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Chastellain, Georges.

Chastellain, Georges or Chastelain, Georges (b. c. 1405 or c. 1415, Aalst, Brabant [now in Belgium]--d. 1475, Valenciennes, Burgundian Hainaut [now in France])

Burgundian chronicler and one of the leading court poets.

Chastellain served Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, as a soldier and later entered Philip's household. In 1455 he was appointed Burgundian historiographer.

Only about one-third of his Chronique des ducs de Bourgogne has survived. The chronicle extends, with gaps, from 1419 to 1474. Its interest lies in its description and factual information and in its shrewd assessment of contemporary figures and motives.

Chastellain's other work consists of political pieces, formal poems, ballades, works addressed to fellow writers, and didactic works and plays.

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