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Chasing shadows.


I have a female Border Collie who chases shadows. I've tried everything apart from keeping her outside or tied up. I don't know what else to do.

Dogs that have an innate tendency to chase release chemicals that make them feel good. It can also be a coping strategy when they feel low in mood. Breeds such as Border Collies and German Shepherds are prone to this behaviour. When your dog starts to shadow chase, interrupt and use basic training to amuse her and lift her mood. You may need to use a lightweight house line to help guide her away from walls. Never get annoyed and impatient - this could make it worse. Keeping your dog exercised, mentally amused and feeling in a good mood helps. You could look to a qualified behaviourist or contact us at The Pet Behaviour Centre.

My eight-month-old Corgi male is house-trained but when he visits friends' homes, he pees all over the place. Why? If he isn't neutered, it could be a reason for him starting to scent mark in strange places. He's in his doggie teens, wants everyone to know so leaves a "mark", which he doesn't need to do in his own territory. The obvious answer may be to get him neutered. If this isn't an option, perhaps you shouldn't take him when you go visiting until he's more mature.

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Date:Oct 23, 2016
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