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Cheers, tears & Britney Spears; Star's magic moments on anniversary; COLEEN: MY 20 BEST MEMORIES ON LOOSE WOMEN.

Byline: EXCLUSIVE BY EMILY RETTER Senior Feature Writer

As one of the longest serving Loose Women, straighttalking Coleen Nolan is synonymous with the ITV panel show. She's had her share of spats, sobbed, left and returned. But Coleen, 54, says the Loose Women studio will always be her home.

Celebrating the show's 20th anniversary this week, the Daily Mirror columnist recalls her 20 stand-out memories

Loose Women is on ITV, weekdays at 12.30pm. @emily_retter

1 Dressing up When they said I'd be training with Green Goddess Diana Moran I assumed there'd be a leotard lined up, not a crayon costume! Was it the worst? No. The Christmas pudding stands out -- I was outside the studio in it when Take That walked in. And I'll never forget Britney's red PVC catsuit. I was sweating so much we couldn't get it off.

2 Goodbye Sherrie It was so emotional serenading Sherrie Hewson with Thank You For Being a Friend in 2016 after 12 years working together. She was crying for most of it. We miss her.

3 Cheeky pair When Paddy and Gino are on, you know everything is going to be innuendo - and add me to the mix, there's no stopping it. When I performed my cucumber peeling trick in 2017 of course there was going to be no end. I told Gino, "I'll come and peel your cucumbers any time you want!"

4 Doing Linda proud In 2017 my sister Linda asked me to make the devastating announcement she'd been diagnosed with secondary cancer, following breast cancer in 2006. Telling the nation made it so real. I broke down. But Linda said, "Thank you". We'd made it a positive message.

5 What Katie did You never know what Katie Price is going to say - in 2016 when I marched her off set she had come out with some eyewateringly graphic sex stuff. Even for me. It was one of the most shocking moments on the show. But Katie literally does not edit herself, and I admire that.

6 Saying "Ta-ra" - for now When I left Loose Women in 2011 it felt like the right time but it took weeks to choose what to sing for my last show. I chose Say Goodbye Today. My ex Ray, above, accompanied me. I never got through it in rehearsal, I sobbed every time. When I sang it live even the crew were crying.

7 That phone sex story I've told a few that made my eldest, Shane Jr, blush, but the one about accidentally listening to him having sex when he called me from his pocket, sticks out. The first time I told it the nation was in stitches. When I re-told it in 2015 social media was in full flight and it was "How sick".

8 Girls on tour This year we were finally let loose, with Loose Women Late: Girls' Night Out. We were at the NEC in Birmingham and felt like the Spice Girls! I ended by singing I'm in The Mood for Dancing and nearly fell off the stage.

9 Love Island I'll never forget this - it was horrifying! We had Amy Hart on the show and she helped transform me. The hair extensions alone made me feel I was carrying a body on my shoulders.

10 Girl power We wore black suits to the National Television Awards to stick two fingers at the usual focus on women's frocks. It was so comfortable. What I loved most was Stacey Solomon bringing us sandwiches. We never usually get to eat.

11 Winning team Of course, my favourite memory of the National Television Awards is the one and only year we won! In 2010 -- it was incredible. I don't normally drink but I did that night -- it was a late one!

12 Ding dong with Hopkins Katie had written the most vile tweets about how my sister Linda looked on Celebrity Big Brother in 2014 and then she came on the show. Initially, I didn't want to be there but I'm glad I was. I didn't attack her, I Iet her trip herself up.

13 Our beloved Lynda Lynda Bellingham was feisty, strong, funny. I interviewed her 10 days before she died in 2014, when she lost her battle with cancer. I'll always remember that she comforted me - that said it all. I had to ask her how she wanted to be remembered and started to cry. But she made a joke of it.

14 Sister act In 2009 I got to sing with my sisters on the show. So special to bring my two families together!

15 Hippo-gate Of course they were setting me up when they got me in a tutu next to Andrea McLean to try a spot of ballet in 2016 Andrea, with the body to die for. And then she said I looked like the hippo from Fantasia. Bitch! Not really -- it was hilarious.

16 Stripping off In 2017, when we were asked to pose in our swimwear for our Body Stories campaign, I initially said "Good luck with that!" But the message behind it was really important - and Bryan Adams was taking the photos.

17 Golden girl Ah, meeting Goldie Hawn. In 2015 she became an honorary Loose Woman. She was so down to earth and open. Nothing was off limits.

18 Keeping it in the family My sons Shane Jr and Jake have come on the show a few times. You don't know what they're going to come out with - because I've shown them up on so many occasions! But I fondly recall the time Shane came on and said I was his best friend.

19 Puppy love Donny Osmond. Need I say more? He was an idol for my sisters and I when we were in the band. So when I met him on the show and he was FLIRTING with me - wow. He's now become a family friend.

20 Hit me baby After my foray into her red catsuit I was ready for this one! I must admit Britney's guest appearance in 2016 was pretty strange - we didn't get to meet her before the show and she went straight through the exit door and into her car afterwards. But she was very sweet, taught us to dance, and she waved to my niece, a huge fan. I was starstruck too!
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