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Cheers! Des Moines greets clean water; no wading here - Des Moines is up and running.

The Greater Des Moines business community has launched an advertising campaign, aimed at letting business leaders outside of their community, know that the region is back on its feet, open for business and continues to be an excellent place to locate and operate a business profitably.

Jack Rehm, CEO of Meredith Corporation, and chair of the Des Moines Development Corporation, said, "While the Flood of 1993 had the positive effect of putting Des Moines, Iowa on the map for those who may not have been aware of our location, it also suggested that our region is still underwater. Nothing could be further from that fact. Only about two percent of our businesses suffered flood damage. Virtually all have resumed operations and only a handful of those are in temporary headquarters.

"The inner strength, cooperation and perseverance television viewers saw in the sandbag fines is the same spirit that, along with swift corporate contingency plans, engineered the swift recovery of our business community."

The $250,000 advertising campaign, created for the Des Moines Development Corporation by Kragie-Newell, Inc., a Des Moines based advertising agency, provides for a series of insertions in regional editions of the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. The Des Moines Development Corporation has been the driving force behind the city's downtown revitalization and has spearheaded many economic development initiatives. Its eighty members are CEOs of corporations headquartered in the Greater Des Moines region.

The advertising copy suggests companies interested in business location opportunities talk with Mike Reagen, president and CEO of the Greater Des Moines Chamber of Commerce Federation at 1-800-376-9059. Mike Reagen commented, "On July 1 we launched Project 21, an economic development initiative to attract new businesses to our region. Our infrastructure remains solid, our workforce is strong, flood prevention assurance measures are in the works and even since the flood, a number of major construction projects have been announced.
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Title Annotation:Des Moines, Iowa
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Aug 30, 1993
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