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Check-list of additional taxa to the supplement flora of Turkey VIII.


The eighth check-list of the series entitled "Check-list of Additional taxa to the Flora of Turkey" comprises a total of 152 taxa based on the data given in 133 papers published the period between December 2014-December 2016. Additionally taxa which have not been recorded neither in the 11 volumes of the Flora of Turkey nor in the seven previously published supplementary check-lists. With this paper the following are added to the Turkish flora: 127 taxa new to science and 25 taxa new records.

Keywords: Additional taxa, Turkish flora, new species, new records


Turkey is one of the most important temperature countries on earth in terms of plant diversity. The diversity of vascular plants of the country has been documented in the Flora of Turkey and the Eastern Aegean Islands edited by Prof. Peter H. Davis and published in nine volumes between 1965 and 1985. With the publication of this flora, so interest in Turkey's rich plant diversity has been brought to the attention of Turkish and foreign botanists, and subsequent study has greatly increased our knowledge of the flora resulting in the addition of many new taxa.

The identification of these additional taxa has necessitated the publication of the supplementary volumes to the Flora of Turkey vol. 10 in 1988 (Davis et al. 1988) with the eleventh supplemental volume in 2000 (Guner et al. 2000). The flora of Turkey continues to grow following publication of the 11th volume, and an additional 1196 new species were added either as a new species or new records in the periods up to December 2016. These check list have been published in a series paper by Ozhatay et al. as Check list III, IV, V, VI VII and VIII (Ozhatay and Kultur, 2006; Ozhatay et al. 2009; 2011; 2013; 2015).

Since 2000 (vol. 11) 853 papers about the flora of Turkey have been published and 1196 additional taxa have been recorded which were either new to science (888 taxa) or new to the Turkish flora (308 taxa). According to these data almost 74 taxa is added to the Turkish flora for each year. The all original publication of these taxa was subsequently drawn together by the authors as a collection housed in the library of the Department of Pharmaceutical Botany, Istanbul University. The aim of this paper is to present all published taxa added to the flora of Turkey during 2015 to 2017 with the missing records (14 papers with 24 taxa) in earlier check-lists. Since 1994 have been published eight check-list of additional taxa to the Turkish flora respectively (Table 1).

The present list contains a total of 152 taxa, of which 127 taxa were added as new taxa to science (comprising 110 species, 12 subspecies, 3 varieties and 2 hybrid), whilst a further 25 known taxa have previously been unrecorded from Turkey (21 species, 2 subspecies and 2 hybrid). The genus Psylliostachys (Jaub. & Spach) Nevski (Plumbaginaceae) is new for Turkish flora. The four genera which have been recorded with the most taxa to the flora of Turkey are Centaurea (with 13 taxa), Crocus (with 8 taxa), Sanguisorba (with 7 taxa) and Allium (with 6 taxa) respectively (Figure 2).
Figure 1. The four genera which have been recorded with the most taxa
in Check-list VIII The list of additional taxa

            Number of texa

Centaurea    13
Cracus        8
Sanguisorba   7
Alltum        6

Note: Table made from bar graph.

The list of the additional taxa is arranged in alphabetical order within families, genera, and species under two main systematic groups: Dicotyledonae and Monocotyledonae. The format is in accordance with that in Davis' Flora of Turkey and references to original papers appear in angled brackets at the end of the taxon name. It is hoped that this list will provide useful information for researchers currently working on the Turkish flora. We have endeavoured to trace all additional taxa to the flora published until December 2016. Although we are certain that further taxa remain unreported either in Davis Flora of Turkey or in our supplementary check-lists, then accordingly we invite all additions or comments for future issues in the series.

e: endemic species; *new record for Turkish flora; **new taxon for science; [??] new genus for Turkish flora



Amaranthus L. (2:340)

*A. palmeri S. Watson in Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 12: 274 (1877) [Eren et al. 2016]

Examined specimens: Turkey. Izmir: Izmir-Canakkale main road, between Menemen and Yeni Foca, Helvaci village, 16 m, margin of cornfields, populations with male and female plants, 20 Sep 2015, Dogan 23/2015 & al. [pistillate specimen] (AYDN); ibid., 20 Sep 2015, Dogan 24/2015 & al. [staminate specimen] (AYDN); ibid., Buruncuk village, 13 m, roadsides, 20 Sep 2015, Dogan & al. (obs.); Adana: Ceyhan, Mustafabeyli village, 25 m, 22 Jul 2014, Dogan 36/2014 & al. [pistillate specimen] (AYDN); ibid., 22 Jul 2014, Dogan 37/2014 & al. [staminate specimen] (AYDN); Osmaniye: Toprakkale, 120 m, roadside, 23 Jul 2014, Dogan & al. (obs.); Hatay: Erzin, 160 m, field margins, 19 Aug 2014, Dogan & al. (obs.).

Atriplex L. (2:305)

*A. oblongifolia Waldst. & Kit., Descr. Icon. PI. Rar. Hung. 3: 278 (1812). [Baskose and Yaprak 2016]

Examined specimens: Turkey. A1 Kirklareli: Pinarhisar, Pinarhisar-Demirkoy yolu, Poyrali koyu cikisi, tarla ve yol kenarlari, 225 m, 02.10.2013, K 041[degrees]37.775' - D 026[degrees]35.893', Baskose-2325; Pinarhisar, Pinarhisar'a 5 km kala yol ve tarla kenarlari, 150 m, 09.09.2014, K 041[degrees]36.268'-D 027[degrees]27.396' Baskose-2672; Pinarhisar, Pinarhisar-Demirkoy yolu, Poyrali koyu cikisi, tarla ve yol kenarlari, 225 m, 09.09.2014, K 041[degrees]37.775'-D 026[degrees]35.893, Baskose-2673; Pinarhisar, Hamzabey koyu girisi, tarla ve yol kenarlari, 115 m, 22.08.2015, K 041[degrees]31' 33.40''-D 027[degrees]55'13.34', Baskose-2929; Pinarhisar, Ceylankoy girisi, tarla ve yol kenarlari, 120 m, 22.08.2015, K 041[degrees]32'49.61''-D 027[degrees]25'54.76', Baskose-2930; A1 Edirne: Sarayakpinar, Suakacagi koyu, Tunca nehri kenarlari, 55 m, 10.09.2014, K 041[degrees]50.659'-D 026[degrees]35.110, Baskose-2687.


Vinca L. (6:161)

e**V. ispartensis Koyuncu & Eksi in Ann Bot. Fennici 52: 340-344 (2015). [Koyuncu et al. 2015]

Holotype: Turkey. Isparta: Sarkikaragac, Kizildag Milli Parki, stony slopes, 1300-1700 m a.s.l., 28 April 2013 (flowering), Kadir Terzioglu & Faruk Caniz (AEF 26342).


Cynoglossum L. (6:306)

e**C. brandii Sutory in Edinburgh Journal of Botany 73 (3): 265-275 (2016). [Sutory 2016]

Type: Turkey. Antalya province, on the road between Anamur and Ermenek, in the summit region of mountains, 36[degrees]17'15"N, 32[degrees]54'33"W, 1700 m, 23 vi 1977, K. Sutory s.n. (BRNM 707463) (holo BRNM; iso B, BRNM, E, K, W).

Onosma L. (6:326)

e**O. anatolica Binzet in PhytoKeys 69: 39-49 (2016). [Binzet 2016b]

Type: Turkey, C5 Nigde: Camardi, 2 km South of Demirkazik village, subalpine community with dwarf shrub and thorn-cushion, 1760 m, limestone, 22 June 2015, 37[degrees]50'47"N, 35[degrees]05'32"E, Binzet 201501 (holotype: ANK; isotype: GAZI).

e**O. demirizii Kaynak, Tarimcilar & Yilmaz in Bangladesh J. Bot. 44(2): 261-265 (2015) [Tarimcilar et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. B6 Kayseri: Pinarbasi, 38[degrees]43'N, 36[degrees]23'E, 1540 m, 24.v.2013, G. Kaynak, O. Yilmaz s.n. (BULU 35011).

e**O. juliae L.Cecchi & Selvi in Phytotaxa 288 (3): 201-213 (2016). [Cecchi et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. Karaman: Ermenek district, 5 km from Ermenek to Anamur, garrigue on calcareous rocks ["Turchia, Karaman, distretto di Ermenek, 5 km da Ermenek verso Anamur, gariga e rocce calcaree assolate"], 1200 m ca., 36[degrees]37' N, 32[degrees]55' E, 4 June 2013, L. Cecchi, M. Nepi, D. Nocentini & F. Selvi, no. 13.37 (holotype FI, isotypes GZU and Herb. Cecchi no. 2500).

e**O. malatyana Binzet in Turk J Bot 40: 194-200 (2016). [Binzet 2016a]

Type: Turkey. B7 Malatya: Arapgir-Malatya, 19 km to Malatya, roadside and field area, 31.V.2011, 38[degrees]53'44"N, 38[degrees]35'26"E, 1275 m, Binzet 201117 (holotype: ANK; isotype: GAZI).

Paracaryum (DC.) Boiss. (6:282)

e** P. bingoelianum Behcet & Ilcim in Turk J Bot 39: 334-340, (2015). [Behcet and Ilcim 2015]

Type: Turkey. B8 Bingol: SE of Genc, Samdagi, NW rocky slopes, 1950-2000 m. 11.vii.2012, L. Behcet 8606 (in flower) (Holotype: Mustafa Kemal Univ. Herb. Isotypes: ANK, Bingol Univ. Herb.)


Alyssum L. (1:362)

e**A. amasianum Karabacak & A.Duran in Turk J Bot 40: 402-411 (2016). [Karabacak et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. A5 Amasya: Tasova, Borabay village to Basyurt Yayla, 9 km, 1382 m, serpentine slopes, roadsides, 16.08.2013, 40[degrees]48'011"N 36[degrees]07'005"E, A.Duran 9733 & O.Karabacak (holotype: KNYA; isotypes: GAZI, ANK).


Campanula L. (6:2)

e**C. malatyaensis Mutlu & Karakus in Phytotaxa 234 (3): 287-293 (2015) [Mutlu and Karakus 2015a]

Type: Turkey. Malatya: Hekimhan, Zurbehan Hill, 2000 m, 30 vi 2012, S.Karakus 2476 & B.Mutlu (holotype INU (INU 12528-2013)).

*C. raddeana Trautv. in Bull. Acad. Imp. Sci. Saint-Petersbourg, ser. 3, 10: 395 (1866) [Yildirim et al. 2016]

Examined specimens: Turkey. A9 Ardahan: Cildir, on the way from Cildir lake to Mazeret pass, Karacay valley, on volcanic rock cliffs, 41[degrees]09'39"N, 43[degrees]08'19.2"E, 2100 m, 24.07.2014, H.Yildirim 3125 (EGE); Cildir, Karacay valley, near Seytan castle, on volcanic rock cracks, 41[degrees]08'45.45"N, 43[degrees]07'45.05"E, 1941 m, 10.09.2015, H.Yildirim 3699


Cephalaria Schrader ex Roemer & Schultes (4:585)

e**C. anamurensis Gokturk & Sumbul in PhytoKeys 65: 25-33 (2016). [Gokturk and Sumbul 2016]

Type: Turkey. Mersin: Anamur, Anamur to Kazanci, Kirkkuyu, Bickici bogazi, 36[degrees]28'35"N; 032[degrees]44'11"E, 1784 m, steppe and stony places, 24 July 2015 Gokturk 8018, Sumbul & Cingay (holotype: Akdeniz University Herbarium 3446; isotypes: ANK, GAZI, HUB, NGBB).


Bolanthus (Ser.) Reichb. (2:171)

e**B. turcicus Koc & Hamzaoglu in PhytoKeys 52: 81-88 (2015). [Koc and Hamzaoglu 2015]

Type: Turkey. Aksaray province, Hasan Mountain above Karkin town, Hamcaoglu 7110 and Koc ( holo GAZI, iso GAZI, ANK, Dept of Bozok Univ., Herbarium of Biology), 1950 m, volcanic stony slopes and alpine steppe, 18 June 2014.

Dianthus L. (2:99)

e**D. aticii Hamzaoglu in PhytoKeys 48: 21-28 (2015)

[Hamzaoglu et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. Bilecik: Bilecik highway exit towards Eskisehir, 40[degrees]06'27"N, 29[degrees]59'47'E, 330 m, stony slopes and steppes, 16 June 2013 (fl , fr), E. Hamzaoglu et al. 6743 (holotype: GAZI; isotypes: GAZI, ANK)

e**D. burdurensis Hamzaoglu & Koc in Phytotaxa 233 (2): 196-200 (2015). [Hamzaoglu and Koc 2015]

Type: Turkey. Burdur: Between Yesilova and Salda village, N slopes of Eseler Mountain, small dry meadows in forest clearings, 37[degrees]29'08"N, 29[degrees]39'09"E, 1590 m a.s.l., 23 August 2014, Koc & Hamzaoglu 7170 (holotype GAZI, isotypes GAZI, ANK, HUB).

e**D. macroflorus Hamzaoglu in Systematic Botany 40(1): 208-213 (2015). [Hamzaoglu et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. Antalya: Manavgat, between Tasagil and Beskonak, 65 m, macchie, 28 jul 2012, Hamzaoglu 6545, Aksoy & M. Koc (holotype: GAZI, isotypes: GAZI, ANK, HUB).

e**D. multiflorus Deniz & Aykurt in PhytoKeys 63: 1-12 (2016). [Deniz et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. Antalya: Gazipasa, from Akoluk Village to Akkaya Hill of Taseli Plateau, c. 3. km, stony sliding slopes and serpentine soils in clearings of Pinus brutia forest, 1075 m a.s.l., 05 July 2015, I.G. Deniz, C. Aykurt, 6195 (holotype: Akdeniz University Herbarium 3823).

*D. purpureoluteus Velen., Fl. Bulg. 72 (1891). [Hamzaoglu et al. 2015]

Examined specimens: Turkey. Kirklareli: between villages of Kofcaz and Kocayazi, 685 m, 7 Aug. 2012, Quercus forest opening, Hamzaoglu 6593, Aksoy & M Koc (GAZI); between Kirklareli and Kofcaz, seventh km, 5 Nov 1975, A. Baytop & N. Ozhatay s.n.(ISTE 34061)

Eremogone Fenzl

e**E. ali-gulii Koc & Hamzaoglu, in PhytoKeys 61: 93-99 (2016). [Koc and Hamzaoglu 2016]

Type: Turkey. Erzurum province, between Bayburt and Askale, Kop mountain, 40[degrees]00'N-040[degrees]32'E, 2150 m, serpentine stony slopes, 24 June 2014, Koc 1723 & Hamzaoglu (holotype ANK, isotype Bozok Univ. Herb., ANK, GAZI).

Gypsophila L. (2:149)

e**G. munzurensis Armagan in Phytotaxa 275(2): 175-180 (2016). [Armagan, 2016]

Type: Turkey. Tunceli: Ovacik, Munzur Valley, 30. Km from Tunceli to Ovacik, oak forest openings and eroded slopes, 39[degrees]17'01.1"N, 39[degrees]26'10.2"E, 1080 m, 24 July 2014, Armagan & Ozel 5645 (holotype VANF-165058, isotype W).

Silene L. (2:179)

e**S. bilgilii E. Dogan & H. Duman in Phytotaxa 246 (4): 293-299 (2016). [Dogan-Guner and Duman 2016]

Type: Turkey. Balikesir: Bigadic, South of Bozbuk village, 1280 m, on the metamorphic rocks, 35 S 632832 E, 4356941 N, 29 July 2015, Duman & Cakir 10385 (holotype GAZI, isotype AN K).

e**S. ertekinii Aydin & Oxelman in Phytotaxa 178(2): 98-112 (2014). [Aydin et al. 2014]

Type: Turkey. Antalya: Road from Antalya to Altinyaka, 1160 m a.s.l., 36 74 N, 30.45 E, 13 May 2009, Aydin 28 (holotype: GB0128343, isotypes: DUF, ANK).

e**S. kemahensis Aytac & Kandemir in Bagbahce Bilim Dergisi 32(1): 7-42 (2015). [Aytac et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. Erzincan: Kemah, Yucebelen koyu, Sohmarik Yayla yolu, serpantin, 1816 m,01.07.2014, Kandemir 10566, (holotip/holotype: GAZI; isotip/isotype: ANK).

e**S. konuralpii Firat & K.Yildiz in Phytotaxa 288 (3): 214-236 (2016). [Firat and Yildiz 2016a]

Type: Turkey. B9 Agri: Eleskirt district, Heyrangol village, humid slopes steppe, 2396 m, 39[degrees]45'29"N, 42[degrees]24'00"E,, Firat 32740 (holotype VANF; isotypes ANK, E, herb. M.Firat, herb. Manisa Celal Bayar University)

e**S. miksensis Firat & K. Yildiz in Phytotaxa 273(4): 283-292 (2016). [Firat and Yildiz 2016b]

Type: Turkey. B9 Van: Miks (Bahcesaray) district, Ciravis Mountains (Ciyaye Cirawis), limestone and rocky slopes, 3343 m,38[degrees]09'44" N, 42[degrees]54'04" E, 10 August 2011, Firat 27345 (holotype VANF, isotypes ANK, E, herb. M. Firat).


Achillea L. (5:224)

e**A. adenii Aytac & M.Ekici in Turk J Bot 40: 373-379 (2016). [Aytac et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. C2 Mugla, Fethiye, Babadag, calcareous rocks, 1600-1650 m, 23.07.2011, Aytac 10429 & M. Ekici ( holotype: GAZI; isotypes: ANK, HUB, and Yildirimli).

e**A. baltai H.Duman & Aytac in Turk J Bot 40: 373-379 (2016). [Aytac et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. C6 Nigde: Pozanti Dagi, Sivri tepe, 2050-2100 m, 08.06.2013, calcareous rocks, Duman 10321 & T. Balta, holotype: GAZI; isotypes: ANK, HUB, Yildirimli.

Artemisia L. (5:311)

e **A. bashkalensis Kursat & Civelek in Turk J Bot 88-95 (2015). [Kursat et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. C10 Hakkari: 58 km from Hakkari to Van, roadside, slopes, steppe, 20.09.2007, 1805 m, 37[degrees]47.817'N, 44[degrees]05.156'E, M. Kursat & S. Civelek 1057 (FUH).

*A. fragrans Willd. in Sp. Pl. 3 (1804) 1835 [Kursat et al. 2014]

Examined specimens: Turkey. B9 Van: Kuzgun gate, peak, 2142 m, 19.9.2007, S. Civelek, M. Kursat 1049, ibid, 9.1.2010, S. Civelek, M. Kursat & P. Yilmaz 5001 and (FUH); Van Kuzgun Koran gate, 1 km landing, 2161 m, 26.11.2010, S. Civelek, M. Kursat & P. Yilmaz 5011; Van, Akdamar between Gurpinar and Bahcesaray, 1 km after the fork, crop edges, 1714 m, 9.10.2010, S. Civelek, M. Kursat & P. Yilmaz 5012 (FUH); Van-Muradiye, waterfall role, 1778 m, 10.10.2010, S. Civelek, M. Kursat & P. Yilmaz 5005 (FUH); Mus, Malazgirt-Aktuzla break, around Nurettin village, road side, hillsides, 1728 m, 26.11.2010, S. Civelek, M. Kursat & P. Yilmaz; Mus, Aktuzla to 5.5 km, Ant valley, road upper slopes, 1555 m, 26.11.2010, S. Civelek, M. Kursat & P. Yilmaz 5020 (FUH).

*A. oliveriana J.Gay ex Besser, Prodr. 6:101 (1837). [Firat 2015a]

Examined specimen: Turkey. C9 Hakkari, from Karadag Mountains to Bercelan Plateau, step, near road, 1927 m, 37[degrees]35'464"N, 043[degrees]43'883"E, 04.x.2014, M.Firat 31325, VANF

Centaurea L. (5:465)

e**C. amanosensis M. Bona in Plant Biosystems 150(5): 1083-1086 (2016) [Bona 2016]

Type: Turkey. Hatay: Antakya, Amanos Mountains, between Kisecik and Haci Ahmetli villages, 1410 m, 17.06.2014, M. Bona, ISTE 102723.

e**C. goksivriensis M. Bona in Phytotaxa 203 (1): 063-068 (2015) [Bona 2015]

Type: Turkey. Prov. Hatay; Samandag, Teknepinar, Musa Mountain, Goksivri Hill, 1200 m, 22.06.2014, M. Bona (holotype ISTE 102727).

e**C. malatyensis S. Kultur & M. Bona in Phytotaxa 247 (1): 085-091 (2016). [Kultur et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. Malatya: Dogansehir-Eskikoy, Asipinar area, rocky places, 1960 m, 10.07.2012, S. Kultur et al. (holotype: ISTE 98931).

e**C. mersinensis Uysal & Hamzaoglu in Biosystems (2016). [Uysal & Hamzaoglu 2016]

Type: Turkey. C4 Mersin, Aydincik-Yenikas koyu ustu, Pinus brutia orman acikliklari, kirecli yamaclar, 36[degrees]08'38''N, 33[degrees]15'18''E, 520 m, 3.6.2014, Hamzaoglu 7009 (Holotype: GAZI, isotypes; KNYA, ANK, HUB, GAZI).

e**C. nallihanense Uysal & Hamzaoglu in Phytotaxa 275 (2): 149-158 (2016) [Uysal et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. B2 Ankara: Nallihan, Osmankoy-Yenice arasi, Tasli yamaclar, Mese acikliklari 395 m, 40[degrees]04'39" N, 30[degrees]53'41" E, 10 July 2011, Hamzaoglu 6120 (holotype KNYA).

e**C. raimondoi Bancheva & Kaya in Fl. Medit. 25: 305-310 (2015) [Bancheva and Kaya 2015]

Holotype: Turkey. A3 Bolu: between the cities of Mengen and Pazarkoy, on rocky places, N 40[degrees]55'25" N, E 32[degrees]8'12", 13 June 2012, coll. S. Bancheva & Z. Kaya, SOM-171075, Isotype PAL

e**C. sakariyaensis Uysal & Dural in Plant Biosystems DOI: 10.1080/11263504.2015.1108940 (2015). [Uysal et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. A2 Sakarya: Sakarya-Bilecik yolu, Mekece, Cambazkaya civari, Kayalik yamaclar, 96 m., 40" 25' 059 N, 30" 02' 045 E, 02.07.2012, T. Uysal 2763 & H. Dural (Holotip KNYA).

e**C. sennikoviana Negaresh & Kaya in Ann Bot Fennici 52: 321-327 (2015). [Negaresh et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. C5 Nigde: Camardi, Nazimli, high platean foat, (without collector) 495 (holotype ISTE, isotype HUI).

*C. sintenisiana Gand., Bull. Soc. Bot. France 65: 37 (1918). [Pinar 2016]

Examined specimen: Turkey. C10 Hakkari: Yuksekova, 13. km from Yuksekova to Esendere, around of Dereici village, valley slopes, step, 2200 m, 26.08.2014, M.Pinar 5101 (VANF).

*C. verutum L. Cent. Pl. 1:30 (1755). [Duran et al. 2014]

Examined specimens: Turkey. C6 Gaziantep: between Gaziantep-Kilis, after Gahinbey monument, 712 m, 15.05.2010, 36[degrees]52'510''N, 37[degrees] 21'020''E, M.Ozturk 1539 & A.Duran (KNYA); C6 Gaziantep: between Gaziantep-Kilis, after gahinbey monument, 712 m, 02.06.2012, 36[degrees]52'510''N, 37[degrees] 21'020''E, A.Duran 9366, O.Cetin & M.Celik (KNYA, ANK, GAZI, HUB).

e**C. ziganensis Yuzb., M. Bona & I. Genc in PhytoKeys 53: 27-38 (2015). [Yuzbasioglu et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. Gumushane: Zigana pass-Gumushane road, c. 5. Km, rocky places, 1450 m a.s.l., 20 Aug, 2014, S. Yuzbasioglu 4117 (holotype: ISTE 104470, isotype: ANK).

Cirsium Miller (5:370)

*C. x prativagum Petr. Vestn., Tiflissk. Bot. Sada 19: 22 (1911) [Yildiz et al. 2016]

(Cirsium obvallatum M.Bieb. x C. pseudopersonata Boiss. & Balansa subsp. kusnezovianum (Sommier& Levier) Petr.)

Examined specimen: Turkey. A9 Artvin: Savsat, 10 km from Pinarli village to Arsiyan hamlet, 2400 m, 02.09.2008, Dirmenci 2646 & Akcicek (hb. Yildiz).

*C. X woronowii Petr., Vestn. Tiflissk. Bot. Sada 19: 19 (1911). [Yildiz et al. 2016]

(Cirsium hypoleucum DC x C. obvallatum M.Bieb)

Examined specimen: Turkey. A9 Artvin: Savsat, between Sahara and Karakoy, 1800 m, 20.09.2007, Yildiz 16739 & Arabaci (hb. Yildiz).

Galatella Cass. (5:122)

*G. cretica Gand. in Fl. Cret. 59, No. 1044 (1916); et in Bull. Soc. Bot. France, 1916, ixiii. 235 (1919) [Yildirim et al. 2016]

Examined specimens: Turkey. C1 Mugla: Marmaris, Sogut village, on the Taslica road, 150 m, 07.11.2015, H.Yildirim 3756 (EGE); Between Datca and Aktur, 1 km before Aktur, 10 m, in maquis, serpentine soil, 4.12.2014, R.Gul 2650a (EGE); Datca, on solid waste center way, in maquis, 200 m, calcareous soil, 4.12.2014, R.Gul 2651(EGE)

Gundelia L. (5:325)

e**G. vitekii Armagan in Ann. Naturhist. Mus. Wien, B, 118: 129-134 (2016). [Armagan 2016]

Type: Turkey. Tunceli (Dersim), Tunceli Merkez, c. 8 km N of Tunceli, mountain slope NW of Tulluk Bucagi, 39[degrees]10'32"N 39[degrees]32'04"E, 1745 m s.m., 2015-05-31, E. Vitek, M. Armagan & M. Ozel 15-0042 (holotype VANF, isotype W 2015-11168).

Hieracium L. (5:696)

e**H. altinozlui Yild. in Ot 21(1): 15-20 (2014) [Yildirimli 2014a]

Type: Turkey. C6 Osmaniye: Zorkun, Mitis, along stream, mixed forest, serpentinous places, 135-1400 m, 05.09.2008, S.Yildirimli 35241, H.Isil Yildirimli (Holo. Hb. Yildirimli, iso. GAZI, HUB)

e**H. kazdaghensis Keskin & Ozyigit in Kasmera 43(2): 12-20 (2015). [Keskin et al. 2015a]

Type: Turkey. Balikesir, Mount Ida, through the Sarikiz Peak, Yayla location, 840 m, 21.vii.2012, 39 40.580 N/26 56.646 E, M. Keskin 5833, I.I. Ozyigit, Z. Severoglu (ISTE 99103).

e**H. tortumense Gottschl. & Pils in Wulfenia 23: 52-56 (2016) [Gottschlich and Pils 2016]

Type: Turkey. Tortum, Yesiltepe deresi (valley), between Esendurak and Alapinar, alt. ca. 1600 m.s.m, 40[degrees]19'27"N, 41[degrees]25'40"E, 8.7.2001, G.Pils 4785 (holo. KL)

Klasea Cass.

e**K. yunus-emrei B. Dogan, Ocak & A. Duran in Plant Biosystems 149: 1010-1014 (2015). [Dogan et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. B3 Eskisehir: Alpu, plantation area of Bozan, calcareous soils, 935 m, a.s.l., N 39 48.255, E 31 08.528, 26.05.2012, OUFE 17594 (holotype: KNYA, isotype: GAZI).

Pilosella Hill (5:747)

e**P. ilgazensis Vladimirov, Coskuncelebi & Kit Tan in Turk J Bot 39: 70-75 (2015). [Vladimirov et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. A4 Cankiri: Ilgaz mountain, by tower left (west) of the pass from Ilgaz to Kastamonu, subalpine vegetation on Wexposed slope, c. 2050 m, 41[degrees]03'13"N, 33[degrees]42'49"E, 12.07.2007, K. Coskuncelebi 659 & V. Vladimirov (holotype: KTUB; isotypes: C, KTUB, SOM (163493).

Psephellus Cass. (5:466)

e**P. vanensis A.Duran, Behcet & B.Doga in PhytoKeys 48: 11-19, (2015). [Dogan et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. Van: Baskale, Caldiran village, steppe fields, 2000-2050 m a.s.l., 17 Jun 2009, Behcet & D. Avlamaz 1603 (holotype: KNYA, isotypes: GAZI, ANK, HUB, Bingol Univ. Herb.)

Rhaponticoides Vaill.

*R. ruthenica (Lam.) M.V.Agab & Greuter Willdenowia 33:61 (2003) [Duran et al. 2014]

Examined specimens: Turkey. B9 Agri: Patnos, Karakuyu village road, 1681 m, 08.08.2009, 39[degrees]20'040''N, 42[degrees]44'521''E, A.Duran 8730 & B.Dogan (KNYA); B9 Agri: Patnos, Beydamarli village road, 1675 m, 19.07.2009, 39[degrees]20'656''N, 42[degrees]43'928''E, A.Duran 8619 & M.Ozturk (KNYA, ANK, GAZI, HUB).

Tanacetum L. (5:256)

e**T. erzincanense Korkmaz, Kandemir & Ilhan in Turk J Bot 39: 96-104 (2015). [Korkmaz et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. B7 Erzincan: Cayirli, between Mantarli and Akyurt villages, 39[degrees]43'709"N, 40[degrees]10'118"E, 1622 m, 02.07.2012, steppe, M. Korkmaz & V. Ilhan 3249 (holotype: GAZI, isotypes: NGBB, ANK).

Tragopogon L. (5:657)

e**T. turcicus Coskunc., M. Gultepe & Makbul in Nordic Journal of Botany 33: 540-547 (2015). [ Gultepe et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. B3/C3: Isparta: Sarkikaraagac, Kizildag National Park, 1400 m, a.s.l., 14 jul 2012, Coskuncelebi and M. Gultepe 403 (holotype: KTUB, isotypes: KTUB, RUB, ANK).

e**T. artvinensis Makbul, M. Gultepe & Coskunc in Nordic Journal of Botany 34: 529-537. [Gultepe et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. A8 Artvin: Yusufeli, between Yaylalar and Korahmet, 2122 m a.s.l., 4 Aug 2010, Coskuncelebi and M. Gultepe 155 (holotype: KTUB; isotypes: KTUB, RUB, KATO, ANK).

e**T. vanensis M. Gultepe, Coskunc.& Makbul in Nordic Journal of Botany 34: 529-537. [Gultepe et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. B9 Van: between Baskale and Van, 2052 m a.s.l., Coskuncelebi and M. Gultepe 267 (holotype: KTUB, isotypes: KTUB, RUB, KATO, ANK).

Tripleurospermum Schultz Bip. (5:295)

e**T. insularum Inceer & Hayirlioglu-Ayaz in in Ann. Bot. Fennici 51: 49-53 (2014) [Inceer and Hayirlioglu-Ayaz 2014]

Type: Turkey. Canakkale: Gokceada, 30 m a.s.l., 17.4.2009, Inceer 717 (holo. KTUB; iso. ANK, GAZI, E).


Aubrieta Adanson (1:444)

e**A. ekimii Yuzb., Al-Shehbaz and M.A.Koch in Plant Syst Evol 301: 2043-2055 (2015). [Yuzbasioglu et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. A2(A) Kocaeli, Yuvacik, Soguksu, Menekse yaylasi patikasi, Sahin kaya, 870 m, kaya ustu, 26 May 2013, S. Yuzbasioglu3861 (holotype, ISTE 99694; isotypes, ANK, NGBB).

Barbarea R.Br. (1:433)

*B. bracteosa Guss. Fl. Sic. Prodr. 2:257 (1828) [Akkemik and Yilmaz 2016]

Examined specimen: Turkey. A2 Istanbul: Elmali Dam Basin, 110 m asl., within open area and road sides in the forest, ISTO 36729, 36730

Hesperis L. (1:452)

e**H. tosyaensis A. Duran in Turk J Bot 40: 87-96 (2016). [Duran and Cetin 2016]

Type: Turkey. A5 Kastamonu: between Tosya-Sekiler village, 7 km, 1000 m, under an open Quercus forest, 40 55. 62 N, 34 02.06 E, 12.5.2001, A. Duran 5657 & Hamzaoglu (holotype: KNYA, isotypes: GAZI, ANK, ISTE, ISTF, E, K).

Sisymbrium L. (1:481)

e**S. malatyanum Mutlu & Karakus in Turk J Bot 39: 325-333 (2015). [Mutlu and Karakus 2015b]

Type: Turkey. B7 Malatya: Akcadag, Bayramusagi village, Inikayasi Hill, outside of cave, 1804 m, 09 v 2013, 38 20 158 N, 37 52 046 E, S.Karakus 3919 (in flower) (holotype INU; isotypes INU, ANK, ISTE, HUB). 30 v 2013, S. Karakus 4187 & B. Mutlu (in fruit).

EUPHORBIACEAE Euphorbia L. (7:571)

e**E. akmanii I.Genc & Kultur in Phytotaxa 265(2): 112-120 (2016) [Genc and Kultur 2016]

Type: Turkey. Osmaniye: Zorkun Yaylasi, Gurgen orman alti, Amanos Dag, ca.850 m,, Y. Akman 22 (holotype ANK, isotype ISTE)

ISOETACEAE Isoetes L. (1:37)

e**I. vanensis Keskin & G.Zare in Phytotaxa 269(4): 294-300 (2016) [Zare et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. Van: Gevas, Artos Mountain, Asaginarlica Village, 38[degrees]12'17"N, 43[degrees]04'40"E, 2013 m, 24 June 2015. G. Zare 1103 with A.D. Koca, M. Armagan and M. Fidan (holotype HUB., iso-types ANK, ISTE, NGBB).


Clinopodium L. (7:329)

e**C. serpyllifolium subsp. sirnakense Firat & Akcicek in Phytotaxa 201(2): 131-139 (2015). [Firat et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. C9 Sirnak: Cizre, the intersection of Cudi and Gabar Mountains, Kasrik pass, rock crevices, 423 m, 37[degrees]23'46.09" N, 42[degrees]10'35.77" E, 20 October 2013, M. Firat. 30493 (holotype GAZI, isotypes ISTE, M, VANF, Balikesir Univ. Herb.)

Marrubium L. (7:165)

e**M. cephalanthum Boiss &Noe subsp. montanum Akgul

& Ketenoglu in Ot 21(1): 21-28 (2014) [Akgul and Ketenoglu 2014]

Type: Turkey. A5 Amasya: Between Direkli and Yassical villages, above Direkli, Nalbant hill, rocky slopes, 1350-1400 m, 30.6.2007, G. Akgul 2562 (holo. ANK)

*M. eriocephalum Seybold in Stuttgarter Beitr. Naturk., A 310: 25. 1978 [Firat 2016]

Examined specimens: Turkey. B9 Van; Baskale, Ispiriz Mountains West, Serpantine rocks, 3259 m, 38[degrees]04'17"N, 43[degrees]56'23"E, 11.09.2013, M. Firat 30289 & E. Hamzaoglu (in flower), VANF; ibid M. Firat 30335 (in fruit) VANF; B9 Van; Baskale, Ispiriz Mountains East, Mobile limestone screes, near serpentine rocks, 3419 m, 38[degrees]05'04"N, 43[degrees]57'26"E, 15.09.2014, M. Firat 31010 (in flower), VANF.

e**M. yildirimlii Akgul & B. Selvi in Ot 21(2): 15-22 (2014) [Akgul and Selvi 2014]

Type: Turkey. C3 Isparta: Yalvac, Asagi Tistor village, from Alicinler towards the summit, 1205-1900 m, 14.6.2002, stony and rocky creeks, hills, Q. coccifera forest, B. Selvi 2823 (holo. Yildirimli otluk'u, iso. HUB)

Salvia L. (7:400)

e**S. hasankeyfense Dirmenci, Celep & O. Guner in Phytotaxa 227 (3): 289-294 (2015). [Celep et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. Batman: Hasankeyf, Hasankeyf to Karakoy, ca. 1 km from the main road to Karakoy, in valley, rocky cracks, 655 m, 37[degrees]42'7,855B N, 41[degrees]26'14,059" E, 20 June 2015, F. Celep 3782 (holotype GAZI, isotypes ANK, E).

Stachys L. (7:199)

e**S. gaziantepensis M. Dinc & S. Dogu in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.India, Sect. B Biol.Sci. [Dinc and Dogu 2015]

Type: Turkey. C6 Gaziantep: Sehitkamil, Yesilce Koyu, Sof Dagi, Kayalik yamaclar, 1060 m, 12.05.2012, M. Dinc 3467 and S. Dogu (holotype KNYA 26860, isotypes GAZI 3630, HUB 45843, Yildirimli Herb. 20426).

e**S. hakkariensis Akcicek & Firat in Phytotaxa 257(2): 167-173

(2016). [Akcicek et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. C9 Hakkari: between Sine and Marinus, rocky slopes, eroded slopes, 37[degrees]29'53"N, 43[degrees]27'47"E, 1200 m, 7.vii.2015, M. Firat 32600 (holotype GAZI, isotypes ISTE, VANF, Hb. Akcicek, Hb. M.Firat

*S. megalodonta Hausskn. & Bornm. ex P.H.Davis subsp. megalodonta in Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh 21: 46 1951. [Guner and Akcicek 2015]

Examined specimens: Turkiye, Sirnak: Uludere-Cukurca arasi, Tasdelen koyu, Rustem mahallesi, kayalik alanlar, 37[degrees] 23' 512[much greater than] K / 42[degrees] 51' 907[much greater than] D, 1236 m, 10.06.2013, Akcicek, Dirmenci & O. Guner 2343; ibid, 03.06.2015, Akcicek, Dirmenci & O. Guner 2528; Uludere-Cukurca arasi 60. km, kayalik yamaclar, 37 22 701 K / 042 55 066 D, 1097 m, 03.06.2015, Akcicek, Dirmenci & O. Guner 2529 (Herb. E. Akcicek).

Satureja L. (7:314)

*S. avromanica Maroofi in Iranian J. Bot. 16: 79 (2010). [Firat 2015b]

Examined specimens: Turkey. C9 Sirnak: Cudi Mountain and Gabar Mountain. Siirt: Botan River. October 2013, 2014.

Teucrium L. (7:53)

e**T. aladagense Vural & H.Duman in Turk J Bot 39: 318-324 (2015). [Vural et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. Adana: Aladag/Pozanti: Kamisli, between Hamidiye (Pozanti district) and Buyuksofulu (Aladag district) villages, 1200 m, Pinus brutia Ten. forest, serpentine, rocky slopes, 23.06.2007. Vural (10030) & H. Duman (holotype: GAZI, isotype: ANK, HUB, ISTE, EGE, NGBB).

e**T. pruinosum Boiss. var. aksarayense M. Dinc & S. Dogu in Modern Phytomorphology 9: 13-17 (2016). [Dinc and Dogu 2016]

Type: Turkey. B5 Aksaray: Hasan Dagi etekleri, Karkin koyu civari, steppe, 1350 m, 17.07.2010, M. Dinc 3333 & S. Dogu (Holotype: KNYA, Isotypes: GAZI, HUB, Yildirimli Herb.)

e**T. sarikizensis Keskin & Ozyigit in Kasmera 43(2):2-11 (2015). [Keskin et al. 2015b]

Type: Turkey. B1 Balikesir: Mount Ida, Sarikiz Peak, 1780 m, 07.viii.1996, N. Ozhatay, E. Ozhatay, S. Sacli, E. Akalin (holotype ISTE 72496).

e**T. sirnakense Ozcan & Dirmenci in Turk J Bot 39: 310-317 (2015). [Ozcan et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. C9 Sirnak: between Cukurca and Sirnak, 47 km from junction of Sirnak road, Tasdelen village, rocky slopes, 37[degrees]23'36"N, 042[degrees]51'882"E, 1037 m, 10.06.2013, Dirmenci 3892, Akcicek & O.Guner. (Holotype: GAZI, isotypes: ANK, HUB, ISTE, NGBB, VANF).


Astragalus L. (3:49)

e**A. topalanense Behcet & Ilcim in Turk J Bot 40:74-80 (2016). [Ilcim and Behcet 2016]

Type: Turkey. B8 Bingol: Between Topalan and Cirisli villages, in Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. subsp. pinnatiloba (K.Koch) Menitsky and Q. libani G. Olivier forest clearings, 1700-1750 m, 01.05.2013, L. Behcet 8605. (holotype: Bingol Univ. Herb., isotypes: Mustafa Kemal Univ. Herb., Bingol Univ. Herb. ANK).

e**A. unalii Cecen, Aytac and Misirdali in Turk J Bot 40:81-86 (2016). [Cecen et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. C4 Karaman: 19 km North of Karaman, Karadag Mountain, southwest of Davda Hill, steppe, 1140-1345 m, 03.05.2013, O. Cecen 1941, Unal and Misirdali (holotype: GAZI, isotypes: HUB, Yildirimli, KNYA, and ANK).

e**A. yukselii Karaman & Aytac in Turk J Bot 37: 836-840 (2013). [Karaman-Erkul and Aytac 2013]

Type: Turkey. C4 Konya: Hadim, 3 km from Hadim to Taskent, steppe, 1580 m, 11.06.2011, S.Karaman 2620 & Y.Karaman (holotype: GAZI, isotypes: ANK, GAZI).

Dorycnium Miller (3:512)

*D. pentaphyllum Scop. subsp. pentaphyylum in Fl. Carniol., ed. 2. 2: 87 (1772) [Aybeke 2016]

Examined specimen: A1(E) Edirne: Centre, Budakdoganca village, in hilly environment of Taskaynak Deresi, 41.758849[degrees]N, 26.367967[degrees]E, 06.06.2015, coll. & det. M. Aybeke (EDTU 15003). MALVACEAE

Kitaibelia Willd. (2:404)

*K. vitifolia Willd. in Neue Schriften Ges. Naturf. Freunde Berlin 2: 107 (1799). [Ertugrul et al. 2016] Examined specimen: Turkey. C6 Osmaniye: Amanos Mountains, clearings of pine forest, 1400 m, 26.vii.2014, O. Tugay 10.138 (KNYA).


Chamaenerion Adanson (4:183)

e**C. angustifolium var. karsianum Tzvelev in Novosti Sist. Vyssh. Rast. 45: 46. (2014) [Tzvelev 2014]

Type: Turkey. Kars: in monte Surb-Chacz, 4.viii.1909, T. Roop. LE

e**C. bordzilovskyi Tzvelev in Novosti Sist. Vyssh. Rast. 45: 47. (2014) [Tzvelev 2014]

Type: Armenia rossica, distr. Kagyzman, in schistosis in monte Kecza-czi, 31.VII.1910, leg. T. Roop. (LE). (a region of Turkey adjacent to Armenia).


(??) Psylliostachys (Jaub. & Spach) Nevski

*P. spicata (Willd.) Nevski in Trudy Bot. Inst. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Ser. 1, IV: 314 (1937) [Celep et al. 2016]

Examined specimens: Turkey. B9 Siirt: Akdogmus koyu, tuzcul alan, 03.05.2013, 37[degrees]51'618"N, 042[degrees]03'119"E, 617 m, O.Karabacak 8834 (GAZI, ANK); ibid, 01.07.2013, O.Karabacak 8849 (GAZI); Eruh, Golgelikonak koyu, tuzcul alan, 31.05.2014, 37[degrees]46'348"N, 042[degrees]06'883"E, 763 m, M. Fidan 1874 (GAZI); Eruh, Uzumluk koyu, tuzcul alan, 31.05.2014, 37[degrees]46'699"N, 042[degrees]45'743"E, 730 m, M. Fidan 1880 (GAZI).


Polygala L. (1:533)

e**P. turcica Donmez & Ugurlu in Novon 45(3): 429-434 (2015). [Donmez et al. 2015b]

Holotype: Turkey. A9 Kars, Kagizman-Karakurt road, 5 km from Kuloglu village to Karakurt, 40 0380 N, 42 5169 E, 1314 m, stony slopes along Aras river, 14 May 2009, Donmez 15242 (HUB; isotypes: HUB, W).


Lysimachia L. ()

e**L. savranii Baskose & A.Keskin in Phytotaxa 267(3): 228-232 (2016). [Baskose et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. Adana: Karaisali district, Kizildag Plateau, north side of Susuz Mountain, Koyun Kirkacagi mevkii, 1500-1550 m, 37[degrees]24'34"N-35[degrees]04'34"E, 18 June 2014, A. Savran, I. Baskose, K. Gurbanov, and A. Keskin 1071 (holotype ANK, Isotype ANK and Nigde University Herbarium).


Nigella L. (1:98)

e**N. koyuncui Donmez & Ugurlu in Novon 23(4): 411-415 (2015). [Donmez et al. 2015a]

Type: Turkey. Sinop: Boyabat, Uzuncay village, 41 38 N 034 36 E, 442 m, 7 july 2009, A. A. Donmez & Z. Ugurlu 15801 (holotype, HUB, isotypes, AEF, HUB, MO).


Galium L. (7:767)

e**G. bingoelense Yildirimli & O.Kilic in Ot 21 (2): 1-14 (2014) [Yildirimli and Kilic 2014]

Type: Turkey. B8 Bingol: Solhan, HAzarsah koyu, Aksakal Gol mezrasi, derenin volkanik tasli yamaclari, 1700 m, 22.6.2014, Sinasi Yildirimli 40313 & Omer Kilic (holo. Hb. Yildirimli, iso. BIN, GAZI, HUB, Hb. Yildirimli)

e**G. shinasii Yildirim in PhytoKeys 75: 19-29 (2016) [Sik et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. B7 Malatya: Akcadag district, Levent Canyon, on marlstone rocky cliffs 1390 m, 26.06.2011, H.Yildirim 2128 (holotype: EGE42431, isotypes: EGE42432, NGBB, ANK).


Rubus L. (4:30)

e**R. sivasicus Yildirimli & O.Kilic in Ot 21 (2): 1-14 (2014) [Yildirimli and Kilic 2014]

Type: Turkey. B6 Sivas: Zara, Halkali ve Korkut koyleri karsisi, bozkir, jipzizli dere, tepe, bayir, karisik orman ve acikligi, 1385-1500 m, 19.6.2014, Sinasi Yildirimli 40086 & Omer Kilic (holo. Hb. Yildirimli, iso. BIN)

Rosa L. (4:106)

e**R. X ozcelikii Korkmaz & Kandemir in Phytotaxa 245 (3): 207-215 (2016). [Korkmaz et al. 2016]

(R. villosa L. subsp. mollis (Sm.) Hook.f. x R. hemisphaerica Herrm.)

Type: Turkey. B7 Erzincan: Cayirli District, between Verimli and Balikli villages, about 15 km to Cayirli district, field side, 1641 m, 39[degrees] 52' 418" N, 39[degrees] 55' 644" E, 2 June 2014, Korkmaz 4081 (holotype: ANK, isotypes: GAZI, NGBB, GUL).

Sanguisorba L. (4:77)

e**S. durui Yildirimli in Ot 21 (2): 23-48 (2014) [Yildirimli 2014b]

Type: Turkey. B1 Manisa: Soma, Madenci cesmesi, yol kenari, c.600 m, 12.05.1977, Ozcan Secmen 886 (holo. HUB, iso EGE)

e**S. magnolii (Spach) Rothn. & P.Silva subsp. bicakcii Yildirimli in Ot 21 (2): 23-48 (2014) [Yildirimli 2014]

Type: Turkey. C3 Antalya: Kemer, Beldibi, Seagull otelden Goynuk deresi agzina, kumul, kizilcam ormani alti, 1-5 m, 21.04.2007, S. Yildirimli 33549 (holo. Yildirimli Otluk'u)

e**S. magnolii (Spach) Rothn. & P.Silva subsp. goekhanii Yildirimli in Ot 21 (2): 23-48 (2014) [Yildirimli 2014]

Type: Turkey. C2 Mugla: Fethiye, Kelebekler kepezi (vadisi), kayalik, taslik, agaclik, maki, orman, caglayana dek izlek ile, 1-150 m, 22.04.2012, S. Yildirimli 38216 (holo. Yildirimli Otluk'u, iso. EGE, HUB, Yildirimli Otluk'u).

e**S. magnolii (Spach) Rothn. & P.Silva subsp. magnolii var.

koruklii Yildirimli in Ot 21 (2): 23-48 (2014) [Yildirimli 2014]

Type: Turkey. C3 Antalya: Kemer, Olimpos oren yeri, kayalik, duvar, su kiyisi, kumul, 1-5 m, 24.04.2010, S. Yildirimli 36691 (holo. Yildirimli Otluk'u, iso. ANK, EDTU, EGE, GAZI, HUB, ISTE, Yildirimli Otluk'u)

e**S. minor Scop. subsp. kucukodukii Yildirimli in Ot 21 (2): 23-48 (2014) [Yildirimli 2014]

Type: Turkey. C3 Konya: Beysehir, gol kiyisi, kamis birligi, kumlu ve nemli yerler, 1220 m, 01.06.2008, S. Yildirimli 34900 & Gorkem Yildirimli (holo. Yildirimli Otluk'u)

e**S. muricata Franch subsp. mushensis Yildirimli in Ot 21 (2): 23-48 (2014) [Yildirimli 2014]

Type: Turkey. B8 Mus: Meslek yuksek okulu cevresi, ova, 1300 m, 4.6.1999, S. Yildirimli 23856 (holo. Yildirimli Otluk'u, iso HUB)

e**S. sirnakia Yildirimli in Ot 21 (2): 23-48 (2014) [Yildirimli 2014]

Type: Turkey. C9 Sirnak: Cudi dagi, kuzey etegi, Gumus tepesi, korunmus alan, komur kumullu, meselik, 1100-1200 m, 20.6.2005, S. Yildirimli 30048 (holo. Yildirimli Otluk'u, iso HUB)

Sorbus L. (4:147)

*S. xlatifolia (Lam.) Pers. in Syn. Pl. [Persoon] 2(1): 38. 1806 [Zielinski and Vladimirov 2013]

Examined specimen: Turkey. Prov. Kastamonu, Daday to Azdavay, 35 km from Daday, on the banks in Abietum, 1000 m, 30.07.1962, coll. Coode & Yaltirik in: Davis 38662 (KOR 19958; E: barcode E00408672


Scrophularia L. (6:603)

e**S. lucidaifolia Uzunh. & E. Dogan in Phytotaxa 204 (1): 095-098 (2015) [Uzunhisarcikli et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. C5 Mersin: Gozne, Isiktepe-cukurkesli, stony slopes, 612 m, 7 May 2014, E. Uzunhisarcikli 2501 & E.D. Guner (holotype GAZI; isotypes ANK, HUB).

Verbascum L. (6:461)

e**V. ibrahim-belenlii Karavel. in Phytotaxa 212 (3): 246-248 (2015). [Karaveliogullari 2015b]

Type: Turkey. Kars: Tuzluca-Kagizman 10 km, 1300-1400m, riverside, meadows, 2 june 2002, F. A. Karaveliogullari 3267., M. Ekici & Alkan ( holotype GAZI, isotype ANK).

e**V. x ersin-yucelii Karavel. in Biodicon 8/1: 78-82 (2015). [Karaveliogullari, 2015a]

(=V heterobarbatum Hub.-Mor. x V. caudatum Freyn & Bornm.)

Type: Turkey. A4 Ankara: Kalecik, nr. Cukur koy, Kilinc 1975 (Holotype ANK).

e**V. kurdistanicum Firat in PhytoKeys 52: 89-94 (2015). [Firat, 2015c]

Type: Turkey. C9 Hakkari: Bercelan Plateau, 37 40 57 N, 043 43 21 E, 2600-2800 m, limestone rocks and steppe, 21 July 2011, M. Firat 27584. (Holotype: VANF, isotype: ANK, GAZI, HUB, VANF, E).

e**V. mecit-vuralii Karavel. in Biodicon 8/1: 78-82 (2015). [Karaveliogullari, 2015a]

Type: Turkey. A8 Trabzon: Hamsikoy, 650-700 m, 15 june 2009, FAK 3875. (Holotype; ANK, Isotype: GAZI).

e**V. misirdalianum Karavel. Cecen and Unal in Phytotaxa 217 (1): 96-99 (2015). [Cecen et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. C4 Karaman: 40 km North of Karaman, Cakirdagi Mountain, southwest of Yalnizdag Hill, steppe, 1100-1300 m, 3 May 2013, O. Cecen 700, A. Unal & H. Misirdali (holotype: KNYA, isotypes: HUB, Yildirimli, KNYA, and ANK).


Angelica L. (4:431)

e**A. turcica Hamzaoglu & Koc in Phytotaxa 245(1): 66-70 (2016). [Hamzaoglu and Koc 2016]

Type: Turkey. Kastamonu: Between Devrekani and Bozkurt, S. of Mamatlar village, above Koru Yaylasi, Yaraligoz Mountains, 145 m, 22.viii.2014 (flower and immature fruit), Hamzaoglu 7193 & Koc (holotype GAZI, isotypes ANK, GAZI, HUB)

Anthriscus Pers. (4:321)

e**A. lamprocarpa Boiss. subsp. chelikii Tekin & Civelek in Phytotaxa 253(4): 275-284 (2016). [Tekin and Civelek 2016]

Type: Turkey. C4 Mersin: Mut to Ermenek, 38. km, Adras Mountain, 1158 m, 36[degrees]34'50.3"N, 33[degrees]13'07.3"E, with flowers and fruits, 25 May 2011, M. Tekin 1092 (holotype CUFH).

Dichoropetalum Fenzl (4:635)

e**D. alanyensis Bilgili, Sagiroglu & H. Duman in Turk J Bot 40: 201-208 (2016). [Bilgili et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. C3 Antalya: Alanya-Gokbel plateau, rocky slopes, 1650 m, 06.07.2006, B.Bilgili 2416 & M. Sagiroglu (holotype: GAZI, isotype: ANK, HUB).

e**D. vuralii Ozbek & Arslan in Phytotaxa 278 (2): 153-162 (2016). [Ozbek et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. C3 Isparta: Yenisarbademli, Dedegol Mountains, above Melikler pastures, transition to alpine zone from Pinus nigra subsp. pallasiana and Quercus vulcanica stand, 1700-1820 m, 24.viii.2012, U. Ozbek 2852 & M.Arslan (holotype: GAZI, isotype: ANK).

Grammosciadium DC. (4:318)

e**G. macrodon Boiss. subsp. nezaketae B.Bani in Phytotaxa 224(3): 267-275 (2015). [Bani and Koch, 2015]

Type: Turkey. C9 Van: Catak, around of Dalbasti village, clearing of oak woodland, 1450 m, x: 42.935397; y: 37.910315, 10 June 2012, B. Bani 6832 (holotype GAZI, isotype ANK).

Pastinaca L. (4:481)

e**P. erzincanensis Menemen & Kandemir in Ann Bot Fennici 53(5-6):373-382 (2016). [Menemen et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. B7 Erzincan: Tatlisu koyunun guney batisi, Mercan suyu yolu, hareketli tasli yamaclar, (UTM) 37 S 553556E, 437848 N, 2165 m a.s.l., 25.6.2013, Kandemir 10426 (holo ADO, iso ADO, NGBB).

Pimpinella L. (4:352)

e**P. enguezekensis Yildirim, Akalin & Yesil in Phytotaxa 289 (3): 237-246 (2016) [Yesil et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. B6 Malatya: Darende District, Ergu road, Kilise location, gypsum-marl soils, 1420 m elevation, 22 July 2015, H.Yildirim HY3492 (holotype: EGE 42433, isotype: EGE 42434, ISTE, NGBB, ANK).

e**P. ibradiensis Cinbilgel, Eren, H. Duman & Gokceoglu in Phytotaxa 217 (2): 164-172 (2015). [Cinbilgel et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. C3 Antalya: Ibradi, Toka yayla, in Trifolio-Polygonetalia community on flat or gently sloping stony places with plentiful fine soil and good water supply, limestone, 37 13 253 N, 31 22 503 E, 1527 m, 02 July 2011, Cinbilgel 7975 & Eren (holotype GAZI, isotypes ANK, AYDIN, Herbarium of Akdeniz University, HUB).

Prangos Lindley (4:382)

e**P. abieticola Aytac & H.Duman in Edinburgh Journal of Botany 73(1): 125-131 (2016) [Aytac and Duman 2016]

Type: Turkey. C3 Antalya: Akseki-Seydi s ehir, 38th km, 1600 m, in open forest of Abies cilicica and Pinus nigra, calcareous rocks, 23 vii 2010, H. Duman 10209 (holo GAZI; iso ANK, HUB).

Seseli L. (4:367) e**S. gummiferum Pall. ex Sm. subsp. ilgazense A. Duran, O. Cetin & M. Ozturk in PhytoKeys 56: 99-110 (2015). [ Cetin et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. A4 Kastamonu: Ilgaz Mountain Natural Park, Kastamonu road, from Catoren village to Buyuk Hacet Hill, 6 km, in open Pinus sylvestris L. and Abies nordmanniana (Stev.) Spach. Mixed forest, serpentine stony slopes, 41 06 344 N, 3348 628 E, 1465 m, 22 August 2008, A. Duran 8135, O. Cetin & M. Ozturk (holotype KNYA, isotypes ANK, GAZI, HUB).


Parietaria L. (7:636)

e**P. semispeluncaria Yildirim in Phytotaxa 226 (3): 281-287 (2015). [Yildirim 2015b]

Type: Turkey. Malatya: Akcadag district, Levent Canyon, on marlstone cliffs, 38 23 31.03 N, 37 54 36.26 E, 1390 m, 16 June 2014, H. Yildirim 2896 ( holotype: EGE, ANK, GAZI, NGBB).


Valerianella Miller (4:559)

e**V. turcica A. Dogru-Koca & G. Zare in Phytotaxa 272 (2): 157-164 (2016) [Dogru-Koca et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. Karaman: North of Cakirdagi, between the villages of Beydili and Akcasehir, around Fahrettin's sheep pen, protected area, steppe, 1069 m, 16.v.2015, ADK4385 with GZ & O. Cecen (holo. HUB)

VIOLACEAE Viola L. (1:524)

e**V. barhalensis Knoche & Marcussen in Phytotaxa 275(1): 14-22 (2016). [Knoche and Marcussen, 2016]

Holotype: Turkey. A8 Artvin: southern slope of the Kackar Mountains, Barhal River Valley, along road from Barhal/Altiparmak to Yaylalar, 1700 m, 40[degrees]51'58.51 "N 41[degrees]19'13.65"E, 06 May 2014, G. Knoche K 14/9 (holotype W).



Arum L. (8:43)

*A. sintenisii (Engl.) P.C.Boyce, Ann. Mus. Goulandris 9: 33 (1995) [Yildirim and Altioglu 2016b]

Examined specimens: Turkey. Mugla: Fethiye, Kayakoyu, Kinali mevkii, tarla ici, 50 m, 21.03.2015, H.Yildirim 3160 (EGE); Fethiye, Kayakoyu, Kinali Mahallesi, tarla ici, 50 m, 18.04.2015, H.Yildirim 3175 (EGE).

Biarum Schott (8:55)

*B. aleppicum J.Thiebaut, Bull. Soc. Bot. France 95: 21 (1948) [Yildirim et al, 2016]

Examined specimens: Turkey. Sanliurfa: Sanliurfa-Birecik karayolu Bentbahcesi yol ayrimi 1. km, 20.09.2005, 480 m, step, M.M.Balos 1530 (Harran Univ. Herbaryumu); Sanliurfa-Birecik karayolu Mezra koyu, Akarcay yolu, Akarcay'a 1 km kala, 23.04.2015, 480 m, step, H.Yildirim 3186 (EGE). Suriye: Alep, Fr. Louis s.n. (lektotip: P00733219).

e**B. rifatii Yildirim & Altioglu in Bagbahce Bilim Dergisi 3(2): 12-19 (2016) [Yildirim and Altioglu 2016a]

Type: Turkey. Antalya: Kas, Palamut Koyu, Agacli Akgedik Yaylasi ile Rahat Yaylasi arasi, acik dag yamaclari, 1800-2000 m,, H. Yildirim (holotip: EGE-42437, izotip: EGE-42438, NGBB, ANK).


Agropyron Gaertner (9:204)

*A. pinifolium Nevski, Trudy Sredne- Aziatsk. Gosud. Univ., Ser. 8b, Bot. 17: 57 1934. [Cabi et al. 2015]

Examined specimen: Kirklareli: Vize to Kiyikoy, about 5 km from Vize, calcareous stony places, 41[degrees] 59257 N 27[degrees] 82273 E, 400 m, 16 june 2013, E. Cabi & E. Karabacak.

Bellardiochloa Chiov. (9:442)

e**B. doganiana Cabi & Soreng in Phytotaxa 205 (2): 123-128 (2015) [Cabi et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. Konya: Bozkir, Palaz Daglari, step slopes on northwest side of pass to Haciobasi, 2015 m, 37.04410 N, 32.09117 E, 25.vii.2014, R.J. Soreng 8861, E. Cabi & B. Cingay (holotype US, isotype ANK, B, CAN, E, G, HAOC, ISTE, K, KNYA, LE, NAKU, W)

Poa L. (9:470)

*P. eigii Feinbrun in Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1940: 280 (1941). [Cabi and Soreng 2016]

Examined specimens: C1 Aydin: Aydin Mountains. Along road to the summit from Aydin, near the summit. 37[degrees]57'11.3" N, 27[degrees]53'53.2" E, 1615m; 20 Jun 2011; Open, calcareous rock, rocky and dry; L. Gillespie, E. Cabi, R. Soreng, and K. Boudko, s.n.(CAN, NAKU, US).

*P. pratensis subsp. irrigata (Lindm.) H. Lindb. Sched. in Pl. Finl. Exs. 2: 20 (1916). [Cabi and Soreng 2016]

Examined specimens: A2(A) Bursa Uludag, 1659 m, under Abies and Carpinus sp., 24 Jun 2014 E. Cabi s.n. (NAKU); B2 Kutahya Simav, Simav mount. around summit, clearings and under Pinus nigra forest, E. Cabi, F. Celep s.n. (NAKU, US); B4 Ankara, METU Campus, around Tennis court, 2 Jun 2007, E. Cabi s.n. (NAKU).

Pseudophleum M.Dogan (9:397)

e**P. anatolicum Dogan, Behcet & A.Sinan in Systematic Botany 40(2):454-460 (2015). [Dogan et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. B8 Bingol: West of Bingol, 4-5 km from the city cemetery on the road to Asagi Koy, 1150-1200 m, 25.v.2013, L. Behcet 8703 (holotype: ANK, isotype: GAZI)

IRIDACEAE Crocus L. (8:413)

e**C. ancyrensis subsp. guneri in Phytotaxa 266 (3): 219-225 (2016) [Yuzbasioglu and Celep 2016]

Type: Turkey. A5 Amasya. Goynucek, Bekdemir koyu cevresi, 505 m, bozkir yamaclar, 2 March 2007, A. Guner (14380), F. Tezcan, M. Oztekin (holotype NGBB 1864).

e**C. antalyensioides Ruksans in International Rock Gardener 64 (2015) [Ruksans 2015]

Type: Ex culturae in horto Janis Ruksans. (Plants from NW Turkey, Bursa province, near the road from Inegol to Domanic). Cultivated plants collected on 26-02-2011 (TULA-024). Holotype: GAT, Isotype GB.

e**C. dilekyarensis Ruksans in International Rock Gardener 64 (2015) [Ruksans 2015]

Type: Ex culturae in horto Janis Ruksans. (Plants from W Turkey, Aydin prov., Dilek Yar, W of the ruins of Priene, alt. ~ 190m). Collected on 14-03-2008 (R2CV-018). Holotype: GAT.

e**C. kofudagensis Ruksans in International Rock Gardener 64 (2015) [Ruksans 2015]

Type: Ex culturae in horto Janis Ruksans. (Plants from SW Turkey, W Antalya province, after the turn to Kas from the road to Kalkan-Elmali). Cultivated plants collected on 01-11-2009 (JJJ024). Holotype: GAT, Isotype GB.

e**C. musagecitii Erol & Yildirim, in Phytotaxa 239: 223-232 (2015). [Erol et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. Artuklu, Mardin province, 950 m, 4 january 2014, Musa Gecit (holotype ISTF 41070, isotype EGE 42337).

e**C. sozenii Ruksans in International Rock Gardener 64 (2015) [Ruksans 2015]

Type: Ex culturae in horto Janis Ruksans. (Plants from NW Turkey, Manisa province, Simav Daglari, altitude 1370m, at the edge of a Pinus forest). Collected 15-03-2013 (13TUS-028). Holotype: GAT.

e**C. thracicus Yuzb. & Aslan in Phytotaxa 197(3): 207-214 (2015) [Yuzbasioglu et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. A1(E) Kirklareli: Vize, Saray-Vize yolu, c. 10 km, Quercus sp. & Paliurus spina-christi Mill. acikliklari, 170 m, 8 February 2014, S. Yuzbasioglu 3920, S. Aslan, I. Sozen, F. Caniz (holotype ISTE 102922, isotype DUOF 5630).

e**C. yakarianus Yildirim & O. Erol in Nordic Journal of Botany 31: 426-429 (2013). [Yildirim and Erol 2013]

Type: Turkey. B6/7 Malatya: Dogansehir, mountain slopes, 1900 m a.s.l., 12 Apr. 2012, H. Yildirim 2265 (holotype: EGE: 40802, isotype: ISTF 40841).

LILIACEAE Allium L. (8:98)

e**A. bingoelense Yildirimli & O.Kilic in Ot 21 (2): 1-14 (2014) [Yildirimli and Kilic 2014]

Type: Turkey. B8 Bingol: Merkez, Dikme koyu, volkanik kayalik ve taslik, meselik ve acikligi, 1750-2000 m, 21.6.2014, Sinasi Yildirimli 40265 & Omer Kilic (holo. Hb. Yildirimli, iso. BIN, HUB)

e**A. dumanii Koyuncu & Kocyigit in Willdenowia 46: 113 -119 (2016). [Kocyigit et al. 2016]

Holotype: Turkey. C6 Kahramanmaras, Engizek Mountain, Kucukyesil area, 2300 m, 19 Jul 1986, H. Duman 1987 (AEF; isotypes: GAZI, ISTE).

e**A. ekimianum Eksi, Koyuncu & Ozkan in PhytoKeys 62: 83-93 (2016). [Eksi et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. Elazig: Firat University, steppe, c. 1150 m, 02.07.1983, Koyuncu 7847 (holotype: AEF, isotype: GAZI).

e**A. phanerantherum subsp. involucratum Eksi, Koyuncu & M. Bona in Bangladesh J. Plant Taxon. 22(2): 143-146 (2015) [Eksi et al. 2015]

Holotype: Turkey. Hatay: Antakya, above Kisecik, trackside, c. 900 m, 22 Aug 2013, G. Eksi & M. Bona (AEF26318).

e**A. undulatipetalum I. Genc & N. Ozhatay in Phytotaxa 212(4): 283-292 (2015). [Deniz et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. C3 Antalya: Akseki, Caltilicukur village, Salamut Plateau, calcareous stony and grassy slopes close to Cedrus libani forests, 36 53 N, 31 55 E, 1600 m, 9 May 1982, T. Ekim M. Koyuncu s.n. ( holotype ISTE 54419; isotypes AEF).

e**A. urusakiorum Ozhatay, Seregin & N.Friesen in Phytotaxa 275 (3): 228-242 (2016). [Kocyigit et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. A1 (E) Kirklareli: Demirkoy, Mahya Mt, Sarpdere village, 358 m, 3 October 2009, E. Akalin Urusak & Y. Yesil (holotype, ISTE 92497).

Bellevalia Lapeyr. (8:264)

e**B. behcetii Pinar, Eroglu & Fidan in Phytotaxa 270(2): 127-136

(2016). [Pinar et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. C9 Sirnak: Balveren, Gavur Mountain (Ermeni Mountain), around of Yamyam Cave, 37[degrees]30'02"N, 42[degrees]32'51"E, oakland yards, stony-rocky slopes, 1780 m, 26 April 2015, M.Pinar 5563 (holotype VANF, isotypes GAZI, ANK).

e**B. chrisii Yildirim & B. Sahin in Nordic Journal of Botany 33: 45-49 (2015) [Yildirim et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. C6 Malatya: Poturge, Poturge-Nemrut mountain road, Kubbe passing, mountain steppe, 1900 m a.s.l., 28 May 2012, H. Yildirim 2358 (holotype: EGE, isotype: EGE).

e**B. koyuncui Karabacak & Yildirim in Phytotaxa 203 (1): 081084 (2015). [Karabacak et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. B9 Siirt: Sirvan, Nallikaya koyune 5 km kala, step, 1286 m, 13 April 2014, O. Karabacak 9040 (holotype EGE; isotype GAZI, ANK).

e**B. vuralii B.Sahin & Aslan in Turk J Bot 40: 394-401 (2016). [Sahin et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. Siirt: Siirt-Eruh yolu, Saglarca koyu, bozkir, 463 m, 14.04.2009, S. Aslan 3148 & B. Sahin; (holotype: DUOF 5750, paratypes: ANK, GAZI, DUOF).

Fritillaria L. (8:284)

e**F. asumaniae R. Wallis, R. B.Wallis & N. Ozhatay in Flora Mediterranea 25: 199-208 (2015) [Ozhatay et al. 2015]

Type: Turkey. C3 Antalya. Kemer, west of Goynuk, forest in deep leaf soil amongst limestone rocks under tall pine woodland, 250 m. 29.iii.2012, N. Ozhatay and A. Kavgaci (Holotype: ISTE 106610).

Gagea Salisb. (8:312)

*G. minima (L.) Ker Gawl. Quart. J. Roy. Inst. 1: 180 (1816). [Teksen et al. 2015]

Examined specimen: Turkiye. Van: Guzelsu- Baskale arasi, Guzeldere Gecidi, taslik yamaclar, 2700 m, 11.v.2014, I. Eker 3892, S. Aslan & M. Bozdogan ( AIBU, DUOF 6071).

Muscari Mill. (8:245)

e**M. atillae Yildirim in Phytotaxa 213(3): 291-295 (2015). [Yildirim 2015a]

Type: Turkey. B7 Malatya: Akcadag district, Levent Canyon, west of Cayozu village, on marlstone-calcareous slopes, 1185 m of elevation, 10 April 2014, H. Yildirim 2800 (holotype EGE, isotypes ANK, EGE, GAZI, NGBB).

e**M. elmasii Yildirim in Turk J Bot 40: 380-387 (2016). [Yildirim 2016]

Type: Turkey. C2 Mugla: Fethiye, Caldagi, acik Serpantin yamaclar, 1275 m, 19.05.2014, H.Yildirim 2825 (holotype: EGE, isotypes: EGE, ANK, herbarium NGBB).

e**M. serpenticum Yildirim, Altioglu & Pirhan in OT Sistematik Botanik Dergisi 20(1): 1-14 (2014). [Pirhan et al. 2014]

Type: Turkey. C2 Mugla: Koycegiz, Sandras mountain, Sandras tapleland, on serpentine soil slopes, 1460 m, 04.04.2008, H. Yildirim 1295 (holo. EGE, iso. EGE, Hb. Yildirimli).

Prospero Salisb.

e**P. cudidaghense Firat & Yildirim in Turk J Bot 40: 388-393 (2016). [Firat and Yildirim 2016]

Type: Turkey. C9 Sirnak, Silopi, Cudi Dagi Guney yamaci, Kirec kayasi bloklarinin catlaginda, 700 m, 37[degrees]23'31 "N, 42[degrees]20'21 "E, 02.05.2014, M.Firat 30575 (holotype: EGE, isotypes: EGE).

Scilla L. (8:214)

e**S. alinihatiana Aslan & Yildirim in Bagbahce Bilim Dergisi 2(2): 33-41 (2015). [Yildirim and Aslan 2015]

Type: Turkiye. Artvin: Yusufeli, Sarigol, Yuksekoba Koyu, Marsis Dagi, Salikvan Yaylasi civari, yuksek dag cayirliklari, 2250 m, 21.06.2014, H. Yildirim 2936 (holotype: DUOF, isotypes: EGE, NGBB).

Tulipa L. (8:302)

e**7. cinnabarina K.Perss. subsp. toprakii Yildirim & Eker in PhytoKeys 69: 65-70 (2016) [Eker et al. 2016]

Type: Turkey. Mugla: Milas, on the road of Milas to Akgedik Dam, near Yusufca Village, open slopes and in olive orchard, 457 m, 37[degrees]20'7"N; 27[degrees]52'6"E, 02 April 2016, H.Yildirim 3750 & Y. Altioglu (holotype EGE, isotypes AIBU, NGBB).


Ophrys L. (8:476)

*O. apollonae Paulus & M. Hirth in J. Eur. Orch. 41(3-4): 647 (2009). [Bozkurt and Yildirim 2015]

Examined specimens: Turkiye. Izmir: Cesme, deniz kenari yamaclarda Frigana icleri, 13.02.2013, H. Yildirim 2204 & N. Bozkurt (EGE). Mugla: Datca, eski Datca mevkii, cayir alanlar, 01.02.2015, N. Bozkurt (EGE).


We would like to thank the following researchers; Isa Baskose, Ebru Dogan Guner, Ergin Hamzaoglu, Serdar Makbul, Mehmet Ufuk Ozbek, Mehmet Tekin, Osman Tugay, Mehmet Erkan Uzunhisarcikli, Ahmet Emre Yaprak, Hasan Yildirim, Kemal Yildiz who kindly sent us publications about new Turkish flora.


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Neriman Ozhatay (1), Sukran Kultur (2)*, Bahar Gurdal (2)

(1) Faculty of Pharmacy, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, North Cyprus, via Mersin-10 Turkey

(2) Department of Pharmaceutical Botany, Faculty of Pharmacy, Istanbul University, 34116 Istanbul, Turkey

Cite this article as: Ozhatay N, Kultur S, Gurdal B (2017). Check-list of additional taxa to the supplement flora of Turkey VIII. Istanbul J Pharm 47 (1): 31-46

Address for Correspondence : Sukran Kultur, e-mail:

Received: 20.03.2017

Accepted: 19.04.2017
Table 1. Statistical table of summary data of additional taxa for the
checklists (N: new taxa for science, R: new record for Turkey. N: 1121,
R: 405, Total: 1526)

         Check-list   Check-list   Check-list    Check-list   Check-list
         I (1994)     II (1999)    III (2006)    IV (2009)     V (2011)
         N     R      N      R      N      R      N    R       N       R

Sp.      96   36      77    42     154    75     85   40      158     53
Subsp    16    8      26     4      12    16     23   13       20      4
Var.     11    2       5     4      15    13      9    1        9      3
Hyb.      1    -       1     1       8     2      3    -        1      -
Total   124   46     109    51     189   106    120   54      188     60
                      Vol. 11 (2000) based
                      on Check-list I & II

          Check-list   Check-list    Check-list
           VI (2013)      VII (2015)    VIII
          N     R       N     R        N      R

Sp.     141    32      76    19       110    21
Subsp    29     5       1     2        12     2
Var.      8     4       -     -         3     -
Hyb.      8     1       1               2     2
Total   186    42      78    21       127    25
        Guner et al. (2012)
No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.
Copyright 2017 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.

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Author:Ozhatay, Neriman; Kultur, Sukran; Gurdal, Bahar
Publication:Journal of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Istanbul University
Geographic Code:7TURK
Date:Jun 1, 2017
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