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BACK2White Dental Stain Remover - pounds 12.95

It all seems so simple. You dry your teeth with cotton wool or a tissue before painting the clear liquid on them - then waiting 30 seconds to let it dry and then 30 minutes before eating or drinking. But have you tried standing in the bathroom holding your lips away from the teeth? But after the fortnight in which this promises to get teeth back to white there was little, if any, difference

Rating: 2/10

Brilliant Home Whitening Kit - pounds 9.95

Very good stuff, this. You are supposed to use it for seven days - but after just one application you can see a change in the shade of your teeth. To apply you just squeeze the lightening gel in a mouth-shaped tray, then bite into it and wait as your teeth start to lighten and brighten. You will definitely see a

difference and it's only pounds 9.95

Rating: 8/10

Macleans white n' shine - pounds 2.49 This mini tube of toothpaste is at the cheaper end of the whitening market but that is reflected in the results. Applied like normal toothpaste, it did make teeth feel smooth and tingly fresh but even after using twice a day for a month - as recommended - there was no noticeable sign of improved whiteness

Rating: 4/10

Colgate Total Plus Whitening - pounds 2.39

This promises much - tartar control, protection against gum problems and prevention of bad breath - as well, of course, as whiter teeth. It's simply to use and leaves the mouth feeling fresh and the teeth squeaky clean. After a month of use teeth did look brighter but the results weren't startling

Rating: 5/10

Hollywood Smile Pearl Drops Whitening Toothpaste - pounds 4.49 Just brush your teeth as normal with the paste. It has a fresh minty taste and promises to make your teeth two shades whiter in three weeks. After using it for the requisite amount of time teeth looked a tad whiter but certainly not two shades brighter. Disappointing. Rating: 5/10
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 29, 2005
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