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Check APU reservoir the right way.


When checking the auxiliary power unit (APU) hydraulic reservoir level on the semitrailer's gooseneck, a lot of operators just take a quick look at the indicator tube.

Being in a hurry can lead to trouble, especially if you're parked on uneven ground or the trailer's platform or gooseneck height is off. Either one could mean you get a FULL reading even if the hydraulic fluid level is low or high.

Too little fluid and you can't raise or lower the trailer. Too much fluid can blow seals.

Here's how to get a good hydraulic fluid level reading:

1. Start the APU.

2. Make sure the trailer is parked on level ground with no side slopes.

3. Set the platform height at 43 inches and the gooseneck height at 63 inches.

4. Shut down the APU.



Now it's OK to check the hydraulic reservoir fluid level. The fluid in the indicator tube should measure within the FULL range on the reservoir's decal. If the decal is missing or too damaged to read easily, get your mechanic to replace it with NSN 7690-01-357-4882.


A reservoir that's too full should be drained following the instructions starting on Page 4-69 of TM 9-2330-381-14 (Nov 94 w/ Ch 4, Apr 08). If the reservoir is low, add fluid following the instructions that start on Page 4-67 of the TM.
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