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Career Builder offers a variety of education and salary comparison tools for those looking for new opportunities. The education center provides a search engine for online schools offering programs from certificate through doctoral programs, and the salary advice and calculator assist in decision making.

Please visit Career Builder's salary calculator website at

If you're looking for affordable health or dental insurance, or medication prescription assistance, check out these options.

* Members of AARP have access to health insurance plans at aetna

* Members of AARP have access to dental insurance plans at

* Medication prescription assistance opportunities are available at

In addition, try contacting organizations focused on specific illness--they often know of sources of medication prescription assistance for their patients.

The Joint Commission seeks to improve the quality and safety of health care through accreditation and certification of provider organizations. Their website provides information for the general public, nurses, and physicians, along with guidelines and standards for provider organizations. In addition, Joint Commission and its publishing subsidiary, Joint Commission Resources (JCR), offer access to brochures, newsletters, and white papers through the website's library link.

Please visit the Joint Commission at www.

The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing provides education with on-going updates, and a forum for discussion on education, practice, and research topics relevant to nurses and allied health professionals. The current topic, obesity, is a 5 article initial study. The interactive component of this website allows additional related postings and encourages dialog to support comprehensive understanding and suggest health policy changes. The OJIN also offers columns focusing on ethics, informatics, and legislation, and a continuing education link to ANA's online CE catalog.

Please visit the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing at ANAMarketplace/ANAPeriodicals/OJIN.aspx

Nurses for the Nations is a humanitarian organization based on compassion, health education, and health opportunity for the people of the world, and especially those who are desolate, oppressed, or underserved. Through partnerships with charities and world mission projects, service teams composed of health leaders, nurses, nurse educators, and teachers work with individuals and communities through 3 programs: Global Health Improvement, Health Teaching and Training, and Health Village Sustainability. Their common goal is to support and empower individuals and communities in their efforts to achieve a holistic and high quality life. There are roles for nurses at home and abroad. Please visit Nurses for the Nations at http://
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Publication:Nevada RNformation
Date:Feb 1, 2010
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