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Charting health care.

In its July 29 issue, Arkansas Business reported 1990 financial information for almost 100 Arkansas hospitals.

About half of those hospitals operate on a fiscal year that ends in June, making an update necessary.

A column showing total assets has been added to the Arkansas Business chart. Hospitals that do not have updated information show an asterisk in the "total assets" column. Information on those facilities will be published next summer.

Information was not available on six hospitals that were listed in July. The information will be published in Arkansas Business' first "Book of Lists," scheduled for publication in January. The information will be published again next summer in a regular issue of Arkansas Business.

The number of beds is taken, along with financial information, from annual reports prepared by hospital accountants and filed with the state Department of Health.

The number of beds shown includes all beds -- hospital, hospice, long-term care, skilled nursing, nursery, intensive care, etc.

Nursing Homes

For the first time, Arkansas Business is publishing financial information on the state's nursing homes.

There are about 260 nursing homes in Arkansas. This week's list covers the 50 largest. It does not include state-supported facilities.

Nursing homes prepare annual financial reports for the state only if they accept Medicaid. Thus several private nursing homes such as the 224-bed Riley's Oak Hill Manor South in Little Rock are not included on the list.

The largest nursing home operator in the country is the publicly traded Beverly Enterprises Inc. of Fort Smith.

Beverly operates 847 nursing homes in the United States, 39 of which are in Arkansas.

Two other major players in the nursing home industry in Arkansas are Rose Care Inc., a private company in Rogers, and Diversicare Corp., a public company based in Tennessee.

Rose Care operates 22 nursing homes, 19 of them in Arkansas. Industry observers believe the company is in an expansion mode.

Diversicare operates 44 homes, 12 of them in Arkansas.
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Title Annotation:Arkansas Business Rankings
Author:Gibson, Carolyn
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Date:Nov 18, 1991
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