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Cheaper loan means hotel IS being subsidised.

HOW typical of Coun Maton to try and misinterpret what I said about the council subsidising Coombe Abbey with council tax payers' money and then also having the audacity to say that this sort of loan "helps the council manage their finances to protect services to vulnerable people" ('No Question of Subsidy', Letters Dec 5).

Unfortunately, Coun Maton, anyone reading these letters will see straight through your argument. We all know that the city council's loans to this hotel would be cheaper than they could have got from a bank and as such the council tax payers in Coventry are subsidising this business.

Then to say that these loans are to protect services to the most vulnerable people in the city? Well that isn't working to well is it? Cuts to the young, old, sick and disabled are now at the forefront of what this Labour council has to offer the people of Coventry while at the same time subsidising big businesses.

It's just not good enough and the time has come for you all to get your priorities right and start looking after those who struggle to look after themselves and not waste our monies on people who should perhaps be dipping into their own pockets instead of yet again expecting the tax payer to bail them out.

Brian Patton, Stonefield Close, Walsgrave, Coventry.

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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
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Date:Dec 17, 2014
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