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Chasing cotton candy..!

COME with me to any fair, fete or circus, where d'you think the kids are? They are all round the man selling cotton candy or as the Americans call it; candy floss. The pink candy floss, which balloons out all around a little stick, delights them. They cry, throw tantrums, cajole and plead with parents for the pink candy.

The parents give in, fully knowing that with first bite the child is going to wonder where all the floss disappeared . A man took his wife and children to an amusement park. By the end of the day his children were tired and hungry: That's when they saw the candy floss man and cried for some.

The father told his children that he would get them some real food in a few minutes, but the children wouldn't hear of it. The candy floss looked huge and appetizing and definitely filling. So he decided to teach them a lesson. The children got the candy floss they begged for, but were told there would be no meal for sometime. They agreed.

They bit into the cotton candy and found there was nothing to it. Finally they handed it back to their dad and said 'Dad it's not real! They were hungry and angry at being cheated. They learnt that day that cotton candy promises, something it can't deliver.

We've all been through the same experience haven't we? As children we've also crowded round the cotton candy man, absolutely enamoured by the beautiful snow like candy sprouting temptingly from stick.

What's surprising is that we're still chasing that candy. Its just that the candy floss now comes in different textures. There is a deep hunger within all of us for this flimsy, piece of vanishing candy. Sigmund Freud believed that people are hungry for love. Karl Jung insisted that we crave security. Alfred Adler maintained that significance is what we are after. Love , security , significance..!

When we are young, we spend our youth searching for the ideal mate. We believe that life will be one of pure bliss, once the right choice is made. We find the one we love, wedding bells ring and our hungry teeth sink disappointed, into candy floss. Then we crave security. Money, house or career. We work from morning to evening, convert ourselves into workaholics, believing large house, a huge bank balance or lucrative job will give a lasting sense of security. We attain what we seek and floss melts in our still insecure mouths.

Or, we seek recognition. We strive to become chairman of club or housing secretary. We scan our names in newspaper and hope to get into page three. We do, and suddenly its all just cotton candy.

God says 'I am the bread of life.!' and if you want the deepest hunger of your life satisfied, go to Him. It's stupid and useless moving from one candy floss seller to another, buying his coloured merchandise of cars and houses and beauty queens. Start satisfying yourself with solid food offered from above. It satisfies and how..!'

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:Mar 31, 2018
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