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Chauffeur locked up for molesting 12-year-old girl.

Summary: A father burst into tears in court as he hugged his 12-year-old daughter whom he had not seen for months.

A father burst into tears in court as he hugged his 12-year-old daughter whom he had not seen for months.

Separated from his daughters mother for seven years -- with a new family of his own -- the father used to see his two daughters from his ex wife regularly, on a Friday, by sending his chauffeur to fetch them, after his ex-wife had gained custody of the then five-year-old daughter, and her younger sister.

Seven years later, the chauffeur, as usual brought the two girls to their father. But when they arrived at the residence and the children hurried up the stairs to reach their father, the chauffeur held the older girl and tried to kiss her on her cheek.

She managed to break loose from his hands but the chauffeur went on to push her, against her will, causing bruises to her arms and legs.

Scared, the girl then ran away and did inform her father or her stepmother about the attempted assault on her.

Later on that day, when the two girls were taken back to their mother's house, the older girl looked sad and when asked how they were, the younger daughter told her mother that her sister had cried that day.

When the mother asked the older daughter if something had happened, she told her mother about what her father's chauffeur did to her. She showed her mother the bruises on her arms and legs.

The mother subsequently called her ex-husband and informed him about the incident and the father assured her that he would take action against the driver.

When the father faced the chauffeur about the allegations made by the daughter, the driver assured his sponsor that he did not kiss her, claiming that he only tried to carry her when she was jumping on stairs with her sister, so he could join in on the fun.

The driver told the father that he had been working for him for seven years and had not done anything wrong in that time.

Although the father believed the story narrated by the chauffeur, he terminated his services and sent him back to his home country to avoid any future troubles.

The girl's mother was not satisfied with the action taken by the father. She moved to the police and reported the matter. In a counteraction, the mother prevented the father from seeing his two daughters on the grounds that he failed to maintain their safety.

Based on the ex-wife's actions, the father sent for the driver and booked an air ticket for him to return to the country, where he was arrested at the airport and was referred to the criminal court.

Whilst in court, the 12-year-old daughter testified that the accused held her and kissed her against her will, a charge that was denied by the accused, who confirmed that he only carried her and claimed that she caused herself the bruises when she pushed herself away from him.

The Abu Dhabi criminal court accordingly found the chauffeur guilty and sentenced him to four months in jail followed by deportation.

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Publication:Khaleej Times (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:Apr 24, 2013
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