the net tightens on the Donald and his family over the Russian investigation.

I have always been of the view that in circumstances like this, it is best to follow the money trail. That could well be his downfall.

Amongst my US friends their reactions vary from embarrassment to acute anxiety.

The late night comedians rip him to shreds.

David Remnick writing in the New Yorker on August 20th said it all: "On November the 9th, the United States elected a dishonest, inept, unbalanced and immoral human being as its President and Commander-in-Chief."

Trump is a puffed up and dangerous egomaniac. It gave me great pleasure to hear at least 20 major charities and businesses have pulled events and fundraisers from Mara-a-Lago, his emporium in Palm Beach.

This man has the nuclear codes. I pray that America gets rid of him.

Nixon left in disgrace .. will the same now happen to Trump


THIRST FOR SUCCESS With son & their whiskey

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 26, 2017
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