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Check your M48/M48A1 GPFS... now!

There are M48 and M48A1 gas particulate filters (GPF) in the field that may be dangerous or that may not protect you.

MWO 3-4240-325-12-1, which covers the problem, has been extended to March 2007, to get rid of every defective GPF.

The M48 GPF, NSN 4240-01-161-3710, has a component that contains a carcinogen and is hazardous if the M48 leaks or ruptures. All M48s should be replaced immediately.

The M48A1, NSN 4240-01-363-1311. needs to be replaced immediately if it was made by Parmatic because it may not protect you. Parmatic filters have lot numbers beginning with P, PFC or PARMATIC. All other M48A1s are OK to use.

To request M48 or M48A1 replacements, email:

List the systems you have, the number of filters needing replacement, your UIC, your DODAAC and shipping address.

M48s should be disposed of as hazardous waste. Parmatic M48A1s should be shipped to Blue Grass Army Depot. Contact the email address above for shipping instructions.

* M93 gas-particulate filter unit

* M1A1/A2 tank

* M109A6 Paladin

* M2A3 Bradley

* M31A1 biological integrated detection system

* AN/TPQ-36 (V)8 radar set

* AN/TSM-191(V)3 transportable electronic shop

* AN/TRC-179(V)1 communications terminal

* Remote control guided missile shop equipment

* AN/MYQ-6 data analysis central

* LP/PD1-90 integrated non-expandable shelter

* AN/TSQ-158 net control station

* AN/TSQ-182, -183A, -184A communications control set

* Net control station

* Bridge launching carrier

* S-832/G multi-expandable lightweight shelter

* AN/TSQ-179 target acquisition subsystem

* AN/TPN-31 radar set

* AN/TSC-124 tactical terminal
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