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Check mortar tubes for stress cracks.



Crewmen, testing has shown that some 120mm mortar tubes on mortar carrier (MCV) Strykers are developing stress corrosion cracks. The cracks are appearing on the portion of the barrel under greatest pressure: between 46 and 51 inches from the muzzle end of the mortar. Those cracks could cause the mortar tube to rupture, resulting in severe injury or even death!


No mortar tube failures or injuries have been reported to date. But all 120mm mortar tubes tubes for in MCV Stryker and double "V" hull MCV Vs stress need to be visually inspected immediately. Magnetic particle inspection of mortars has already started.

Do not fire any mortar tubes that have stress cracks. Report them to your repair team right away. Make sure mortar tubes are clean at all times because environmental factors, such as the presence of corrosive chemicals during firing, will cause stress corrosion cracks.

TACOM LCMC safety message 14-009 has detailed instructions on how to inspect your Stryker's mortar tube. You'll find the message on the TACOM-Unique Logistics Support Applications (TULSA) website at:

You'll need your CAC and first-time users must first request access.

Questions? Contact Marilou Happley at DSN 786-2016, (586) 282-2016, or email:

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