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Charvis row must be put to bed now.

Byline: By Scott Quinnell

I know that people are calling for Colin Charvis' head after the latest row to overshadow Welsh rugby.

But I don't personally think he should be sacked as captain and he certainly shouldn't be sent home as some have been advocating.

As far as I'm concerned it is a bit of a mountain out of a molehill situation.

While it's extremely disappointing that the pay row erupted just before yesterday's first test against Argentina, things like that really should be kept in-house - especially on tour.

It was always going to become very public in this situation however because the press are at the centre of the argument. The old motto states 'what goes on tour stays on tour' but that was always going to be nigh-on impossible in this situation.

Any disagreements over money should have been sorted out privately before the squad left the country and not allowed to disrupt the start of Mike Ruddock's first tour in charge.

While it is not the first time that people have clashed over money - and probably won't be the last either - these things have got to be sorted out in a professional manner between the parties concerned.

Squabbles like this go on in business every day but it's always different where sport, and in particular Welsh rugby, is concerned.

What has happened in this case has heaped more shame and embarrassment on the WRU and Welsh rugby collectively.

Yet again no one has come out with any credit in any of this, least of all Colin himself.

I cannot even remember if there was a 'captain's bonus' when I led Wales.

If there was I didn't get much out of it, but that wasn't really the point to me.

I was so proud to captain my country on the few occasions I did that money never came into it.

But Colin is very much his own man and will always fight for what he believes in both on and off the pitch. You can only respect him for that.

He says what he means, which has got him into trouble on a few occasions and earned him a reputation, but he has always been like that - it's in his nature.

Colin is due to sit down with the management team today and will probably get a severe telling off.

I hope it doesn't go any further than that and I don't think it will in the end.

As far as I'm concerned if Colin is doing the captain's job on the park properly and playing good rugby then that is the main thing.

Yes, as captain he has other duties and responsibilities such as dealing with the media which people have a right to expect.

But he obviously felt strongly about the issue because he is a bright guy and wouldn't have risked the captaincy for nothing.

When the dust has cleared we may still never actually get to the bottom of it all because one side will undoubtedly say one thing while the other will say the complete opposite.

But what is clear is that it's a mess and yet again Wales have shown themselves up in public.

The timing couldn't have been worse and the whole thing has detracted from what Mike Ruddock is trying to do, which is have a winning tour.

I am positive he will be livid with the way the pay row has overshadowed the start of the tour when everyone should be united in one mission - winning.

But no matter how much people are moaning about Colin at home it probably won't affect the rest of the squad too much.

They will all be concentrating on their game plans while cocooned in their rugby bubble and probably won't know, or even care, too much about the big fuss being caused back home.

The game last night was bizarre to say the least. It resembled an end-of-season game where everyone was throwing the ball around with a smile on his face but it was terrible Test match rugby.

It's back to the drawing board as far as I'm concerned. We were flattered by the scoreline and there is plenty of work to do before the second test. There were positives in Tom Shanklin and Michael Owen but that was about it.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 13, 2004
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